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PESACH DISASTER: Hundreds of Homes “Double-Booked” In Orlando, Many Left Without Place For Yom Tov

It’s been brewing for weeks already, but it seems the disaster in Orlando is growing by the minute.

Thousands of Jewish families have been renting homes in Orlando for this Pesach, all looking forward to a relaxing and an enjoyable Yom Tov. But for many, it turned out to be a nightmare.

According to multiple sources, more than 200 homes were “double booked”, many without the original renters knowing about it until the last minute.

It seems there were a few ways that people lost their rentals.

It began months ago, as thousands began placing deposits on homes for Pesach. Some homes were being rented for $6,000, and when brokers saw that there was a massive demand for homes, they began renting them to others – some for as much as $25,000. The problem is, some brokers never even told the original renters anything. Some brokers simply lied and said that their credit cards had been declined. This was a blatant lie, and in fact many had been charged, but the brokers had simply “refunded” the money, and taken their next customer who was paying three times the price. Other renters were told the home couldn’t be rented “due to COVID”, “burst pipe”, “roof leaks”, “air conditioning issues”, and other creative lies.

One victim told YWN they booked their home a few days after Chanukah, and found out 5 days ago that they had lost their rental. YWN is aware of two families that were cancelled on Tuesday morning, and another on Monday night.

The second – and even more disturbing scam – was that people began placing “down-payments” on many homes, showing intent to purchase them, with the condition that they can use it for Pesach. These people have no intent on buying these home, and many are cancelling their “contracts” after Pesach. Their down-payments are less then the amount they would of had to pay to rent a home for Pesach. In fact, YWN has been told that some “brokers” themselves went into contract on many homes to they could rent the homes for a profit. It appears that these “down payments” were done by brokers themselves.

The results of these scams? Hundreds of families finding out a week before Pesach that they have no where to go. One family had already shipped their food on Monday and were flying on Tuesday evening only to find out on Tuesday morning that their home had been cancelled.

YWN is told that lawyers are being hired and the authorities are already looking into this.

If you have been a victim of a double-booking this Pesach in Orlando or any other location in Florida, please click here to contact YWN. 

REAL STORY SENT TO YWN: “I had 1575 Plunker , booked for 3/24 to 4/5 fully paid and confirmed. They then sent me that the hosts wants to come. We will see who comes since my daughter has the house next door.

I also had another house 1686 Moon Valley management vacasa and we received 2 weeks ago that it was sold. Why is the contract not enforceful for the new owners!”

REAL STORY SENT TO YWN: “Happened to us too. We booked on vrbo for $2200 (chol hamoed and second days) and our house (and a couple of others in the neighborhood) went into contract suddenly to sell right before yom tov (March 22). You write that the value is $6000, it is much less. The price for a full yom tov brand new house is between 2k (5 bedroom)- 4K (8,9 bedroom). I’m not referring to the reunion mansions just the brand new developed houses which is what 90% of the renters take. They are re-renting these cheap houses for over 15-20k or more. Our address was 5431 Solterra Circle.”

REAL STORY SENT TO YWN: “I made reservations via VRBO for my family to join with my parents and siblings and their families in Solterra. We found a house between my parents and sisters houses and paid the 50% deposit. On March 7th I got an E-mail from the owner asking if I was still interested in renting the house, I relied yes, and 1 hour later received a cancellation notice. When I asked why the house was canceled, I received no reply initially, and then was told ‘due to covid-19’. I reached out directly to VRBO and they said that there was ‘nothing they can do’, but if they see this as something this owner does repeatedly they will strip his listings off the website. They put me in touch with the homeowners association, but unfortunately the only home they could find, privately of course, was  over $5000 more than what was originally contracted at, and of course VRBO, Air BNB, et al have no listings for Pesach dates. I was also told that the owner of my house owns 44 other homes in Solterra and has a history of doing this.

The owners name is Lu Jinxiu
VRBO ID 7565083ha

My family who are in Orlando will see who has ruined our Yom Tov….”

