Moldova Refuses Entry To Lev Tahor, Chief Rabbi Writes Urgent Letter

Chief Rabbi of Moldova HaRav Pinchas Saltzman; Lev Tahor members.

A group of Lev Tahor members tried to enter Moldova on Thursday but were refused entry into the country.

As YWN reported last week, 72 Lev Tahor members who traveled from Guatemala to Iraq were forced by local authorities to board a flight to Turkey, where they were held by Turkish authorities in a building near the Istanbul Aiport for several days. At least 30 members of the group then entered Romania, with other reports saying that all 72 members entered Romania.

The Romanian authorities apparently later changed their mind about allowing the cult members to stay in the country and they continued to Moldova, B’Chadrei Chareidim reported on Friday. However, the authorities in Moldova also refused to allow them to stay in the country and told them to return where they came from. According to the report, some of the members returned to Turkey and others are still searching for a country that will allow them entry.

In the early hours of Friday morning, the Chief Rabbi of Moldova, HaRav Pinchas Saltzman, sent an urgent letter to Moldovan President Maia Sandu requesting that she ban the entry of Lev Tahor members, explaining that Lev Tahor is a dangerous cult whose members have been indicted for terrible criminal acts. [The full letter can be read below.]

Rav Saltzman added that the presence of Lev Tahor in the country could lead to a severe increase in anti-Semitism and their entry should be banned at all costs.

Rav Mendy Chitrik, the Ashkenazi Rav of Turkey and president of the Alliance of Rabbis in Islamic Countries, told B’Chadrei: “I hope they don’t come to Turkey and instead will be sent to Israel or the US so that the children can be taken care of by welfare authorities and its leaders will be brought to justice. In any event, we have no intention of assisting them in any way.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Ready Now, the chillul Hashem is Jews kidnapping kids on Shabbos and forcing underage marriages, among other human atrocities. These are well documented and only denied by hateful people involved in the cult. Your comments only expose you as one of them, they don’t actually sway any sane members of our community. YWN has had a big part in exposing the terrible actions of the cult and their leaders, and has had no small part in keeping all of us informed with their unending, unrelenting, unbiased journalism.

  2. Rebbe Yid, he probably wrote the letter in Romanian and provided a translation for the benefit of non-Romanian speakers. When I was in Moldova 25+ years ago, all official documents were in both Romanian and Russian, but that may have changed.

  3. Ready:

    You want respect for Jewish Law. But you not only don’t have, but you reformulated Jewish Law to serve your own evil purposes.

    Slashing Torah, omitting many mitzvos, ignoring bein odom lachaveiroh, obliterating reference to Torah shebe’al peh, chilul Shabbos, kidnapping kids, lying persistently, etc. are all examples of how the religion of Lev Tahor is not Jewish Law. The Taryag Mitzvos of real Torah do not accept your editing. And trashing Torah shebe’al peh is tantamount to apikorsus. We Yidden will never accept that. Nor will any of your efforts to yell about lashon horah and the rest of your dribble accomplish anything. We, Torah true Jews reject your blashpemous derech. We want perpetrators of your apikorsus removed from our community and anywhere they can cause further wreckage. We want the victims saved, reprogrammed, and provided whatever services they need to heal from your abuse.

  4. I wonder why Ready Now his defending LT.
    Is he a believer in burkas, kidnapping, child marriage or some other of the litany of acts of Chilul HaShem that LT has perpetrated? No normal person defends them. None. They are the absolutely worst of Jewish humanity. They are child abusers and anarchists of the first order.
    The fact that they have found a defender here is sad.