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HYPOCRITE: DeBlasio “Explains” Why Kids Kicked Out of Parks, And Thousands Can Protest

Veteran Hamodia reporter Reuvain Borchardt has once again received a shocking response from the failing Socialist cop-hating NYC Mayor Bill Deblasio.


Good morning, Mr. Mayor,

You’ve been discussing equality a lot, and I’d like to ask you about another apparent inequality in the city.

During the past week, on multiple occasions, NYPD officers have expelled mothers and children from playgrounds in Brooklyn, while just a few blocks away on the same day, there were protests with hundreds of people.

How does it promote equality, Mr. Mayor, when protestors, who have already had nearly two weeks to be out in the street, are continually allowed to gather, while families – many are large families living in very small apartments, who have been shut in for months, and want to enjoy a hot summer day, are being expelled?


Look, Reuvain, I appreciate the question. And this has been such a complex reality.

I think, again, several have asked this question, I do think the moment that this city, this nation has gone through in the last two weeks or so is something very particular, very painful, very intense, very challenging, but also a moment where literally decades and centuries of the demand for change came forward, and real change is happening as a result. And I don’t for a moment, Reuvain, I don’t lack compassion for those parents – I know it must be extraordinarily tough. I know parents are so frustrated. Look, for Chirlane and I with two kids, we often felt really challenged, even when we weren’t cooped up in a pandemic. So a family with four kids, six kids, seven kids, eight kids, nine kids, ten kids, I can only imagine how tough that is for the parents, and I want nothing more than to get them back to those playgrounds. It was one of the areas where I really tried my best to keep the playgrounds open. And if it hadn’t been for the growth of the pandemic we would have. But we had to at the time – this is something we worked on with the state – we had to get to the point of saying, look, out of an abundance of caution, the playgrounds just created too much of a risk to families, of the spread of the disease.

The day is coming – it’s not here yet – but the day is coming when we’ll be able to open up them again. We don’t have a timeline yet, it will be absolutely connected to how we do at fighting back the disease. I’ll have more to say on that when the right time comes. But I hope I have given you some sense of why I think the demonstrations were something absolutely unexpected, absolutely particular. But the ongoing effort to try and relieve the pressure of these families while still protecting against the resurgence of the disease – and this is the punchline, this is what matters, Reuvain: The last thing you want, or anyone wants, is a resurgence of this disease that then will lead to the restrictions being once again put back in place. We’re finally in Phase 1, a lot of those small-business owners that your publication and others have raised the concerns of, are finally starting to get back to work. They are a few weeks away from getting back to normal work, for example in retail stores. We have to hold the line as painful as it is, to not allow the spread of this disease so we can get back to that.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. I think these parents should take the city to Court as I think they would win as it’s hypocritical to allow protests bit not allow children to play in the park.

  2. like a tape recorder blablaa same thing with NO explanation of these two
    concepts , but let him say it straight Black lives count , NOTHING else

  3. I think we as a community need to make a concerted effort to vote republican. It’s time to stop selling out our values for the few coins they throw our way. Even if our candidate loses, as least we’ll make a statement. This is incredibly wrong and it has nothing to do with a resurgence of the virus. It’s a way to stick it to the Brooklyn communities who “ignore the carbon footprint of large families and don’t believe in abortion”. If you keep voting for people who don’t believe in G-d, this is what you get.

  4. the real reason. ……. they will turn over the city, state, country, while they will not. don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand this. of course this nut job will not say it


  6. I don’t understand the TYW point of view. The pandemic is real. The danger is real. Being stuck at home in the heat is horrible. With this aspect the mayor seems to be acting from care for innocent human life. Who cares what the protesters are doing? They and those they live with are likely getting riddled with COVID. Because they’re jumping off the bridge we have to jump off the bridge?

