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HORRIFYING: Man Fatally Breaks Neck While Jumping NYC Subway Turnstile

Jumping turnstiles to avoid paying NYC’s subway fare isn’t only illegal; it can be deadly too.

Christopher De La Cruz, 28, was pronounced dead after attempting to jump a subway turnstile at the Forest Hills-71st Avenue trains station in Queens early Sunday morning, the NY Post reports.

Footage shows De La Cruz first attempting to jump the turnstile but failing, dropping his phone in the process. He then stumbles a bit before attempting to skip his way over a second turnstile.

On his third and final attempt, the 28-year-old hoisted himself up over a turnstile, but lost his balance and came crashing down, snapping his neck, police said.

De La Cruz was pronounced dead at the scene.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)



20 Responses

  1. Maybe he was unvaccinated???? Anyone checked?
    I don’t know how much the subway fare is, but due to inflation it’s probably more expensive than some lives.

  2. Sad, true it’s illegal, but that’s definitely not the punishment he deserved for something like that.
    Too bad De Blasio isn’t Mayor anymore, he would’ve immediately made a commission to investigate the safety of turnstile jumping in NYC subways…

  3. To ON TARGET: You are, once again, off target. The article reports that somebody died. Save your awful humor for a less tragic article.

    To arizona: See my comment to ON TARGET.

  4. Many goyim, reflecting their quasi-theological belief in “Darwinism” state this sort of behavior results in an overall improvement in humanity be eliminating those who are inherently stupid. Getting oneself killed while committing crime that is worth a dollar or two??? Should we even make note of someone, even a goy, being so dumb?

  5. Both of the previous comments are crude, callous and offensive and speak of a complete lack of Jewish values such as רחמיו על כל מעשיו. They should be removed by the moderator.

  6. The cold and heartless comments above are disgusting, unfunny, and a real chillul Hashem. Special shout-out to “Akumperma” for your severe lack of empathy. This is not the Jewish way. Feh.

    May this man’s family find comfort.

  7. Sof ganav lit’liya – the end result for a thief is to be hanged. Seems to have played out here. A ben Noach is chayav misa (death penalty) for even stealing a penny.

  8. kollelman – This is not a smart thing to say. I am going to say something that will aggravate you. Before I do this person was drunk, I believe. Now onto my point. Yidden during the Nazi time were hungry, and some resorted to stealing a piece of a loaf of bread.

    If your grandparents or grand grandparents stole a piece of bread during the holocaust period, would you agree with that statement you made? If you didn’t have family living under the Nazi’s, then would your community or Rabbi agree with your statement.

  9. This is a downside of allowing anonymous comments. I presume nobody in their right mind will talk like that in person.

  10. Riots and looting coming in a few days “in solidarity” with this guy, who was murdered by greedy Amerikkka, where all transportation must be free!

  11. LemonySnicket et al. Please note that I said is the goyim’s way to speak of such death’s as “improving the gene pool”, as they said. They are the ones who believe in “Darwin awards”. We Yidden reject Darwinism (and I assume everyone on YWN is a Yid, who also rejects Darwinian theory, which sees humans as the product of their genes without free will). I too questioned, if you read the post you would see, why this story is in YWN. It is meaningless lashon ho-ra to report on someone so stupid.

  12. Tzibur hachashuv: Before you post something foolish remember this is a public forum and it’s very easy for someone to take your comments (even out of context) and use them against you or your community or another community. Not kedai.
    At the same time, those who are mourning the sudden death of a thief, while your heart is certainly in the right place, it’s important for you to know that this is not a great injustice. According to Noahide Laws, it is forbidden to steal. Transgressing one of the 7 Noahide laws is a chiyuv misa.
    I’m trying to understand why on earth YWN would post such a story if not for click bait, advertising revenue, or simply creating more sensational garbage for people to talk about. Perhaps YWN can ask itself before posting each article: in what way is this avodas Hashem to post this to a wide audience?
    To be dan l’kaf zechus, it was perhaps posted to inspire yiras H” and yiras onesh, and appreciate that sometimes the onesh is swift and full and how much tremendous rachmanus we need for every neshima v’neshima; how we should be grateful but also be fearful and fix up the blemishes in ourselves. If that will be what we get out of this then there was a toeles. If there is no toeles, then it’s just sensationalism. You can use that klal for any piece of news. Look for the toeles in avodas Hashem. If you don’t find toeles, then it’s just bittul Torah, bittul zman, and whatever other waste you wish to describe.

  13. I THINK I MUST BE DREAMING People are protesting these horrible comments! Every single yeshiva world article- there are many comments against non-jews. This is the first time people have said something against them. Yes, this guy broke the law. Guess what- there are many many Jews who cheat on their taxes- not saying non-jew don’t but saying this guy deserved his death- means all the jews who cheated on taxes should die???? These comments are just downright stupid and cruel. It’s very hard to die by jumping over one of those things- the poor guy never expected it. He wasn’t doing something dangerous- just illegal and foolish. Cheating on taxes is stealing way more money than these few dollars. Not everyone has enough money and some people have to steal to survive.

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