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EMVH Presents The Chavrusa Project – a new and unique way for your children to keep up with their Torah learning in a structured and meaningful way!

The Chavrusa Project from EMVH is a platform where parents can hire Yungerleit to learn with their son b’chavrusa via audio-visual teleconferencing technology and where Yungerleit can hire out their services to learn with students remotely. The Chavrusa Project received great feedback from top rabbanim, Roshei Kollelim, and school principles.

 For parents, keeping your children’s learning and Chinuch are a top priority. With children all currently home from school and in need of a boost, your child will shine with this extra one-on-one personal attention. Whether your child would like to learn mishnayos, do his homework, prepare for his bar mitzvah, or learn something else, you can simply book a session with the chavrusa of your choice that you feel is best suited for him. The website provides references for each yungerman on the platform so that you can inquire about him and set your son up with a chavrusa for your son. You will breathe easier knowing that your son will have a personal mashpia to help him learn and grow over these difficult times. Book here today!

 For Yungerleit, this is an opportunity to help with some extra income by tutoring while maintaining your avodas hakodesh. You will have the opportunity to help your chavrusa grow in Avodas Hashem and help him improve his Torah skills while earning a respectable side income. Sign up to be a chavrusa here.

Book your Chavrusa slot TODAY

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