REAL STORY SENT TO YWN: “I was double booked. First house we booked via AIRBNB around Chanukah and after 2 weeks the host said sorry, the house isn’t available and gave it to someone’s else. The second house was through VRBO. The house never existed and were given a fake address! The host never responded and we thankfully got our money back via CC dispute. Our 3rd house we booked and about a month later someone else booked the same house via another listing on the same platform! We are hoping when we get there no one else will be in the house. This is just crazy!!!”

REAL STORY SENT TO YWN: “I booked my home on Airbnb (312 Southfield. Encore), and I found out that someone else has the same booking! They canceled them (they booked back in august), and next they they canceled me. And two days ago I saw the same exact listing on Airbnb for double the price!”

REAL STORY SENT TO YWN: “I booked a house on Airbnb. When I heard about the double booking, I told my cousin who was there already to check and to make sure the house empty. When he got to the house some was there already for month. I tried to contact the host but they did not answer my massages. I called airbnb and they credit me back, but in the man time my packages were on the way up. And we are stuck.”

REAL STORY SENT TO YWN: “Hi, I would like to be apart of whatever repercussions or actions against what happened in Orlando over Pesach. I have been a victim as well. I booked my Home in Orlando’s Champions Gate (1481 Rolling way) in October 22nd 2020 through VRBO and received an email this Sunday night at 10:30pm that my reservation has been canceled. I quickly messaged the owner and they said they cannot accommodate us due to one of their part guest we’re impacted by COVID-19 and any more than that they did not share or discuss all they mentioned was they “gave us enough notice to find another home) . I contact vrbo and they said their “book with confidence” policy cannot cover this. My parents were already on their way driving to Orlando and my food was packed on the truck headed towards Orlando. Almost $10k+ in damages”

REAL STORY SENT TO YWN: “We booked 6132 Broad Oak Drive in Solterra on Jan 6 through vrbo. End of February it got canceled, saying that that owner “didn’t want to rent it”. A few days later (name of company removed) rented it to someone else.”

NOTE: The name of this company previously mentioned threatened YWN with legal action if their name is not removed.

REAL STORY SENT TO YWN: “We rented in December a house and paid in full and then in February got an email that we are being fully refunded. The house was off all websites so it’s not like someone by mistake was able to book it. Airbnb claimed that the owner wants it themselves for that week. 7654 Fairfax Drive in Encore was our address.  We are going to go down on Pesach to see who stole our house. But anyone who took it knew there were no homes available in Encore as of the end of January. It’s not like they could claim they didn’t know.”

REAL STORY SENT TO YWN: “We booked a house on November 23, 2020 in Solterra through airbnb and found out at the end of January that the host gave us a fake address and when we contacted them for the right address, she said she didn’t have our booking or reservation. Even though, she charged our credit card over 3k for the deposit. Airbnb refunded us but at this point, we had to book two smaller houses, for more money to fit. Now, we don’t even know for sure that when we show up in Windsor at Westside, that our houses won’t be double booked G-d forbid. Let’s get a class action together against these hosts. I’m happy to provide whatever info an attorney might need.”

REAL STORY SENT TO YWN: “Our Passover airbnb home was booked in January. We shipped out personal items and food this past Sunday night. Today (Tuesday), one day before our flight it, we were contacted by the host saying the AC unit is out and he cannot accommodate us.”

REAL STORY SENT TO YWN: “I booked January 1 to be cancelled in Feb 22. Thank gd Vrbo made up the difference.”

REAL STORY SENT TO YWN: “Hi if there is a lawyer working on hotels that canceled last minute cause of double booking if can let me know. We had a reservation at sea coast suite Miami and since Lasko took over the hotel after we booked they canceled my reservation so they can sell the room for five times as much.”

