Eric Adams DECIMATES Councilmembers Over Prison Reform [VIDEO]

Mary Altaffer/AP Photo

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NYC Mayor-elect Eric Adams took a swipe at City Councilmembers who are attempting to pass legislation that would ban solitary confinement in the city’s jails.

“I am not going to be in a city where dangerous people assault innocent people, go to jail and assault more people,” Adams told reporters outside Rockefeller Center. “You cannot have a jail system where someone… assaults a staffer, slash an inmate and then say it is all right.”

Adams blasted a group of 29 councilmembers who signed a letter demanding his support for the bill, saying they’d rather be “disruptive” than move the city forward.

“There is a body of people that are coming into the City Council, they have no desire in moving our City forward,” Adams said. “Their desire is to be disruptive. What am I going to do? I’m going to ignore them. I’m going to stay committed, undistracted and I’m going to grind.”

“The mayor announced, Dec. 31 he’s going to empty out punitive segregation,” Adams said, referring to Bill de Blasio. “They better enjoy that one-day reprieve because Jan. 1, they’re going back into punitive segregation if they commit a violent act.”

“I wore a bullet proof vest for 22 years and protected the people of this city. When you do that, then you have the right to question me.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. The same people who try to ban solitary confinement for criminals are the same ideologies which are trying to enforce solitary confinement on the law abiding citizen. Saw this with the southern-border infiltrations, where there also the infiltrators were exempt from all the COVID rules while the law abiding citizens were constrained.

  2. 1. Decimate means to kill one-tenth. Killing one-tenth of the radical left in New York City would hardly be enough.

    2. The term is used, albeit incorrectly, to suggest he made the radical left look ridiculous. This has no impact since they know they are being silly, and that knowledge has impact on their behavior.

  3. The letter writers are clueless about the subject. The progressive movement is all about worshipping criminals. Let’s examine what the jail/prison system is.

    I was once told that the purpose of incarceration is to rehabilitate criminals. So I sought the research on this. The incidence of recidivism is so high that any claims of rehabilitation are basically refuted. Then someone said that incarceration punishes. I’m not that sure I understand punishment altogether. If it is to result in no more crime, then it’s a failing approach. If it is about the system getting revenge against the criminal, there is a huge philosophical issue with that. But what it does accomplish is keeping the criminal away from repeating the criminal behavior. It protects society.

    If the imprisoned criminal learns a few things about morality and society, and actually learns a new way to live, that’s wonderful. But we cannot take that bet because we will lose more often than win. I would be okay with the violent criminal suffering while locked up. But that should not be my purpose. Our Torah tells us that revenge is not a good thing. And who knows what the real punishment should be? Is it measured by months in jail, maybe years? Who really knows?

  4. “Decimates”?! Even if we take this figuratively, it would still mean that he significantly reduced their numbers. How did he do that simply by making a statement defying their demands? I think your headline writer needs to take a chill pill and a nice cup of tea, and have a bit of a lie down.

  5. The little, the Torah never says one word against revenge. It merely forbids us Jews from taking private revenge against our fellow Jews; it reserves that for Hashem and the justice system, which should take revenge for us. As for non-Jews, the Torah has no objection to us taking our own revenge against them (or, presumably to them taking just revenge against each other or against us, if we have wronged them).