Out Of The Mailbag: (Flatbush Kiddush: Tznius & Drinking Out Of Control)


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yw logo8.jpgThe following two letters were written by two separate people, and submitted to YWN on Motzei Shabbos:

Letter #1: Dear YWN,

I was sickened this Shabbos morning. Someone made an Aufruf for their son, and in addition to it made this huge Kiddush – the Tznius was atrocious, with the teenage girls dressed practically like the chayos on the street, except worse, since on the street I’m used to walking with my head down – I expect to be able to be in my shul without having to be in such a state, but I guess that’s what it’s coming to.

It’s so sad that many of us are afflicted with this. We need to take a lesson from the Chassidim and drop the western garbage about not being able to tell women how to dress – we most certainly can.

Yiddishe Neshomos are at stake here!

In Meah Shearim, if a girl even walked around at home this way there would be Kol Koreh’s all over the place, conferences with Rabbonim, Divrei Hisorereus, and they’re not extreme, they just have more Yiras Shomayim. I

In Brooklyn if there was ever any action taken by Rabonim to counteract the Gashmius epidemic, you can bet they’d be labeled ‘Taliban’ or whatever crazy names the arrogant Amharatzim use whenever something challenges their western indoctrination..

One commentator in my Shul said that a Goy told him that the women are dressed ‘to kill’ – he couldn’t have been more right – this KILLS neshomos!!

Letter #2: Dear Yeshiva World readers.

Something MUST be done!

I was at a Kiddush today, and I am sick at what I saw.

The first thing was that the woman were dressed as Prusta Chayos. I was appalled at what I saw.

No. I’m not an extremist. I’m not a “Kol Koreh” Jew. I am a simple, hard-working Flatbush Baal Ha’Bos – and I am fuming!

Where are the Rabbonim? you might be asking yourselves……well guess what? The “Rov” was mingling around the crowd of DRUNKEN MEN all smiley and cozying up to them.

The amount of hard liquor that was being consumed was something I have never seen before. No. I’m not “old fashioned”. I can drink a nice few shots, and I’m all for a geshmake “buzz” on Shabbos morning – but the drinking this morning was something out of a coed college drinking competition.

Unfortunately, I can’t describe on YWN what took place at the end of this “Kiddush”, but basically the Mechitza came down, and these drunken animals were “all over the place”.

I’m disgusted, and I am DEMANDING that the Rabbonim start screaming about this.

This is not a joke.

There will not be a Klal Yisroel in 20 years.

A Flatbush Ha’Bos.


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