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Biden’s Approval Ratings Collapse, Voters Don’t Want Him to Run in 2024

A new poll suggests that with one year to go until the midterm elections Americans are looking for a way out of the Biden administration.

A survey conducted by USA Today/Suffolk University shows Biden with a dismal approval rating of just 37.8% – the worst of the septuagenarian’s young presidency – and a disapproval rating of 59%. Forty-six percent of respondents said Biden is doing a worse job than they expected, and sixty-four percent said they don’t want Biden to run for reelection in 2024.

Vice President Kamala Harris is somehow polling even worse than Biden, gaining just a 27.8% approval rating with 51.2% disapproving of her performance.

The cratering poll numbers for both the president and vice president is seriously undermining Democratic efforts to hang onto their majorities in the House and Senate in the 2022 midterms. Historically, the party of a president with an approval rating below 50% often faces landslide losses in the midterms.

In 2017, when Trump’s approval rating stood at 37%, Republicans lost 41 House seats. In 1994, when Bill Clinton’s approval rating was 48%, Democrats lost 54 House seats.

A similar scenario could play out in next year’s midterms. The latest survey found that Republicans lead Democrats 46% to 38% on a generic congressional ballot.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


8 Responses

  1. I don’t even want him {& surely not kamala harris} in the Oval office on the nuclear buttons for even 1 more hour:- He needs to retreat immediately to his basement in Delaware. Maybe hillary can move into his Delaware basement, so that they can spend the rest of their days analyzing her 33,000 bleached emails, which would keep them so occupied, that they cannot inflict any more damage upon the United States of America.
    President Donald Trump has a lot of work cut out, in rescuing we Americans from this abyss come Noon 1/20/2025, but shall rise triumphantly to this challenge.

  2. Run in 2024? He can’t even do the job now. The only running he’s doing is to the restroom. This was always a one term presidency. Nobody thinks this guy will even make it through but we’re afraid to say it because as much as we hate him, we hate that guffawing donkey Kamala even more.

  3. This could be a disaster for the Republicans. If Biden doesn’t run (whether by choice, defeat in the primaries, or death), there is a real chance the Democrats will pick someone reasonable, and will unite behind him. The secret of Republican success has been to hope the Democrats shoot themselves in the foot (cf. Jimmy Carter in 1980, Hillary Clinton in 2016, and don’t forget the big assist from Ralph Nader in 2000). Especially after the Republicans do well in 2022, the nutcases (a.k.a. “woke” a.k.a. “progressives”) might feel sufficiently chastened (by the voters) to go for a competent, electable moderate.

  4. Who cares about 2024? What about today? He’s wrecking up the presidency by the hour. This incompetent puppet needs to be replaced.

  5. Don’t worry everyone …. When election day comes all of a sudden they’re going to find more ballots that came in… and low and behold Biden is going to win 🤫

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