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Outcry In UK: Young Chareidi Girl Remains Unburied For 10 Days

The Chareidi community in London is dealing with a tragic and disturbing incident after the chief pathologist of Stamford Hill ordered the delay of the release of the body of Rivka Shamaya, a’h, a young girl who passed away of cancer a week and a half ago.

Hospital officials apparently suspect that the girl’s parents injected her with a medication without coordination with the hospital, which they claim was a fatal error that may have accelerated her death, and insist on performing an autopsy. This is despite the fact that the girl’s condition had been deemed terminal by the hospital’s doctors and they had sent her home to die. It was only then that the parents obtained medication not yet approved in the UK which ultimately prolonged the girl’s life.

A family member told B’Chadrei Chareidim that “the hospital gave up hope on saving the girl’s life a long time ago and made a decision to release her to her home. Her devoted parents took care of her at home. Meanwhile, after extensive efforts, askanim obtained special medications which prolonged her life. However, these medications aren’t yet approved for use in the UK. Now, despite the fact that the parents successfully extended their child’s life, the authorities are cruelly harassing them.”

Family members, Rabbanim and askanim are waging a legal battle against the authorities’ intention to perform an autopsy.

In the wake of the extended delay of the release of the nifteres, local Rabbanim are calling to the kehilla to daven for the success of its campaign against the autopsy and the release of the body.

The Beis Din Tzedek “D’Hishachdus Kehillos HaChareidim in London published a kol koreh on Tuesday entitled: “Call out to Hashem with koach.”

“Please continue to daven that the nifteres, Rivka, a’h, be brought to kevruah quickly,” the letter stated. “The kehal is requested to increase tefillah and tachanunim and if possible to say the following pirkei Tehillim in order: 40, 100, 57, 58, 59, 75, 140 as a segulah as brought by the Chasam Sofer. All the mosdos HaTorah and schools should recite the Tehillim to arouse Rachamei Shamayim that the nifteres be brought to kevurah quickly without any harm, chas v’chalilah.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

14 Responses

  1. So sad! Why can’t then the Fiksler family be accorded their wish and take poor Alta home to die in the comfort of their own home? What is the basis for the double standard?

  2. This is translated incorrectly. The translation says to say perek 105. Instead of 105 it sounds say 140. At least according to the letter

  3. Family members should keep their mouths shut. Their explanation is not helpful to the cause. Don’t admit to B’Chadrei Chadarim or anyone else that you actually did what you are accused of. The lomdishe explanation won’t save you. They’ll just take the admission and say thank you very much for proving our case.

  4. The hospitals are allowed to murder Alta Fixler (and several others), but parents are not allowed to prolong the life of their daughter – what an upside down country!

  5. From the way the story is written seems the parents might be facing potential charges that can end up with someone in jail.

  6. I know I’m a hypocrite for not moving yet to Eretz Yisroel myself, but how much more clear does it have to be to those in England that…. it’s time to leave?

  7. Multiple issues here:
    1) Askanim claim that the injection prolonged her life. How would they know that?
    2)The State has an interest in doing the autopsy, as they’re investigating a crime (murder).
    3)It’s not the State that’s holding up burial, it’s the askanim who are fighting the autopsy, perhaps the same askanim who provided the “medication” that might have caused her to die sooner (askanim who potentially could be criminally charged for her murder, were the autopsy to determine that the injection killed her).

  8. ikar choser min ha-sefer. it is possible the hospital sent her home to die, her parents injected her and an autopsy is needed to determine if the injected substance prolonged or shortened her life. if that is the purpose of the autopsy, it will allow the government to charge the parents with shortening their daughter’s life. i have no idea based on the little information provided

  9. The people commenting against the parents and askunim are absolutely rishesdig.

    If doctors have given up and the patient is terminal then the patient will die. At that point people are allowed to try anything they think will help prolong the life of the patient. How cold-hearted can people be to condemn those who try alternative treatments or expiremental treatments to prolong the life of their child?! And these are most likely the same people who have no problem with the government mandating experimental vaccines and the FDA approving a vaccine that is still in its experimental stages. These people worship the governments of the world who could do no wrong but innocent people trying everything to help their child live longer are the criminals in their eyes…

  10. Sholom D
    Why chose to be the anti yiddish opinion

    The Hospital sent her home to die, shouldn’t the parents try anything that may have a chance that it will work?

    You can be certain it was done with the backing of a Rav, yet you want to call it murder? SICK!

    How would anyone know if it cut her life short? Do you really think tat an autopsy can determine that? What a foolish thing to think!

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