NYC Mayoral Candidate Curtis Sliwa Struck by Cab in Manhattan


NYC mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa was struck and injured by a cab Friday as he was rushing to attend a live radio show, the Republican’s sister said.

Despite being struck, Sliwa managed to make it to the radio station in time and completed the hour-long segment devoted to his plans for the city. Sliwa, 67, was then transported to Lenox Hill Hospital for treatment of a fractured left arm for which he was outfitted with a sling, left knee swelling, and a number of bruises.

Sliwa has said that the accident, which occurred as he was rushing to beat a light, was his fault.

A Sliwa campaign spokesman said that they would be postponing the remainder of the candidate’s afternoon schedule out of an abundance of caution.

The accident comes just four days from when Sliwa will go head-to-head against former NYC Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams in the New York City mayoral contest to replace Bill de Blasio.

A recent poll from WPIX/Emerson found that Adams is enjoying a healthy, 36-point advantage over Sliwa, 61% to 25%.

In a statement released on Twitter, Eric Adams wrote, “I’ve just been informed that Mr. Sliwa was struck by a yellow cab while out campaigning today, and is being treated at Lenox Hill Hospital. I’d like to wish him a speedy recovery, and I hope to see him back out on the trail this weekend.”

In a humorous tweet from the hospital, Sliwa wrote, “Don’t worry, everyone. The taxi is okay.”


  1. Did this accident really occur? Sliwa has in the past reported that he was the victims of crimes that never happened? He has no credibility.

  2. The city really needs him. It’s a disaster almost on par with the Dinkins & Beame days. Lindsay too! Adams, a nice guy, is not the guy the city needs now. Too bad he can’t win.

  3. Vote for Curtis Sliwa. Sure, he has no chance of winning, but it’s important to send a message to the leftist Democrat machine. There must be a 2 party system in New York. Curtis is a good man.