STUNNING: BLM Leader Who Threatened ‘Bloodshed’ Compares Police to 9/11 Terrorists [SEE THE VIDEO]


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In a stunning interview, the Black Lives Matter leader who threatened to unleash violence and “bloodshed” in New York City if Eric Adams doesn’t bow to his demands, refused to condemn riots and building burnings that have taken place after police-involved incidents.

A heated exchange between Hawk Newsome and Fox News anchor Dan Bongino took place live on-air after Bongino asked the BLM activist if he would condemn violent riots.

“No. What I’ll say is, I understand when a police officer unjustifiably kills someone, why people lash out. I understand that completely,” Newsome said. “I’m not going to condemn, nor am I going to condone it.”

“Do you condone violence, or you condemn violence? You’re all over the place. Just condemn violence and burning of buildings down. How hard is it?” Bongino shot back.

Newsome responded with a ridiculous answer, comparing police-involved shootings to the 9/11 attacks.

“OK, so when Osama bin Laden attacked the World Trade Center, did you say America should deal with it peacefully?” Newsome asked.

After some back-and-forth, Newsome cut the interview short, storming away from Bongino who was asking him sensible questions.

See the video for yourself below.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. This filthy sewer rat “Newsome” is actually the mouth piece of the the new TREASONOUS Marxist America hating DemonRat (formerly Democrat) party.
    Last summer when BLM and Antifa where burning down whole neighborhoods looting and murdering, it was with the consent and encouragement of the treasonous DemonRats,.
    Nancy Piglosi (Pelosi) even RAISED BAILFOR some of the BLM criminals.
    And what is absolutely mind boggling, is that 80% of Jews still vote for these treasonous criminal bastards

  2. Chugibugi – My brother, in order to be worthy of the bastard (mamzer) classification, the subject must be a Yid. I’ll bet my mortgage that this filthy sewer rat, worthless piece of Derek (sic) does not have a Jewish mother, and is not a ger tzedek. The act of calling him a bastard incorrectly assigns him Jewishness.

    Listening to his explicit predictions of “riots, fire, and blood”,” one might conclude that his perception of social change is that, “It takes a pillage.”

  3. Who made Newsome a shem davar? Why give this nobody any more attention he’s seeking? Yes, we all know that if this thug was a WHITE, the Biden puppet, Merrick Garland would sic the FBI after him and his family. He would’ve been arrested for hate speech and being a domestic terrorist. But alas, he’s black, so his inciteful speech is protected.

    What’s most troubling is Eric Adams insistence on gender politics:

    My commissioner in New York City, if I’m mayor, No. 1 it’s going to be a woman because it’s time to break that glass ceiling,” Adams said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

    So Eric wants to outdo the old sack of beans who’s currently occupying the White House. It must be a female. It doesn’t matter if the lady is thee most qualified for the position or not. What a reckless Mayor. He’s more concerned with being woke than he is to keeping New Yorkers safe! Affirmative action is back. I see Adams is not serious about reducing crime. All fluff.

  4. Hawk Newsome is a self proclaimed leader of an informal movement who speaks for himself. This Bongino guy wasn’t letting the man answer the questions. Who is he?