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Another MTA Fare Hike?

mta.jpgThe Metropolitan Transportation Authority says there is a downward trend in the budget numbers reported from month to month. If the numbers continue to trend downward and no one comes up with other revenue ideas, the MTA says a fare hike next year is possible.

This news comes just three months after the last fare hike.

“It’s too soon to know if there will be a fare increase. 

We are $80 million behind on where we should be on the revenues. But it is too early to draw any conclusions. The governor has appointed a commission to look at the MTA’s financial issues. We are still hopeful that things can work out this year,” an MTA official told Channel 7online.

The MTA will next report its monthly budget numbers at a June 25 board meeting. The MTA puts out a preliminary budget in July, when anything definitive about a fare hike plan would be released.

3 Responses

  1. if they hike the fares, then even less people will ride. why don’t they invest a bit into making the subway better rather than charging more for the same awful service?

  2. Ok so let’s quickly come up with ideas cuz soon we’ll have to start taking cabs, due to not being able to afford a metro card.
    #1 is right. It’s a horror to step into a train station these days. To describe the subway as a public bathroom is putting it mildly.

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