REAL STORY SENT TO YWN: “I Booked a 4 bedroom house in Orlando in Solara Resort and they called me up ti cancell becaise they clarines the house was already rented and the site where I Booked and got charged, is a site that is not updated. I had all my plans already made.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

58 Responses

  1. Nebach!
    Urgent Tzadaka Campaign needed for these homeless. Families.

    Not justifying the evil act of some of these brokers or…
    But that’s another story

  2. Unfortunately this might just be the tip of the iceberg. It has to be that there will be many families who only find out about all these scams, some self inflicted, once they get down to Orlando.

  3. Response to My Opinion
    Nebach, YES!
    Urgent Campaign necessary-YES
    Tzedaka, in the typical sense of financial help, maybe not but anybody that can help a family arriving in a strange city with reservations not honored 4 days before Pesach-YES.

  4. Unfortunately some brokers offered higher payouts to owners who already rented out (massive chilul Hashem) but most of the cancellations were coming directly from management companies and owners. I would change that wording cuz in most cases brokers were not behind the cancellations. Most of the cancellations that I’m aware of came direct from owners or managers of the Air Bnb,, etc listings. In some cases they cancelled no reason and then the next day it popped up on Air Bnb for double the price. The same way an owner is protected if a Renter cancels last minute (cancellation fee) the Renter needs to be protected as well. They can just make a holiday over everyone else’s homes! It’s not fair. Air bnb and have been very unhelpful for those ppl who were cancelled on and there’s nothing they plan to do to compensate.

  5. Galut. Stay home and celebrate properly. Why give others your hard earned money, and if you have lots of it consider helping your fellow Jews who are not blessed as you are.

  6. This is sick and disgusting! But every single year, for the last few at least, there have been serious issues with families going to Florida for Pesach. One year the groceries didn’t arrive, every year something else. Maybe it’s time to stay home and enjoy Pesach with the family in your own home. BUt, no, I do not make light of the hardship these families now have to deal with due to actions of nefarious characters. I hope these brokers all lose their licenses- frum or otherwise.

  7. STOP TURNING PESACH INTO A VACATION!!! It’s the exact opposite of what pesach is supposed to teach us. Now you all learn your lesson. Next year stay home for pesach spend some time before the yom tov learning the inyanim and you’ll see for yourself why this phenomenon is such a bad idea

  8. Some of the above comments are somewhat surprising. I personally have never been away for Pesach and make Pesach at home. However, that is my choice and if someone chooses to go away and pays for it, they expect to get what they pay for. I feel TERRIBLE for these people who are left stranded a few days before Pesach. Saying people should just stay home does not help them now. Have a little compassion to your fellow yid.

  9. My Father, AH always stated the obvious, when you come to shomayim the first question is if you did business honestly. That is not a good time to have to answer no!

  10. Many real estate “brokers” are more evil than Esrog “dealers”. Both are crooks of the worst kind. Greedy arrogant lowlifes sucking off of the gullible. These brokers should be arrested and be forced to spend Pesach in prison.

  11. Not getting involved: There’s no question that many real estate brokers and esrog dealers are crooks. Real estate criminals are individuals, unlike the spider web of the global estrog network. I’d like to see the FBI become involved and get some of these “dealers” indicted under RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations).

  12. The real issue here are the people that offered more money already knowing that the homes had been rented. If that didn’t happen, reservations would not be canceled.

  13. HOME SWEET HOME (even without Mickey Mouse). Welcome back
    You will be able to tell the story of “yetzias Orlando” at the Seder table
    Gut Yom Tov

  14. I was there 4 years ago, luckily I got the house I ordered but heard back then this happens this was enuf to know not to go back. I brought everything with a trailer hooked up from NY never relying on anyone for my food while people had to wait for trucks that didn’t come. I never would take the risks people take with my YT.
    Unfortunately, it’s become a convenience or you could say a nightmare. It doesn’t help when you see prominent Rabonim advertised to lure you to a program…would love to help any jews who need a seder in Miami where I reside.

  15. It reminds me of the Cleaning Ladies being offered more $ and they leave the current households just before pesach.
    Not sure the actual renters are aware of the wrongdoing to previous cancelled renter.