  7. This hypocrite is so corrupt that I am unwilling to wait until the next mayoral election to see him out of office. He never answered the questions. He will continue until he breathes his last to remove virtually all criminal aspects to violence, looting, and other injurious activity. He will never do that for the Jewish community. His double standard is abhorrent to anyone with a moral fiber. I wish his ouster from office, with a hefty dose of bizayon. He is an evil man that deserves major punishment. I hope the askanim that kiss his feet are listening. They are a disgrace by supporting this man who stands for immorality and crime.

  8. This is so pathetic it’s almost funny. He’s comparing his two kids, including his daughter who was arrested for BEHAVING LIKE A BEHAIMAH, and of whom he shepped soooo much nachas, to the women of Williamsburg whose kids want to play outside? He doesn’t get the fact that this is still a free country and it is THEIR neighborhood and THEIR decision whether or not to take their kids out!!! They can certainly figure out how to wash their hands when they get home without his help!!! What a commie, hypocritical and power hungry jerk!!

  9. If he had not celebrated the demonstrators then it could have been an answer! But he’s so disingenuous. The hypocrisy and double standard is so embarrassing to New Yorkers with saychel.

  10. People fighting injustice are willing to place their lives on the line to stop those injustices. It just shows you how important the cause is.

    And you idiots want to play in a playground. Think about that for a second.

  11. What do you expect him to do about the protesters?? Shoo them all away? Send them home? Threaten to arrest them? Ridiculous.

    Give the guy a break! Put yourself in his shoes…He’s very unpopular as it is right now. His response to Reuvain did not sound hypocritical to me…Calling him a hypocrite based on the comparison between protestors & children in parks after the horrible number of losses within the frum community…come on…There is no comparison.

    Yes, it is insane that the protestors are out & about, which may lead to a terrible uptick in Covid-19 cases. I agree that it is a terrible position for him to be in…

    But, calling him a hypocrite when we really do need to still be careful (I am waiting for my results to the test I took 2 days ago…)

    I am embarrassed by the headline…

  12. Seems more like an idiot than a hypocrite.
    He didn’t even bother answering the question. Just ranted on and on like an idiot
    No explanation for why playgrounds are still closed and no explanation for why he encourages protests.
    So in fairness it’s possible that he is more of an idiot than a jerk

  13. handful of states, including Massachusetts, Colorado, Ohioand Iowa, announced in June that playgrounds could start reopening, though the decision to open town or city-owned playgrounds is usually made locally. In Boston, for example, playgrounds are not expected to open until next week. On Thursday, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York said during his daily briefing that localities are now permitted to open public pools and playgrounds, and local governments can decide for themselves whether or not to do so.more space between people than what most indoor spaces offer. There is a growing consensusthat if you’re going to leave your home, it’s safer to be outdoors than an indoor public gathering space, like a mall. When air is stagnant, respiratory droplets could linger, experts say, whereas the air flow outside can help dilute the virus.

    A crowded playground, however, might present a bigger risk.

    In Massachusetts, caregivers “will be required to seek alternative facilities” if the playground is so crowded that social distancing cannot be maintained, according to the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs.

    Colorado has more specific rules about capacity. Playgrounds can be used by no more than 25 people at a time, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment announced last week, and high touch areas should be cleaned and disinfected “frequently.
    It’s unclear how long the coronavirus can live on plastic and metal playground structures that are touched by hundreds of tiny, and often dirty, hands.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has said that people can get Covid-19 by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching their own mouth, nose or eyes, but this was “not thought to be the main way the virus spreads.”

    A study published in The New England Journal of Medicine, found that the virus lives longest on plastic and stainless steel and can survive on those surfaces for up to 72 hours. Another study, published in The Lancet, found that the Covid-19 virus remained viable up to four days on stainless steel and plastic, but the researchers said the method they used to extract the virus from these objects wasn’t analogous to casually touching a surface.

    The World Health Organization cautioned that those studies were conducted under laboratory conditions where the surfaces were neither cleaned nor disinfected so they “should be interpreted with caution in the real-world environment.” And it’s also unclear whether the virus the researchers detected would have infected people who came in contact with these surfaces.

