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UPDATE FROM SPRING VALLEY: Firefighter And Resident Dead, After Inferno Tears Through Assisted Living Facility [VIDEO ROUNDUP]

A massive early-morning fire ripped through an assisted living facility in Spring Valley. The fire started at around 1:00AM at the “Evergreen Court For Adults” located at 65 Lafayette Street. Hatzolah and EMS dispatched around 20 ambulances and treated many victims.

Sadly, one resident has died and one firefighter is missing and presumed dead. The missing firefighter is a member of the Spring Valley Fire Dept. who was one of the first people on the scene and was helping rescue residents. Officials believe he got lost on the third floor and could not find his way out.

Dozens of trapped residents were rescued by firefighters.

Rockland Chaveirim was on the scene assisting as well.

Dramatic video footage captured the moment part of the building collapsed. CPR was being performed by Hatzolah on one victim.

Local Yeshiva school busses as well as the Rockland Chaveirim Command Center were being used to keep elderly residents warm and to transport them to other locations.

The cause of the fire was unknown.

Additional information and complete story will be published when it becomes available to YWN.



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11 Responses

  1. אין פורעניות בעולם, אלא בשביל ישראל
    Last night was a protest against a gett refuser in Monsey- yet no gett was given. The children’s mother cry every try night, yet continued silence. Fire represent anguish and wrath. What do you think Hashem is trying to communicate with us?

  2. @ambituous, I think hashem was trying to tell us to stop making more machlokos, after all we went thru last year and all the lives lost we need less machlokos not more. I dont know any of the people involved so I stayed away, shame on you for even saying there is a link people died the fire and a yid lost his parnosa

  3. You guys get it wrong this was a non Jewish resident And actually מי כעמך ישראל
    Look at the help that’s given for those people living there

  4. Good to see all the נביאים on this site. Everyone knows what Hashem is doing and why. I guess mashiach came and I missed him

  5. Food for thought:
    I was thinking maybe if people would stop stabbing other people behind their backs and stop killing each other on the comment section under the name “anonymous” and stop stealing in a way that you think is permissible and stop this non-stop 24/7 bad-mouthing every single person on this planet, maybe in that merit the Almighty will take care of all of us 24/7 and there will be no more fires and no more sickness amongst us. Once we have peace, Mashiach will come.

  6. @avraham
    I agree with your comments but in all fairness, your also anonymous. You’re using what might be your first name but no one knows who you are. Same here. My name is made up despite eagerly awaiting the next full moon.

  7. Dramatic video footage captured the moment part of the building collapsed I have seen way more dramatic in live, when I saw the Twin Towers implode:- Infinitely more dramatic t say the very least.

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