  16. Unfortunately we are seeing the worst of Klal Yisrael in those who prey upon their own brethren. Whether it be housing in Monsey where buyers think they are getting a large backyard only to find out it belongs to the neighbor to these double bookings in Florida. Just because someone appears “frum” or even Chasidish does not mean they really are. We just went through a year of “Dever”. I dread to think what the coming year will bring.

  17. Stay home is a great idea but not everyone has it as easy as others. Especially those who paid $6000 for a house. That’s not a huge amount and some people simply don’t have the time or emotional strength to make Pesach, but do have the extra 10-15K (when budgeted and prices aren’t inflated, considering people spend a lot even when home). If anything it’s the second “level” of people who are willing to pay tremendously inflated prices who should be told to stay home, though to be fair they likely aren’t to be blamed for what their broker did to the first customers.

  18. Guys pass on this message. If If any family is stranded do not fret I arranged a hotel in Coconut Grove Miami for them… please have them contact me . I have 120 rooms available מי כעמך ישראל…. the owners of the hotel want to help out
    1 917 592 5442

  19. Wait! Did I miss something? The behavior of the brokers is inexcusable and all will face a din v’cheshbon, BUT . . .

    1) There was NO DOUBLE bookig. The greed of the borkers, notwithstanding, outrageous greed, did not stop them, based on the stories reported, from informing the original bookees in due time; January and February. That’s not Double Booking. That’s geneivah. That’s rishus to the enth degree. But it’s not double booking.
    2) NOBODY is/was left stranded! Not one person, from what I can see. LAST year, people were left stranded. Even individuals who always stayed “home” for Pesach – either their own or their parents/in-laws – found themselves unable to shop, to travel, or to host. In hospitals or nursing homes, many didn’t have a seder. At home for the first time, food being delivered in boxes from BMG, keilim being made hefker because they could not be toiveled. THAT is stranded.
    3) This year, we are not in lock-down. Stores are open. Food is available. Mikvaos are open. ER’s are not so busy.
    4) And please, stop with the Yellow Journalism hyp/headlines.
    Tizku l’mitzvos!

  20. שהיה רבי אליעזר אומר: משבח אני את העצלנין שאין יוצאין מבתיהן ברגל וכו’ (סוכה כ”ז)

  21. Traveling is hard enough. That’s why I haven’t joined the bandwagon to Florida. I can’t stomach shlepping all my stuff and figuring out how to manage it all. I guess I’m lucky because this would’ve been beyond overwhelming and stressful

  22. Don’t give sarcastic ideas. It is sad and difficult for all these people.
    We are here and witnessing what’s going on.
    Sadly so much of these horrible acts are being set up by our own.

    Just had a message from one of the biggest commercial litigation lawyers that it happened to him. And o boy any of you that did a dirty try clean up fast as you may be revealed. Clean up

  23. Agree with several of the other posters. If you blindly book with some agent or homeowner outside of the most reputable booking sites, and fail to perform serious background checks, don’t come crying gevalt for your own stupidity. The stores are open, plenty of cleaning people are desparate for work. Stay home and learn your lesson for next year. With all the yidden suffering serious problems this year, its really hard to take these whining complaints about not being able to go to Disney World for yom tov seriously. Dor h’midbar spent 40 years wandering around the desert and never had the z’chus of going meeting Mickey and Donald.

  24. What is the halakha here?
    Putting aside scams, it seems that most cases are simple breach of contract: Airbnb host cancels a contract and puts the house back on the market after that at higher (current) price.

    If the contract allows for breaches before a certain time, then this might be ok? what would happen if the buyer finds a much cheaper house – are they allowed to cancel their reservations?

