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BREAKING: Second Person Today Climbs NY Times Building

sp.jpg6:20PM EST: For the second time today, a man was climbing the 52-story wall of the New York Times building, YWN has learned. He appears to be between 20-30 stories off of the ground and continuing to climb.

The man, wearing a white t-shirt and orange pants, was climbing the wall on the west side of the building by Eighth Avenue. He was not said to be associated with a renowned climber who scaled the building earlier in the day.

Shortly after noon, Frenchman Alain Robert known as “Spiderman” scaled the 52-stories of the New York Times building without a rope or anything securing him except for his own arms and legs. The man, identified as the world-renowned experienced climber, worked his way up the walls of the tower at 620 8th Ave. at 41st Street without any assistance.

Alain Robert unfurled a banner as he climbed that said “Global warming kills more people than a 9/11 every week.”

This isn’t the first time Robert has caught the attention of New Yorkers. In 1994, he climbed the Calico building, then five years later, it was the Sears tower. Last year in London, it was an office tower. Just this April, he climbed another building in Hong Kong. Now, the New York Times building has it’s own place in Robert’s aerial acrobatics and New Yorkers have something else to shake their heads about.

According to Robert’s Web site, he’s scaled over 70 skyscrapers in eight years and says his greatest feat was “the ascent of the National Bank of Abu Dhabi with over 100,000 spectators!”

(Photo Courtesy of CBS2 HD)

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