Watch: Two Lev Tahor Leaders To Be Extradited To US From Guatemala

Yaakov Weingarten in Guatemalan court. (Screenshot)

A Guatemalan court last week approved the extradition of Lev Tahor leader Yaakov Weingarten and his brother Shmuel Weingarten to the US to stand trial on charges of kidnapping and abuse of children.

An extradition order for a third brother, Yoel Weingarten, is expected to be approved in the coming days.

Yaakov Weingarten was arrested about seven months ago by Guatemalan security forces on the first day of Pesach after attempting to kidnap children on Shabbos, a tactic used by the cult to thwart the parents from pursuing them.

According to the US Department of Justice, Lev Tahor leaders not only engaged in kidnapping but “embraced several extreme practices, including invasive monitoring of members, frequent beatings, and forced marriages of minors to adult members. Children in Lev Tahor are often subject to physical, sexual, and emotional abuse.”

Yaakov Weingarten (L.) and his brother Shmuel Weingarten (R.).

“We are grateful for the excellent cooperation from our partners in Mexico and Guatemala who helped us hold these leaders of Lev Tahor accountable for their behavior,” FBI assistant director William F. Sweeney Jr said in April.

“International borders will not stop the FBI from pursuing justice and enforcing violations of our laws, especially when you target children. The behavior alleged today is outrageous, and there is no justification for it whatsoever.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. And these career baalei aveiroh should be held without bail, convicted, and sentenced for a minimum of life without parole. HKB”H should exterminate these apikorsim and murderers from our midst. These brazen mechitzafim have the gall to tailor Torah to fit their needs, and are not pushing or permitting Torah Yiddishkeit in any way. May all the rest of the leaders meet up with similar bitter ends.

  2. Please keep them in Guatemala. Once they will be released from prison here there’s a much greater chance of them recruiting meshaguim to their cult and financing from here than in Guatemala.

  3. To philosopher… they should only be kept in that 3rd world country if they are locked up for life in a third world jail, with drug dealers, violent criminals (they’ll have what to talk about) in disgusting conditions.

  4. The accusations against them are unsubstantiated lies, and furthermore, a father, in Jewish law cannot be guilty of kidnapping as the child already belongs to him, see the prohibition against kidnapping, but referred to as “stealing” in the 10 Commandments, he cannot be accused of kidnapping as his own child already is his property from the beginning.

    There are other separate penalties for stealing, theft which are not capital offenses, only in Jewish Law.

  5. We’re talking about our Jewish brothers who have gone astray.

    Should we not daven for them to change their ways, rather than wish the worst for them?

  6. ready:

    Sorry, but you have been spewing lies on this site and others for quite some time. You are still defending a cult that has violated Torah in truly major ways, and have followed the model of Sdom and the Dor Hamabul by creating a system that permitted the most heinous aveiros. Aside from vicious victimization, the apikorsus of trimming Torah to bar anyone there from knowing that the legitimized behaviors are against Torah and all Jewish values is abhorrent. I await the imprisonment of these baalei aveiroh, and I pray that those that push these disgusting agendas should be removed from the midst of Klal Yisroel and the civilized world.

    In case you don’t know, I have interviewed a few people who are escapees from your concentration camp. Nothing you will tell me will convince me that their reports deviate from truth.

  7. to “the little I know”:
    True to your stage name you know less and less each time you post lashon hara against Lev Tahor.
    Stop trying be a rasha, for even a minute.
    You swallowed the lies. hook, line and sinker.
    Re-program your brain, do yourself a favor.
    Yes a Jewish child belongs to his/her parents, more than anyone else.

    And “in case you don’t know”, I have seen a video with one of the so-called people rejected by Lev Tahor admitting that he was rejected for refusing to follow reasonable rules as per Torah that required him from refraining from secular music and media, and he had no other complaint as he asked for re-entry to Lev Tahor.
    Of course, you can only imagine the negative effect on their whole community that would have ensued had he been re-admitted.
    But you think it nothing, don’t you?