    With the big hotels, you typically have asymmetric relationship: buyers can cancel up to 24 hours, and buyers often having a lot of consumer protection. Here you have two parties of similar size. Both sides might have similar protection in halakha. for example, laws of overcharging work both ways – buyer is not allowed to underprice same way as seller is not allowed to overprice (maybe even more – 10th commandment?)

    so, if the seller violates Airbnb rules – he can be dealt thru airbnb as he signed the ruies, or should one go to a beis din? Maybe we need an arbitration clause for that, and maybe a specalized beis din that sits in judgment every Pesach and Sukkos in Orlando?! KoshAir B&B?!

  25. To all of the wonderful baaley mussar commenting, you complained when people were spending an exorbitant amount of money on hotels/programs for Pesach, a luxury unreachable for most. Now that people are making their own Pesach in a clean house in a warm location, for a fraction of the price, that is now also beneath your contempt?! For many people renting a large 9 bedroom house affords them the ability to bring many siblings/grandparents/grandchildren together for YT. Do you feel any holier by telling everyone else that they should stay home. It’s been a tough year all around. Please fargin these people their totally appropriate way to celebrate Pesach.

  26. Hashem showed us ALL last year – Home is where we belong for Yom Tov.
    But we don’t get it.
    Just like we weer allowwd back to Shul after being locked and it wasn’t long befroe te smartphones came back out in the middle of Chazaras HaShatz……

  27. It’s not so complicated. Everything that happens is happening because Hashem decided. There is no double booking, no scams, no agents, nothing. Just the creator of the world telling us that this isn’t what he wants from us. It’s not our fault that we are attracted to this kind of stuff. Hashem is simply teaching us like a father teaches his children . Enough , enough. Please make a humble Pesach, so I can take you out of golus already. Be humble , and I’ll take you out . No need to run anywhere. We all want golus to end but we have to learn the lessons that will end it. Nothing happens by mistake. He’s just teaching us. Pesach is about being simple . Maybe if we can all learn how to be simple again , simple yidden , we will finally be free.

  28. I’m horrified at the attitude of many posters here. You sound jealous of the people who are in Florida for pesach. You say not to feel bad or help them out because of your own jealousy. Well, guess what? There are very many ligitimate reasons for someone to make pesach there, including having a vacation. Are you jealous because someone makes more money than you and can afford something that would be a luxury for you?! They are WORKING for that money!! And they can USE that vacation!! So stop judging and have a heart. A yid in need, stranded before yom tov… you should be ashamed of yourself for judging and telling them to stay home

  29. Not getting involved March 23, 2021 10:50 am at 10:50 am
    Many real estate “brokers” are more evil than Esrog “dealers”. Both are crooks of the worst kind. Greedy arrogant lowlifes sucking off of the gullible. These brokers should be arrested and be forced to spend Pesach in prison.
    How can anyone compare a Esrog Soycher to to a real estate agent?
    Most esrog sochrim leave their home for weeks and invest Thousands to those farmers to make sure that Klal Yisroel has enough supply for Yom Tov. Those sochrim work very hard to earn their income. No one forces anyone to buy a esrog for a high price. You can go to many places who specializes in less expensive prices but its a Hidder Mitzveh and AM yisroel is willing to pay more for a Hudder. Maybe you will claim that the Matzoh bakeries are also crooks because they charge $30 a pound.??
    Calling a honest Esrog Socher CROOKS is undisputed the lowest character of a person.!!!!!!

  30. TO Pinchas Butter…

    Which shul exactly do you daven at ?
    My shul no one takes out a phone and our Gabbe installed lockers for mispallelim to lock their phones while davening. Also our shul has a Phone on the wall for emergencies to call Hatzoloh and for every ones family who needs to reach their husband for emergency.
    So please do NOT be MEKATRIG on Klal Yisroel because we have enough of those in the media .

  31. To people saying “Stay Home”, actually I have a few friends traveling down from Montreal to Florida because they CANNOT STAY HOME. (Curfew and lockdown). And yes, if their houses we double booked they are stranded.
    Please stop judging. This is only one of many reasons people may have for traveling for Pesach.
    This double booking situation is the issue here that should be dealt with, not whether people should stay home or not.
    Chav Kosher veSameach to all.

