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Dominion Sues Giuliani For $1.3 BILLION Over ‘Big Lie’ About Election Fraud

Dominion Voting Systems has sued former President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani for defamation after he pushed the “Big Lie” about election fraud on his podcast and TV appearances.

Dominion is seeking more than $1.3 billion in damages.

The lawsuit notes that while Giuliani spread falsehoods about Dominion being owned by Venezuelan communists and corrupting the election, he did not make those claims in lawsuits he pushed on behalf of Trump.

(Source: CNN)

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  1. Why would someone make false claims in the press but then be unwilling to make them in court? Oh, right, because one is illegal and criminal and the other one is…. well, that’s what people like the previous president and his people do regularly.

  2. Let’s start the trial with a full and TRANSPARENT audit of every dominion machine across the country by a credible, 3rd party. At the same time, let’s do a simultaneous forensic audit by Jovan Pulitzer of all the ballots used by the Dominion machines.

  3. “The lawsuit notes that while Giuliani spread falsehoods about Dominion being owned by Venezuelan communists and corrupting the election, he did not make those claims in lawsuits he pushed on behalf of Trump.” If that’s true, it sounds shver…

  4. Given that Giuliani was trying to destroy the entire company, the lawsuit has merit. All the Trumpies who spouted this false information deserve to be financially ruined for life.

  5. Sorry, I take that back. Maybe he just thought it would be harder to actually win such a court case and thought it would damage the credibility of the other points in the filings. That doesn’t mean he thought it was a lie. He may have thought the evidence was compelling — just not mamesh enough to be certain of winning in court. I’m not a lawyer but it sounds like a kosher legal strategy to me…
    We love you, Donald John Trump!

  6. Fake news media doing it again. Who made you the judge, jury and executioner that this a conspiracy theory or false claims. Let it be proven in a court of law not by some media outlet with an agenda. Personally I feel that the media is responsible in a big way for what happened on January 6. From November 4th on these left wing media used dismissive terms and down played any possibility of election fraud even going so fr as saying it was the most secure election. Right, thats why now Jeff Bazos doesn’t let one of Amozon’s plants in Alabama use mail in ballots to vote to unionize.

  7. “My Two Cents”, why would anyone let “Jovan Pulitzer”, or whatever name he’s using this week, audit anything? What qualifies him to do so? He is not an expert at *anything*. He’s just a nut case.

  8. 1.5 Billion is just a number pulled out of the air. It’s not serious. But they do have a good case against him, Powell, Wood, and the other nut cases who pushed this ridiculous story against them, just like the Democrats pushed the same exactly story against Diebold 16 years ago.

  9. Let us take a moment and note who we are talking about when we discuss Rudy Giuliani. To start with, let us note that as US attorney for the Southern District of New York he:

    * Led the successful federal prosecution to break up the mob in New York City.
    * Exposed and prosecuted fraud on Wall Street (ever heard of Ivan Boesky)
    * Sent numerous corrupt politicians to jail (both Democrat & Republican).

    Afterwards, as mayor of NYC he:

    * Reduced the murder rate from over 2,000 mureders per year when he started as mayor to less then 500 murders a year when he left (a rate that continued to fall until DeBlasio reversed his policies and programs).
    * Revitalize the city economically
    * Led NYC through the horrible days of 9/11

    And let us not forget his standing up and strongly and unconditionally disavowing Yaasar Arafat when everyone else was falling head over tails to promote him as a ‘leader’.

    In short, Giuliani’s legal and political career was an extremely successful one where he took on the difficult battles of fighting organized crime, corruption on wall street, crooked politicians, crime in the streets and more.

    THIS IS THE MAN who has gone from state to state METICULOUSLY DEMONSTRATING that the past election was fraudlent. Of course, the pretty-faces on t.v. and smooth-talking politicians who show no real backbone or principle when it matters tell us that he is lying.

    But that is all that they do. They TELL US. No argument. No relating to the evidence. All they can do is relate to statments of others. Bill Barr said this (did Bill Barr INVESTIGATE — not that I know of). The Supreme Court decided that (did the Suprme Court HEAR THE EVIDENCE — not that I know of).

    Personally speaking, I’ll take the meticulously argued case of one of the most talented, fearless & successful federal prosecutors & mayors the country has ever known over the substanceless proclamation of media personalities, Big Tech billionaire & crooked politicians any day of the week.

    Of course, if anyone can SHOW THAT RUDY IS WRONG, I’ll change my mind. But so far, no one has even tried. All they do is just PROCLAIM that he is wrong. We have a phrase for such proclamations, Hot Air.

  10. My Two Cents, unfortunately, all we have seen so far is unfounded assertions. You can’t overturn an election on the basis of “because I think so.” You can think whatever you want, but when you assert your defamatory opinion as a fact, then you expose yourself to both civil and punitive damages. Say “I think…” as much as you like. Once you say “This is the fact,” and you’d better be able to produce some objective basis for saying so. So far, we have seen nothing at all.

  11. Isnt this a good opportunity to actually test this in court. Depositions, forensic evidence, affidavits sworn testimony etc etc. Either it debunks the claims once for all or it proves they are right. Its a win win for public trust etc. or is that naive?

  12. Rudy did a good job as mayor and a good job as US attorney for New York. That has nothing to do with what he as said about Dominion Voting Systems. But private companies, e.g., Dominion, don’t sue well-connected or well-connected public figures like Giuliani, unless they are sure of their facts and law. I expect to hear about a settlement of this case, with Giuliani paying a substantial sum to Dominion, in about 9 months. The settlement will probably require the parties to abstain from any comments about each other.

  13. Rudy’s 3rd wife got a large divorce settlement from Rudy so I don’t expect Rudy to be able to settle by paying a substantial sum to Dominion. his deteriorated mental state has been obvious since the days when he was running around in the Ukraine gathering evidence that he never produced. It sems that he will be disbarred in New York over his recent activities.

  14. IMO dominion is able to sue them (also powell) successfully is because Dominion know that they have no hard evidence that goes beyond these machines being connected to the internet, that some patches were applied to the software before the elections, and of course, the statistical evidence of vote jumps in the middle of the night. This is not enough to accuse Dominion itself, even if there was fraud. Giuliani and Powell will not be allowed to turn the discovery during the defamation suit into a fact finding mission to prove their original claims.

  15. @Barzilai: He had no way to go from unproven evidence to proven because he was simply tossed out of court on stupid technicalities time and again. The biggest blow to this country is the fact that SCOTUS refused the case. What a way to undermine public trust! If they would take the case and rule against Trump after giving his arguments the light of day… I think we could actually have a chance of avoiding the coming civil war.

  16. Rudy:- Counter sue Dominion and please expose their filth & muck of deception.
    We shall always support you Rudy along with President Donald Trump. Dominion knows they are in big trouble, so suing you Rudy, to hide away from the truth.

  17. The things he said about Dominion are clearly defamatory. The whole Dominion thing was completely made up. There was not a shred of evidence for it. Giuliani listened to nut cases like Lin Wood and Sidney Powell, who listened to charlatans like “Jovan Pulitzer”.

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