Senate Votes 97-3 To Keep US Embassy In Jerusalem, 3 Democrats Vote Against

Illustrative. Menachem Zivotofsky receives the 1st U.S. passport listing Israel as the birthplace of a U.S. citizen born in J-m. (Jeries Mansour, US Embassy Jerusalem)

The US Senate voted 97-3 on Friday to keep the US embassy in Jerusalem.

The amendment, led by James Inhofe (R-Okla.) and co-sponsored by 21 Republicans, allocated funding to maintain the Jerusalem embassy, adding to the $1.9 trillion budget bill the Senate passed as part of President Joe Biden’s relief package.

Three Democratic senators voted against the amendment: Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Tom Carper of Delaware.

“Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and I am proud to introduce legislation to protect the U.S. Embassy from relocation or being downgraded,” Inhofe stated following the vote.

US President Biden said before he enters office that he does not intend to move the embassy back to Tel Aviv.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Biden wanted to move the embassy to Jerusalem in the 1980s. We now know yet another reason why Democrats nominated Biden and not Sanders or Warren. 🙂

  2. Bernie Sanders of Vermont Have you ever heard of אם אשכחך ירושלים תשכח ימיני
    I just realized, that you Bernie are such a leftist, that you have no right hand:- If this Posuk had said “left hand”, maybe then you would have joined the other 97 Senators, or maybe you are such a self hating Jew, that even then, you would have voted with these 3 outcasts.
    How shall you Bernie answer צפית לישועה after 120?