YWN EXCLUSIVE: Is The Drunk Driver Who Killed Liel Namdar A”H in the US ILLEGALLY?


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The driver who killed 15-year-old Liel Namdar in a horrific car crash on motzei shabbos in Woodmere was not only drunk – he was apparently not even allowed to be in the United States in the first place.

Arlin Javier Aguilera, the man driving the Dodge Ram pickup truck at high speeds along Peninsula Blvd. in Woodmere that crashed into a vehicle carrying girls returning from a camp reunion, killing one of them, had overstayed his visa limit, sources tell YWN exclusively.

Aguilera, who has been charged with second-degree vehicular manslaughter, second-degree vehicular assault and driving while intoxicated, came to the United States in 2016 from Nicaragua on a visitor’s visa, which generally allows the visa holder to stay in the US for just several months. But, despite the visa having expired, Aguilera remained in the United States, in what is referred to as an “overstay.”

Aguilera did not only have no business sitting behind the wheel of that pickup truck on motzei shabbos, he never should have been in Woodmere – or anywhere else in the US – on that fateful, tragic night.

[UPDATE: Mother In Woodmere Crash Remains In Grave Condition As Klal Yisroel Rallies In Chesed]



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  1. Gov. says law will protect people from ‘bad actors who use extortion or coercion’

    ALBANY — It is now illegal in New York to threaten to report someone’s immigration status.

    Gov. Kathy Hochul signed into law last week a bill that classifies such threats as extortion or coercion.

    “This legislation will protect New Yorkers from bad actors who use extortion or coercion due to their immigration status, and make our state safer against vile threats and intimidation,” Hochul said in a press release.

    Originally published in Albany Times Union on October 14, 2021

    So there you have it. According to our democrat Governor, Kathy Hochul, YWN is not allowed to publicize this report! This murderer must be protected. However, on the other hand, you MUST report on your neighbor who is not wearing his disposable mask or comes within your Daled Amos. Thank you privileged white democrat Governor Kathy Hochul for making sure New York continues to be Sedom.

  2. Not sure how this beheima being an illegal alien makes a difference. He was drunk and she rolled through a stop sign and together they killed a child and severely injured another one.

  3. The longer his jail sentence is, the longer he gets his lifelong dream of remaining in the United States.
    Of-course if/when his jail sentence is up, the INS shall come to pick him up from prison & deport him.

  4. YWN is becoming sicker by the day. I am “sure” that your household help, baby nurse, and gardner are all legal. I am sure that you pay payroll tax as well. Bunch of sick hypocrites politicizing anything and everything.

  5. As per previous legislative attempts (I don’t recall if they passed or not), these drivers should be allowed drivers’ licenses, because then they’ll have to have insurance, and everyone will be safer… not…

  6. Who he is and what he did is of little relevance to us Shomrei Torah Umitzvos. It is an event designed by Hakadosh Baruch HU and it could not have happened if Hashem did not want it to happen. It is a trerrible gezeira for us… and we need to instrospect, and work to impove our Emunah, Bitachon and dveykus in Hashem…. let’s not ignore the message coming from Hashem in favor of disecting the details whic are not of real consequence. Teshuva Tfillah Tzedkah….

  7. Two observations: there are many thousands of Israelis in the United States illegally. There are many mishulochim who come to the USA and depart with more than the permitted amount of currency or checks without reporting it to the IRS. The man was drunk. That was what contributed to, if not directly caused, this fateful accident, not his immigration or IRS status. The crash occurred as the Dodge Ram 1500 pickup truck was traveling north on Peninsula Boulevard and a white 2018 Audi Q5 sport utility vehicle was turning from Edward Avenue onto Peninsula Boulevard southbound. There are stop lines on Edward Avenue and traffic on Peninsular Blvd has the priority right of way. As Besael has noted, it is reported in the mainstream press that the Audi driver rolled through a stop sign. The ensuing accident caused the death of a 15 year old a child and severely injured others.

  8. Yes, keep voting for the filthy TREASONOUS America hating DemonRats (sewer rats), and this is what you’ll get, murder,mayhem, mass looting, burning ,insurrection etc, etc,

  9. As I recall Donald J Trump was President from January 20, 2017 through January 20,2021 four years during which this man overstayed his visa with no action by the Trump Administration.

  10. Authentic Judaism holds everyone responsible for their actions and we do not claim that Hashem causes evil to occur. It is man that causes evil to occur.
    In this case, the evil is being caused by Sodomite Democrats who allow criminals from all over the world to invade the US and commit atrocities.
    Comments above like “it could not have happened if Hashem did not want it to happen” are exploited by the Sodomite Democrats to defend and excuse evil.
    If there is a message from Hashem, it is that all decent Jews must disengage from the Sodomite Democrats and work to defeat their power in the US.

  11. @Jerusalem observer: The drunken murderer’s immigration status has little bearing on this case. On that that point, you are correct. However, when an operator of a vehicle is driving at an unlawful speed, they forfeit any right of way. As for reports in the media about what Miriam bas Ina Pesia Yocheved did or didn’t do at that stop sign- I have seen the video and there is nothing conclusive. Further, I just made a left turn from Edward Avenue onto Peninsula Blvd around 15 minutes ago; it is treacherous and a car driving in excess of double the speed limit (on Peninsula) is going to mash anyone making that left turn. For those that want to help: DAVEN for the cholos, Miriam bas Ina Pesia Yocheved, Chana Eliana bas Naomi and Rachel Esther bas Tamar, they should continue with their complete refuah. Additionally, donate on the chessed fund site for her, and please sign the petition on the change.org website to have a traffic light installed at that corner. Finally, make a kaballah or give some tzedakah as a z’chus for Liel Dena bas Ephraim Namdar A”H.

  12. > There are many mishulochim who come to the USA and depart with more than the permitted amount of currency or checks without reporting it to the IRS.

    How is one aveirah justifies another?

  13. clarity: first of all, all of klal yisrael should daven for the driver – she should have a refua shelema. On that point you are correct. As for her negligence, I watched her roll through the stop sign on the video. There is such a thing called comparative negligence. I hope the innocent victims and their families end up taking everything that was collected for her.

  14. chugibugi: Thanks!

    (un)Clarity: A country without a border is NOT a country.

    Changing traffic lights will have no effect on lawless foreign criminals.

    When illegal alien criminals, aided and abetted by the lawless DemocRAT Party, are invading the US and committing crime waves here, it is astounding how anyone can claim that immigration status and enforcement of immigration laws “has little bearing”.

    “Progressive” Jews who oppose immigration enforcement are in fact blatantly violating the Talmudic ruling and Shulchan Aruch ruling of “dinah d’malchusah dinah” (the law of the kingdom is law).

    The DemocRAT Party and “progressivism” cannot be made compatible with anything that can be called Torah Judaism.

  15. @Besalel, How many feet is the stop sign from that intersection? Can you tell? Is it clear in the video?
    @RightJew, you don’t take long to start with the ad-hominem attacks, do you? “A country without a border…” irrelevant tangents, much? False attribution and assumptions much? Wishing you much hatzlacha and a refuas hanefesh b’karov!