  8. ready:

    Sorry, but you are the one full of lies. Your torah omits so much of what the Torah given on Har Sinai contains. Your cult that snips away parts of Torah shebiksav and almost all of Torah sheb’al peh is in stark violation of Lo Sigre’u. And believing that is blasphemy. I am connected with enough truth to be respected by Dayanim, Roshei Yeshivos, and Torah leaders. And my experiences with the escapees (not rejects as you degradingly label them) are indicative of trauma victims who have suffered abuse and brainwashing. If you are one of the perpetrators, I wish upon you to follow them into prison, where there is less harm you can inflict on others. And if you are a victim, you should have a refuah shelaimoh. Either way, your derech is despicable, and it is a flagrant bizayon to call it Torah.

  9. to ‘the little I know’, cut out the lashon hara, you know nothing and you repeat lies, I said people rejected by them, not “rejects”. You think so highly of yourself, well think again, if you can.

  10. Once again, You are spewing lies, accusing me and others of things that you are just guilty of yourself. My experiences are not lies, only unpleasant truths to you. The evidence collected by myself, and many others about those who escaped your cult is fact, not the fiction you create about what Torah is.

    Your version of religion that you call blasphemously Yiddishkeit or Torah is enough evidence that your cult in founded on crime, dishonesty, and deceit. There is zero credibility to you and your ilk. Go ahead, and continue your accusations and name calling against me and against the innocent victims that you and your ilk traumatized and brainwashed. I will face by Creator after 120, fearlessly. I know you will not be found anywhere close, as you have rebelled against Him whjen you push the agenda of your cult.

  11. to ‘the little I know’,

    You are not a Beis Din, you are a spewer of lashon hara that you have convinced yourself is a Torah commandment, has ve sholom.

    You are a cult member of glorifying lashon hara and worshiping it!

    Also, stop trying to foresee the future by guessing where I will be found in the future, your guessing is actually, divination, also contrary to Torah and a great aveira.

    You accuse people who teach Torah and want a Torah true community of trauma. I suppose you will now accuse the Torah of trauma to you for forbidding lashon hara, divination, listening to pop music, social media engagement and idol worship. You have already done that.

    It’s not too late to repent.

  12. Ready:

    Do you need a beis din to know whether it is daytime or night? The blasphemy of Lev Tahor is a fact, and no judiciary is needed. Victims are traumatized. Fact. Torah is both biksav and be’al peh. Fact. Pedophilia is a crime that leaves behind devastating victimization and trauma. Fact. Obsession with Zionism with all the truncating of Torah is madness. Fact. Kidnapping, lying, while pretending to be “super frum” is oxymoronic.

    Teaching Torah that has been filtered with huge portions stricken from the record is NOT teaching Torah. It is blasphemous to say that it is so. Your list of things forbidden by the Torah noticeably excludes לא תגרעו ממנו. How you shamelessly keep spewing your filth here is amazing.

    The only approach to your cult is to imprison the perpetrators, and to provide toms of therapy and deprogramming services to yuour poor innocent victims. In the meantime, stop calling your cult Jewish or connected to Torah. I expect nothing of the sort from you, since you, and Islamic terrorists consider dishonesty a virtue.

  13. Ready:

    I took my holiday. And I rethought the Lev Tahor subject. And I concluded that the cult is anti-Torah, and needs to be eradicated. I say this prepared to be moseir nefesh for the integrity and permanence of Torah shebiksav and shebe’al peh. The Taryag Mitzvos will never be tampered with. Subtracting Mitzvos is an unacceptable aveiroh. Doing all this evil and calling it frumkeit is intolerable. Klal Yisroel must never be cursed with such forces.

    Thinking further. The perps who deserve prison are also missionaries who fall under the parsha of meisis and meidiyach. Torah law calls for a death penalty that requires a Bais Din that doesn’t exist today. But nowhere does it allow such movements to be tolerated. I will allow the secular authorities to take their actions. And whatever rids Klal Yisroel of this cancer will have me cheering. I will celebrate the rescue of the victims.

    It’s not believing lashon horah. I am believing quite a few witnesses testifying. None of them was coerced, none of them bribed, and all credible. Contrast that with someone who advocates trimming the heilege Torah, like you are the rest of the supporters of this cult. Sorry, but you and the rest of your ilk have no credibility. Yell lashon horah all you like. Even the Chofetz Chaim would be intolerant of a movement that portrays a backwards and false image of Torah.

    Thanks for urging me to rethink.

  14. to”the little I know”

    You know nothing, just your lashon hara, of which you don’t profess having studied the laws and restrictions.

    Lashon hara is a huge sin. Don’t underestimate it.