Buy Instagram Followers – Top 3 Sites in 2021 to Boost your Metrics


The business is now set up. You’ve just hit the publish button on your new website and you’re eagerly waiting for the customers to roll in. 

You could jump onto Instagram, but you’re concerned that you can’t invest your time into developing your business account. But you begin to see your competitors rise above you. They’re killing the Instagram game, and you’re left wondering how. You incessantly check your website traffic, but you’re only getting a trickle. And a trickle isn’t enough to raise your business profile, is it?

You decide to take a look into building an Instagram strategy, but you remember that it’s just yourself working tirelessly on all the business promotion. 

How can you get your Instagram account polished and poised to rival the very competitors that are reaping the rewards of a dedicated strategy? 

Ultimately, you’re looking for the best shortcuts to growing your following. There are numerous ways to grow your Instagram business, but to expand your activities and create a strategy, you also need to look beyond vanity metrics. Vanity metrics are the most obvious indicators of engagement, like followers and likes. But now, Instagram dig deeper into a user’s activity to quantify their intent. Follower growth rate is still the #1 indicator of overall engagement. After all, you need to analyse this to understand your overall reach. 

But for individual posts, you’ll need to take a look at the reach to see how it’s performed against how many people it reached. And you can also see what percentage of those people reached aren’t following you. 

So, engagement is something that you have to consider when looking for an Instagram strategy. Having a high following doesn’t always mean that your business will start to see growth, which means that it’s good to understand your options. Here are some ways you can buy your Instagram followers, from basic plans to wholistic strategic support: 

Follower Vendors

Companies offer a certain number of promised followers depending on the price you wish to pay. Helping you with building your brand, these types of companies provide genuine accounts that will boost your engagement. 

And the bigger you are, the more likable your account will be to Instagram. That means you’re favoured to appear on the ‘Explore’ page more regularly, to more people. We’ll talk more about these later, we have some great examples to show you.

Instagram Bots

These are very similar to buying followers. However, there’s no person behind the account. There’s simple an automated bot that mirrors a real person. On the surface, they look and even engage like a person. 

The downside with this is that you need to be in it for the follower count alone. As these aren’t real people, you can’t expect them to return as paying customers. 

Inactive Accounts

These followers won’t be fake, but they won’t be actively engaging either. These are likely genuine accounts sold by companies, and the owners of these accounts are simply looking for a follow back. You also have the option to strategically follow accounts that fit your buyer personas in the hope that they’ll follow back. 

Marketing Agency

If you’re wanting a more defined strategy behind your growth, then you’re best to approach a marketing agency that specialises in Instagram growth hacking. Combining organic tactics with paid media, you’ll be seeing your follower count rise with authentic followers behind the screen. 

While it may take longer to generate a follower count comparable to buying them, the growth you’ll see is more likely to be sustainable. And it’s more applicable if your ultimate goal is to increase your conversions and build your customer base. 

All of these options lead up to the vital question: how can I improve my following and build your brand? We’ve made the answer very simple. Here’s out top 3 sites to boost your Instagram game in 2021.


Twicsy is a full-service Social Media Agency dedicated to boosting your metrics, generating leads and fulfilling your customer base. Work with Twicsy to buy followers, but not in the way we’ve led you to believe. Buy your followers through committing to a dedicated Instagram strategy that will organically grow your audience through tactics that their experts put into action. Buy Instagram likes and followers from Twicsy and you’re going to see your Instagram game reach new heights. 

Fulfilling the purpose of a strategy, you need to identify your objectives. Are you looking for more website visits, more ecommerce or looking to raise brand awareness? All these aspects, along with an audit of what you’re currently involved in and the market research to back your objectives will grow your content plan.


Buy Instagram followers from Buzzoid, who provide high quality followers for your Instagram page, with numerous plans for every budget. Essentially, Buzzoid believes that Instagram followers are the foundation of your success. If you need a place to start your Instagram growth journey, this is the first step. 

And the more you show for your successful business, the more you reap the rewards on Instagram. The more quality followers you have, the higher the likelihood of your account appearing on the ‘Explore’ page. That means more followers, and engagement, thanks to Buzzoid.


iDigic provides a step up from just increasing your followers – you can drive higher numbers of Instagram likes for your posts. And just like with Buzzoid, you can get these instantly. You can get these from quality accounts – accounts that are your ideal audience. 

With starter packages readily available for all of these options, it’s easy to touch the surface of buying Instagram followers to investigate the potential it has to boost your business. Delivering an inexpensive way to grow your business, it’s worth the investment. 

So how do you get in on enhancing your engagement on Instagram? Take care to consider all options when wanting to grow your following. From wanting a quick, short term solution, to setting up a sustainable revenue model, make sure that you’re investing in the path that’s right for your business.