  14. As a mother & grandmother, I’m embarrassed by the naivite of Sara Ester. This is why we are in the position we are in… when seemingly intelligent people support idiots like deBlasio.

    But just to be clear….these parents are WRONG to take their kids out, sans masks, whether it’s into a store or to a playground. They and other careless residents are the reason this virus is where it is. Nonetheless, DeBlasio didn’t answer the question, probably because he couldn’t without making himself look even more hypocritical & biased than he already does. It’s a pity Reuvain couldn’t press him to actually answer instead of obfuscating.

  15. Hey New York City, your mayor is so full of something his eyes are brown! he was fumbling and bumbling through that answer. He knew he was had but yet he had nothing to say.

    I hope that bike protest tonight is successful. If nothing else it’ll make the mayor look like the dumkup he really is.

  16. to “Sarah Ester”…. yes he should put them all in jail. maybe if he hangs a few of them it will make a difference. all lives matter, but if you are a criminal you dont belong in a normal society. most african americans are against this actually, they can protest but dont destroy ppls paranassa, has nothing to do with Racism at all. truthfully they are the ones that are the biggest racist, i once walked in their neighborhoods, and some meshuga from far away calls out to me ” hey white boy come here” i had to run away because this racist piece of garbage was approaching me. if you live in the real world you can understand this. there are many african americans that are decent good hardworking people with good values, they are very nice people. this has nothing to do with racism, instead of saying “black lives matter” they should change it to “thugs lifes matter” because based on these criminal acts they are a bunch of BEHEIMOS. All lives matter, decent people are almost always treated normally. but if you looked at the video mr floyd resisted arrest he was trying to get out of the car, and you cant blame the cop too much here. only a liberal would would give these cops a life sentence. the cop was definitely wrong for killing him but how can you blame him the guy was resisting arrest. African americans and white people and all other people that can contribute to society are amazing people. nothing wrong with them at all, who cares about the color its so childish to even think like that. regarding the families in the park, they have every right to enjoy the weather, why are they different than the thousands of protestors. therefore everyone shouhld sign the petition to get this loser mayor out of office, hes a disgrace to any normal person.

  17. OCH, we don’t believe the danger is real. We hear your opinion but we disagree with it. The hoax is now exposed.

    If the “experts” and politicians really believed in the danger, they would not endorse the protests, and they would do everything in their power to stop them, including arresting anyone who participates. Yes, arrest thousands. Why not? At the very least they would object and tell all the protesters that they’re killing people and should be ashamed of themselves.

    But instead they endorse the protests and they say that it’s because the cause is so important. Let’s leave aside that the so-called cause is a lie, and peaceful law-abiding black people are in NO MORE DANGER from police than anyone else; let’s assume that their cause really is important to them. What business do they have saying that cause is more important to them than our causes are important to us? If they are entitled to decide for themselves what risk to take for their cause then we should be entitled to do the same for ours.

    And we look at how they, the “experts” and the politicians, behave and conclude that they don’t really themselves believe in the danger. So why should we?

    It’s like Glenn Reynolds always says about so-called “global warming” — that he’ll consider taking it seriously when the campaigners start doing so themselves. But so long as they keep flying in private planes they show that they don’t believe it, so why should we?

  18. The answer is he is married to an African American woman he has to go home to every night. And he dare stop the BLM movement.

  19. @ Sara Ester. I appreciated the response. There is a balance and Sara Ester is right on target. You cannot shoo away wild protestors. If the police would even try the riots may have gotten to a point where no mother would allow their child out the door, let alone go to a park. I appreciate your logical response and I also agree that although he is a hypocrite, without doubt, it should not be put on a headline. I think we should use some common sense here. We are not wild people from third world countries, and never were, even before coming to America. You don’t write such headlines in Orthodox Jewish media.

  20. @Frumshmurda718
    Can you please take your comments elsewhere. You are embarrassing us with such comments. It’s very painful. Please go see a therapist.

  21. @hml
    and I’m embarrassed that a Jewish grandmother can shame another person like that. Please find a better way to express your opinion. Thanks.

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