Hagaon HaRav Uren Reich: To Not Demonstrate Our Hakoras Hatov And Vote Murphy Would Be Chillul Hashem


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Hagaon HaRav Uren Reich, Rosh Yeshiva of Ohr Zecharia in Lakewood (Woodlake) has written a letter regarding the upcoming gubernatorial election in New Jersey.

The Rosh Yeshiva explains in a clearly written letter why he has instructed his Talmidim to vote for Governor Phil Murphy.

“The whole world was thrown into turmoil from COVID…. and Lakewood has enjoyed unequaled freedom, our Mosdos Hachinuch have been unhampered and life has been close to normal. This is not true about NY, Toronto, London, Yerushalayim, nor Bnei Brak. Mr. Murphy could have made our lives really miserable, and Bichasdei Hashem, the Lev Melochim etc was favorable toward us….”

“To not demonstrate our Hakoras hatov would be a Chillul Hashem,” Rav Reich writes.

Read the full letter below. (Click on images to enlarge them)


  1. Recent news exposed a meeting with Murphy revealing that he is planning to legislate a vaccine mandate in NJ, but won’t attempt it unless he is re-elected.

  2. This is לכאורה an opinion, though from a valued source, but one that tied to a very specific limited issue, without addressing all the other many factors involved in voting for a Democrat in these crazy times, which cannot be compared at all to the political situation in the days of R’ Aharon Ztz”l.

    As to his handling of Covid, I wonder if HaRav Reich is aware of the documented proof that Murphy’s senior campaign staff said he’s planning to mandate vaccines and masks, which he so far didn’t deny…

  3. I’m not a big fan of “block voting” but given today’s realities, the Rav shows an incredibly insightful and practical view of NJ politics. Compared to New York, NJ was a haven of sanity over the past 2 years. Murphy showed skill in navigating the insanity of the Trump administration and avoided the Cuomo style hyperbole and targeting of ethnic groups while firmly administering common sense public health guidelines.

  4. How about no more letters. Let people make their own choice. I prefer someone who believes in lower taxes. But maybe the rabbi is appealing to a base where the tax rates are of little concern…..

  5. And why do you think he didnt give us a hard time you got it because of the election coming up, after the election he will be like all the others his campaign manager is on video this week saying after the election he will come out guns blazing with vaccine mandates. you dont have to be a genius to see it vote for murphy at your own peril. 2. this is america we dont need to thank someone for “letting” us have our freedom

  6. Rav
    Turin of Scranton Z”l
    several years ago vociferous & vehement told me – surprisingly for a mild-mannered individual-
    how Lakewood there is no and hasn’t been

    it is a tragedy
    He wasn’t only referring to the younger Generations

  7. R Dessler said you can follow every halacha and only reach the “alef” of yahadus.

    Some might be gentler and term it centrist Orthodox

  8. Rav
    Schwab was clear
    Clinton was supposedly friendlier to the Jewish Community
    we should vote for the other candidate due to his values


    Rav Yaakov Kamenetsky disagreed

    He considered Family Values so Paramount
    that is a choice between someone who helps a community and one who’s even anti-semitic but support family values

    vote for the anti-semite:Is what he declared

    Come on you’re silently saying who really cares about him anymore?

  9. instead of thanking the socialist for not destroying our freedoms us, why don’t we just vote in a patriot who actually cares about American freedoms. I dont know anything about the these 2 candidtaes, just know that my rebbe once told me: “a goy is a goy is a goy!’


  10. Although kibud av v’eim is one of the ten commandments and we must be very careful to follow all the halachas. However, if a parent wants a child to violate other halachas, the parent is not to be obeyed.

    With all due respect to the Rabbonim who tell us to vote for those who support and enable behavior that are abominations to Hashem, I would not listen.

    Voting for these liberals is a vote against Hashem.

    Whoever votes for these politicians is showing that we rely solely on the morally corrupt politician instead of relying on Hashem. And just look what these so-called liberal “friend” governors and mayors are doing- insideously destroying our cities. The frum askunim and Rabbonim who said we should vote for these evil politicians hang onto them with all their might while these evil behaimos are pulling out the rug from under their feet. Eventually this illusion that we benefit from these corrupt politicians will callopse.

    And last but not least, do we need to be blamed for voting in these liberal behaimos who are already in the process of destroying the US? Voting for a liberal politician is a chillul Hashem.

  11. I’m not coming to chas vesholom argue with Harav reich shlita who is a known talmid chochom of the highest caliber, I have the utmost respect for him. I Just have a few questions id like clarified
    How would Rav Avigdor Miller ztl have advised if asked his opinion ? Would he support someone who is pro toeava , pro abortion, pro “death with dignity”-aka pulling the plug, pro teaching about alternate life styles in kindergarten?
    He stands for everything the torah is against. Do we look away and ignore and cover up everything for a few dollars?
    and if the answer is yes , I can see your support of him if our taxes were lowered and route 9 was widened to ease the traffic and the tax formula negatively affecting our town was changed.
    Non of these very important issues effecting the town of Lakewood were addressed by the current administration. perhaps they were even ignored. For the few “mosdos” that received “benefits”=$$$$$ does that obligate the rest of the town to ignore all the issues that affect our lives on a daily basis?
    (perhaps hourly if you count the hours sitting in traffic on route 9 trying to get home or back to Yeshiva)
    Whether it be TAXES “most of us pay” which is thru the roof and admittedly the highest in the nation or not redoing the tax formula, or busing issues each year come begging, having to jump thru hoops to get the money to cover the busing.
    Lest we forget the covid lockdown when our neighborhood essential stores hardware stores ,clothing stores closed down right before pesach by NJ state troopers (yes, Murphy’s state troopers were here in town to enforce the lockdown handing out fines for being open Center of town, brooklyn southwest and many other stores.
    Our shuls shuttered and closed. How can we forget funerals??
    people attending levayas r”l were ticketed. This enforcement was all based on NJ state mandated laws enacted and enforced under gov Murphy
    I humbly ask the rosh yeshiva to explain and clarify for the tzibbur What exactly do we owe him hakaras hatov for ? please tell the public as ive spoken to many lkwd residents who feel the way
    we are waiting to hear

    A Lakewood NJ resident of 35 years

    ps this just posted on a lkwd news site expect this to affect our schools and mosdos as well
    – A Yeshiva in Passaic sent this out: As per the new state mandate, all staff members are required to either be fully vaccinated or to submit to weekly or biweekly testing (frequency of testing would depend on the county’s positive Covid rates

  12. It sounds like daas Torah is telling us we need to show Hakaras hatov for the money send to Lakewood Mosdos (ie, shochad) by supporting a person who supports every Toeaiva that is absolutely prohibited by the Torah (ie, a rosho gommur) and if we express support for a person who opposes these aveiros we have no hakaras hatov. Sounds like sisrei Torah.