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12 Syrian Jews From Brooklyn Visit Damascus

Twelve Jews from Brooklyn who left Syria decades ago recently visited Damascus with the encouragement of the Assad regime, Israel’s Kan News reported on Tuesday.

One of the visitors, who wished to remain anonymous, told Kan that the main purpose of their trip was to receive dental treatment, which is cheaper in Syria than in the US, and that their visit had no connection to political interests.

He said that they met with three Jews who still live in Damascus and were even asked to meet with senior government officials but the meeting never materialized.

He added they were warmly welcomed by Syrian locals. “Everyone understood from the way we talked that we’re Syrian Jews, everyone remembered us. We went around to all the stores. They recognized us and said: ‘Welcome, this is your country. Why aren’t you returning? Look what happened to the country, please come back.'”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Cheaper dental work? Maybe a mercedes is cheaper there. Bet that restaurant was cheaper than on Kings Highway or Deal. How kosher was it ? They miss you there. Perhaps you should stay.

  2. Americans love visiting despotic dictatorships. Wonder if they visited any of the prisons in which literally tens of thousands of prisoners were tortured to death.

    Rebmoish – LOL!

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