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UK: Frum Jew Faces 2 Attacks In 1 Hr: “I’ll Slit Your Throat For Palestine”

Yochai Leibrow, a Lubavitcher chassid living in London, was subject to two anti-Semitic attacks on public transportation within an hour on Motzei Shabbos.

While on a bus in London’s West End, a man cursed him, said he would beat him up, and threatened to “slit your throat for Palestine.”

None of the other passengers or the driver intervened during the incident.

Leibrow got off the bus and proceeded to the Underground. There he encountered a group of youths on the escalator who jeered at him and screamed anti-Semitic epithets such as “I ******* hate the Jews.”

“I tried to remain calm, but what bothers me is that people like this are just roaming the streets free, in London,” Liberow told Israel’s Channel 12 News. “I’ve experienced similar incidents in the past, many times over. It’s everywhere.”

“How proud I am to be English tonight where someone visibly Jewish cannot use public transport without hearing ‘I ******* hate the Jews.’ So depressing…” Yochai’s brother, Shlomie Liberow, wrote on Twitter.

“My brother [who is visibly Jewish] was attacked on the 113 bus, heading in direction of Oxford Circus, London at 11:33 PM and threatened to ‘slit his throat for Palestine,’ he wrote. “Will anything be done about this rampant anti-Semitism?”

Leibrow added that such incidents are “typical experiences for someone wearing religious garb on public transport in London.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. 113 bus goes from Edgware to Oxford Circus, passing Hendon Central en-route.

    We know British Government has no regard for Jewish life, since they are gleefully & adamantly trying to murder an innocent 2 year old Jewish baby.

  2. Re: “How proud I am to be English” – Whenever I do go to London I have yet to meet an englishman there! They all left 30 years ago. This is what happens with unrestricted immigration and it’s the same in other major european capitals too.

    London is a very expensive dump with nowhere to park your car!

  3. This is exactly why we moved to NY from UK in 1984 – my husband was assaulted while sitting in his car at a traffic light. The police decided he was to blame, it couldn’t possibly be plain old antisemitism, so they decided to prosecute my husband. We had to hire a lawyer, so when a job came up in NY we left.

    Now BH we live in Israel; at least here we know who our enemies are.

  4. Yet another example of the totally unnecessary liability to Jews that is Zionism. A random Jew in the UK has no relationship to the Zionist State of Israel; except that the Zionists lie that they represent Jews worldwide.

    So, perhaps more Jews will follow the Satmar Rav’s advice to inform the gentiles that the Zionist State of Israel is anti-Jewish and we have nothing to do with their State and what they do there. We care only for the safety of our brethren there and everywhere, and care not at all for the Zionist State.

  5. Chevere
    stand in front of the mirror and Ask your self “Who is the prettiest of them all?”
    If your answer is me, I am
    and you can’t see the beauty in other yiden (Sepharadic, Ashkenaz, and yes have empathy for The so non religious”.

  6. Hakatan,

    You are out of your mind if you believe what you wrote.
    עשיו שונאה ליעקב is real. They hated us before 1948 and will continue to hate us until Moshiach comes regardless of some clowns telling them that we don’t support our holy brothers in Eretz Yisroel.

    Signed: Duvyy, a realistic NON Zionist.

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