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NEW FEATURE – YWN and ‘Help-A-Yid’ Launch Ride-Sharing

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NOTE: Due to the amazing success and positive feedback YWN has received regarding this new feature, we have once again moved this article back to the front page.

With gas prices reaching record highs, the cost of travelling is taking a serious toll on people travelling to and from work. What once cost $20 to fill up a tank of gas, has sky-rocketed into $80!

Additionally, tens of thousands of folks will soon be commuting to and from the Catskills each week – and with gas prices as high as they are – this will slap on an additional $1000 to your (already staggering) summer expenses!

Thanks to the pressure of HUNDREDS of readers asking YWN for some type of ride-sharing service, and the partnership of “Help-A-Yid”, we are launching our “RIDE-SHARING SERVICE”. Click HERE to view the web-page. There will be a permanent link placed on the YWN homepage under the “Community” Features.

Thanks to the hard work of, and the staff at Yeshiva World News, we hope that this free service will allow you to save lots of money on your travelling expenses.

Currently, the system allows ride-sharing to and from the following areas.
*Boro Park/Flatbush

Should you require any additional areas be added to the list, please use the contact button on the Ride-Share web-page.

Please make sure to email this info to your friends and family – so that they too may possibly use this wonderful free service. Please note, that this service will be available all year long.


19 Responses

  1. Could I suggest that the Yeshiva write a list of suggested tip amounts for each destination. (this should be less than the bus would charge) to help with gas. This will defiantly make it much more pleasant for people to participate.

  2. You might mention a ‘sharing price’ as well. In Lakewood there is a ‘ride board’ which lists rides and there is a customary price asked. This helps offsets the costs (only fair) and encourages people to list their price. It also makes people less uncomfortable to ask in situations where the passenger should be paying. Mee Kiamcho Yisroel. Perhaps in stead of a price – the passenger should offer to pay for the guys portion of cholent at Sloatsburg.

  3. I think a tip should be optional ! not like resteraunts where its built in to the bill at 20 % !!!!! And if where paying for everything I think the kids wont know what a mitzva is anymore!!

  4. The price of the trip should be devided by all,of course.Why should the driver pay for you.Hes a bal chesed not a shoteh.

  5. It’s still a Chesed for the driver, even if you share the cost. He might not want to bother with a passenger if he didn’t need help paying for gas. That doesn’t take away from the Chesed, which is sharing his car, giving up time he could have spent alone in the car, taking extra time to pick you up, drop you off, load and unload your bags, etc.

    By paying, you will feel good and not feel like a schnorrer. You will also make the driver feel good about doing the Chesed. Everyone wins, don’t be a cheapskate.

  6. to number #6 , a tip is not the right word to use here. it is called shairing the cost. please don’t worey about the persons kids who are shairing the car with you that they won’t know what a mitzva is.
    the best course of action would be for you to offer to shaire the cost of the trip , and when you get to your destination you offer the driver some money for taking you and if he wants he can say no thank you it was my pleasure to take you.

  7. I was hoping it means that Passaic, for all of its problems, doesn’t have the “have to go to the country” fever. That would be a maaleh for the place (and it really needs one).

  8. to #6..dont teach the kids on yenems chesbon. with the exorbitant price of gas nobody should have a havemina not to chip in ..remember when we used to go (b’h graduated many years ago), and was embarrased to ask…was pretty hard financially

  9. #6- many gemachs (rentals etc.) also charge a minimal fee to cover basic expenses.
    So actually it’s not a ‘stira’. He’s still doing a chesed, cuz you’re paying less than u would w/ a different mode of transportation.

  10. I remember there was a website a couple of years ago called “share-a-ride” where people would post rides available or needed. For some reason, the Gedolim asked that it be taken down. Does anyone rememeber this ma’aseh?

  11. Ani Tapuach,
    I thought that there will be no cholent at Sloatsburg this year. They moved the minyan to the second level and increased inspectors etc…

  12. If a driver accepts any form of payment (no matter what you call it) if chas vshalom there is any small accident , then he has violated the terms of his policy and is liable for damages.
    We yidden are known for suing each other and everyone else , and he will be sued in the blink of an eye.

  13. to #17 phd..maybe you YIDDEN whoever you are, not WE yidden. did you make a survey of all suing cases and you came to this conclusion? if so present them here so we can see

  14. #12, what is wronge with Passaic? It is a beautiful, vibrant community with many yeshivas, a yeshiva gedola, a kollel & a branch or a world famous kiruv yeshiva. There are many stores to buy all kinds of kosher products.

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