WATCH: Cuomo On Harassment Claims: ‘I Didn’t Do Anything Wrong’


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In his first face-to-face encounter with journalists in months, Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday flatly denied he had done anything inappropriate with any of the women who have accused him of misconduct and harassment.

Speaking to reporters at the New York State Fairgrounds in Syracuse, the Democrat abandoned his past approach of expressing contrition for some past behavior while declining to address whether specific allegations were true.

“You were in those rooms. You know the truth. So can you tell the people of the state of New York yes or no? Did you do the things you were accused of?” asked New York Times reporter Jesse McKinley.

“To put it very simply, no.” Cuomo said.

“All the harassment, you deny all of that?” McKinley said.

“That’s right. Yes,” Cuomo said.

Several current and former state employees and other women have accused Cuomo of inappropriate behavior.

Before Monday, Cuomo had repeatedly denied the allegations. He’s said “sorry” for making some people uncomfortable with comments or gestures he claimed were playful.

Asked if he would consider disciplining himself or resigning if the state attorney general, who is investigating the claims, reports he did harass women, Cuomo dismissed that possibility.

“The report can’t say anything different because I didn’t do anything wrong,” Cuomo said.

This was the first time Cuomo has allowed a group of journalists to question him in person since sexual harassment allegations surfaced in December.

For months, citing COVID-19 precautions, he has taken questions only via telephone or internet conference calls — forums where his staff can control who asks questions and journalists often aren’t allowed to ask follow-up queries.

Cuomo has defied calls for his resignation from many of New York’s most influential Democrats, including most members of the state’s congressional delegation and a majority of state lawmakers.

He has urged the public to await the results of investigations being conducted by Attorney General Letitia James and the state Assembly’s judiciary committee, which is exploring whether there are grounds to impeach him.

James and the legislative committee are also investigating whether Cuomo used state resources for his book on pandemic leadership. And the Assembly committee and federal prosecutors are scrutinizing his administration’s months-long refusal to release how many nursing home residents died of COVID-19 in all.



  1. I just wish someone would ask him why his case is different from all the times he said we should “believe women.”
    Why are the people who accused Cuomo any less than the ones who accused Kavanaugh?

  2. With all of the negative press on the governor I feel it’s very important to show him our great Hakoras Hatov for taking very virus seriously. As a result of him closing down shuls, Yeshivos, non essential businesses and strict mask enforcments, who knows how many lives he probably saved.

  3. How many lives he saved?! Ribbono Shel Olam! That number is negative. He didn’t save any lives, he murdered lives.

    And indeed go ahead and compare NY’s performance to FL’s. FL has done very very well in comparison to NY, because even though the governor was panicked into taking some unnecessary measures he kept it within reason and relented as soon as he felt he could. He would have done even better if he’d had the courage of Gov. Noem in ND, and merely advised people to be careful.

    RT, nobody is accusing Gaetz of harassment. There is no “victim” and no crime. If he behaved like a normal goy, so what? עבדא בהפקרא ניחא ליה.

    As for whether Cuomo did anything wrong with these women, I actually believe him, but it doesn’t matter; he set the rules when it came to other people, and now he should be made to live by the same rules. He said “believe all women”, so now they should be believed. He denied others the right to defend themselves, so now he has no right to defend himself, even if he’s telling the truth.

    And the same applies to Biden, the accused rapist. He said believe the accuser, so now we must do that, even if it’s not actually true.