  32. People do frequently want to go away with extended family for a nice YT. They may be cooking themselves, or possibly catering. Renting a house relatively locally, in or near Monsey or Monroe, for example, is very, very expensive. It’s frequently much more reasonable to rent something further afield. But, then you need a minyan and a Sefer Torah. If you’re already going somewhere, it might as well be to a warmer climate, where one can get away from the weird weather we’ve had recently. Then, if you have a house with a pool, you don’t have to spend so much time and money gallivanting around to all these attractions that everyone runs to on Chol Hamoed at home in the Tristate area. Otherwise, the kids feel gypped. So, it’s not so outlandish to rent a house in Orlando or Boca or Miami Beach. Because of the sad and terrible experiences this past year, so many people were desperate to get away, which caused the prices to go sky-high.

  33. HI,
    just want to say a few points
    1- this discussion should not be about people staying home. Many many people, have family situations, wether its to go to be with family, or those who are not fortunate to have family and need to get away.
    For some people who had a hard year, this is their way of getting away.
    some people have situations year round and this is their only break!
    Please stop judging!! I know people going to orlando, who would much rather be home, but whose families are going, and they are pressured to go , in order to spend time with their siblings parents, and grandparents. They made the decision ,that spending time with their grandparents, is worth millions of dollars, after staying home and not seeing grandparents for most of the year, the despite their misgivings they are going to join the family !

    2- in terms of what happened, this something that people should get together and sue for sure to put an end to this craziness.
    3- wherever you are for pesach, we should all be zoche to celebrate it happily and may we merit the guelah

  34. I think people here are missing the point. Of course there is nothing wrong with renting a getaway home for yom tov. What’s wrong is renting it in a schmutz city like Orlando.

  35. I don’t understand. Why does anyone feel the need to answer all the horrible people commenting here that these people should stay home? אל תענה לכסיל כאוולתו. We don’t need to excuse why people are going away for Pesach. It. Is. Irrelevant. People are in terrible situations now stranded just days before Yom Tov. If someone drinks too much and dies do you go tell their family “see you shouldn’t drink”? When someone gambles and loses his money do you tell him it’s terrible to gamble? No you shut up and feel bad for him. Think what you want but how can you be so disgusting and rub it in when people are suffering? Horrible heartless people.
    And as an aside, in the beginning of Covid someone was spreading that it’s due to internet because Corona is gematria internet. Someone told me that the guy who’s spreading it doesn’t realize that for him it’s Gematria Lashon Hara. Point being, everyone looks at whatever they see bad in other people to pump themselves up and say what others do wrong is the cause of all bad. So all you holy people preaching that when everyone stops going to Orlando well get out of galus etc etc. Guess what. When you stop fressing your face off by every seuda and taking your four hour yom tov nap Moshiach will come. Not saying I agree with the Pesach Orlando mindset but at least I’m not blaming the world’s problems on them.

  36. Unfortunately as long as we people continue to pay premiums to these brokers which double the cost of our rentals they will continue to cancel us. It’s acceptable if they charged a few hundred more especially for tzedakah but not double.

    We have been coming to Orlando for 20 years when practically only 100 families came. We had to travel to maitland for limited kosher food. I do understand that Yehuda of Miami provides a shul but ripping people off is not acceptable.

    There’s nothing wrong making Pesach away even for all of us that make our own food etc. people suffered enough last year.

  37. I love how many commenters are judging people by telling them not to judge people. Can we retire this now meaningless term?

  38. bp27:
    I am not arguing your point. Nor am I judging those who choose to go.
    My point was, that if you are deciding to go (for whatever countless reasons there may be), renting through an established program that’s been doing this for years, would “seem” to be a safer bet than the riskier airbnb/vrbo route. At the end of the day, Hakol B’yedei Shamayim. If it’s not meant for you to go, you won’t. With the reverse being true as well.

