WATCH THIS: Incredible Story Of A Manhattan Car Accident And Hashgacha Pratis


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Ever used the phrase “I bumped into him by accident”? Well, this incredible story should have you questioning whether anything ever is actually “by accident.”

A 2-day kosher food expo called Kosher Fest took place recently, in which sellers of a variety of kosher foods and food-related products hawked their wares to potential buyers.

One of the people at Kosher Fest was a man by the name of Shlomo Lefkowitz. Shlomo was there to help his son sell coffee beans that he manufactured, and for two days he showcased the beans to numerous buyers searching for the next great kosher product, but to no avail.

Disappointed but not despaired, the Shlomo packed up his booth and headed home. As he prepared to drive home, he noticed that the phone they meant to use for navigation was broken. Still, he left, hoping he would figure out the way home.

Driving on the George Washington Bridge, Shlomo saw that the FDR was closed, so he took the West Side highway. For several minutes he drove, until he noticed that his vehicle was running on fumes, and he needed to fill up with gas immediately.

Looking around desperately for a gas station nearby, Shlomo took his eyes off the road for a moment, a moment during which he didn’t see the cars stopped in front of him, and he crashed straight into the bumper of the fancy car in front of him.

As EMS and the Fire Department worked on the wrecks, a woman exited the back seat of the car he had struck. She walked over to Shlomo and extended a friendly hello and inquired about what he does and where he was coming from.

Thinking the conversation was no more than small talk, Shlomo explained to her that he was coming from a trade show where he was helping his son sell his coffee beans. The woman then asked to see the coffee, so Shlomo showed them to her.

The woman took a detailed look at the coffee, smelled it, and then looked up at Shlomo.

“Do you know who I am?” she asked.

Shlomo had no idea. It turns out that this woman is one of the most popular marketers in the United States, and she works for major retailers like Walmart, Target, etc.

She tells Shlomo that she’s interested in the product and wants to get it placed in all of the stores with whom she works. And right there on the West Side highway, amid the chaos and mayhem of an accident scene, she wanted him to sign a contract making the coffee beans exclusive to her so that she can place them in those stores.

Flustered and confused, Shlomo declined to sign the contract on the spot. But the next day, the woman came to his office where they reached an agreement and signed a contract to have those coffee beans – the ones he couldn’t sell at the Kosher Fest – sold in major retail stores across America.

The next time you think you bumped into someone by chance, think again.

 (YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. This story has too many issues to be believable. One glaring issue is that the woman wanted to buy beans with out tasting the coffee made from them. Another is she probably can only advise the retailers but not sign orders for them.

  2. Huh? Oh, okay. From now on I’ll try to crash into as many people as possible. Hey, you never know. I might be able to advance my parnasa.

  3. What a Mazel!! Thanks for sharing this incredible story! It’s a Musar Haskel to see that each one of us has to pass a certain amount of Nisyonos before the situation turns around. I’m certain when everything led to this accident he said to himself: Gam Zu Letova!
    ישועת השם כהרף עין

  4. He is incredibly lucky with ladies. Not just the lady he hit on, but also his wife is a true tzadekkes and eshes chail famous for her savalnus who truly deserved this chesed from Hashem.

    How do I know? Read between the lines: this guy went out with a broken phone, forgets to fill the gas, mixes up where he is going, then takes his eyes off the road. He drives his son and helps him market a unique niche product – kosher coffee beans that is easily differentiated from all the treife coffees on the market. His son took after him – also did not have a phone, let his father drive him around, does not know that his father forgets to fill gas out. Presumably, they are as good at marketing as they are at driving. And even if a customer wants to order, their cell phones are off.

    So, obviously, someone else deserved this open miracle, and the long-suffering wife and mother of these entrepreneurs surely deserved it, while she is patiently waiting for them at home. I hesitated whether I should reveal all these details about them, but I think everyone should know about middos of this wonderful

  5. Not sure why this story brought out clowns and heretics.

    Whether or not this story actually happened, yes, Hashem can send a person their yeshua in even a very strange way.

    The take-away from this is exactly that, that you never know how Hashem chooses to send your personal yeshua, obviously not that in general you should go crashing into as many cars as possible.

  6. Seems that when a nice story comes out, some people have a hard time with it, 3 of 9 had negative things to say, 3 of 9 had positive, and the others were just having fun.
    I’m betting the 3 that have an issue with it are the same ones that complain why “no one shares good news”…

  7. SWINGS instead of saying the story never happened
    maybe do some research , this is not just a story , published anonymous! there is a person actually saying the story which his name IS yonesen schwartz and he is providing you with names to whom the story happened
    MAYBE TRY to verify the story before saying that it can’t be possible, BTW is does not have to make sense and still be TRUE! how many things happen to you in your life which don’t make sense, but are true.
    NOT GETTING INVOLVED i dont know what you don’ understand he is just stating that it was min hashmayim to make this accident, which obviously was not AN ACCIDENT.



  8. “Shlomo was there to help his son sell coffee beans that he manufactured”
    How do you “manufacture” coffee beans. They grow on trees/shrubs. Is this some type of artificial product made to taste like coffee beans?

  9. every one has to add there 2 cents and look with 1 million mega fine glasses to see what can be wrong with this story AMAZING POSITIVE PEOPLE