    I truly do feel bad for all the agmas nefesh many families are going through.

  39. I have ZERO SYMPATHY for these show-offs who flaunt their money and turn Pesach, the Yom Tov of הא לחמא עניא and מרור into a fabulous vacation. Last Pesach may have been the best one experienced by Klal Yisroel in many years – Pesach at home with families, the way it was meant to be. Every Haggadah shows pictures of families sitting at beautifully appointed tables in their own homes, not luxury villas in Florida.

    Pesach of 2020 should have been a wake-up call. It wasn’t – we’re right back where we were, showing off and being gluttonous. These Florida Pesach trips are a Chilul Hashem. Disgusting.

  40. If you got messed up, and your a Ehrlicha yid I feel Terrible for you, Im sure Hashem will work it out for you. But if you’re a guy who recently up the rent on your Kollel Tenents, and throw in new “parking fees” and “Mailbox fee” etc. etc. to try to raise the rent more than the legal laws, and take advantage of people who sit mand learn. all I could say is Yeish Din V’Yeish Dayin. There are no coincidences. Take a good look in the mirror.

  41. To Reb Yossel
    Unfortunately your Shul is the exeption.
    And to everyone else – Chillul Hashem is SUPPOSED TO BOTHER US……

  42. to reb yossel, why are you calling esrog dealers crooks, you know an esrog is just a fruit since you were born, no one is forcing you to spend all your saving on a fruit. the Esrog dealer who charges $400 is doing the buyer a favor because he’s obviously the type of guy who wants everyone to know how much he spent. I’m not here to say the Esrog dealer is a tzaddik im just putting things in perspective.

  43. The judging in the comments of those who choose to spend money on a vacation for Pesach is very disappointing. The accusations of gluttony and a immodest displays of wealth are not justified by the reported story. Just because Hashem has not blessed everyone with the resources or desire to go away doesn’t mean others are bad or wrong for doing so. AFAIK there is no mitzvah to make Pesach specifically at home. There are Mitzvahs for the chag that can and should be done anywhere a Jew finds himself. We must not covet what others have and rabbis might not like community members becoming jealous of each other but we are supposed to be grateful for whatever we do have. If we truly want to internalize the lessons of emunah and bitachon then we must be happy for the good fortune and Simchas of others.

  44. Wow! So many comments.

    Let me chime in…yes, I feel badly for those whose plans are in jeopardy. They spend so much money, make plans, don’t kasher their homes & now they’re stuck, a couple of days before they’re supposed to be there.

    Whether or not it’s a waste of money or not in the spirit of Peach isn’t our business: their money, their decision. Bottom line, they have a problem.

    Instead of judging or laughing at these victims (they are victims of at best very questionable business ethics), try showing some compassion. We all know what’s entailed in making Pesach. Why do you have to attack them when they’re down (5TResident, you are being really nasty. Or are you just jealous these folks are able to splash out on a nice Yom Tov?) Try having a bit of compassion for the situation they are in.

    FTR, if not for Covid we would have gone to our kids overseas. Now we’ve had to make Pesach at home & as we’re in our late 60’s, this kind of physical work is very hard. Who knows the reasons these families had for going to Florida? Even if 97% are there just for a good time, it’s nothing to do with us. I’d be freaking out at how I can possibly make Pesach at home with 48 hours’ notice. I’m sorry this happened.

  45. It was inevitable that this totally homogeneous population of Torah-true-black-hat-only-mandatory-kollel-etc. people would find a small crack in someone else’s armor in order to claim that only they are doing Retzon Hashem. The need to feel religiously superior is uncontrollable.

  46. Everyone is getting this all wrong! People are not going to Orlando houses for the luxury they are going because they can get a 15 bedroom house and have their whole extended family under one roof. it is nothing like a Pesach program in a hotel making Pesach in an Orlando house is a lot of work even if you go with one of the programs. no one is having a luxurious vacation like all the commentators on the article make it sound like.

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