MONSEY BEWARE: Missionaries Targeting Frum Jews with Yiddish-Language Bibles


Missionaries are upping the ante in their attempts to lure frum Jews to Christianity, mailing Bibles translated into Yiddish to frum households in the Monsey and Spring Valley area.

In addition to being straight-out kefirah, the books come in a package that lists a shul as the sender – an outright deceptive practice to fool people into thinking that the books are from another frum Jew.

Those who received any such books should either discard of them or mail them to Beyneynu, who can use them in their counter-missionary efforts.

For more information WhatsApp Beyneynu at 917-387-4330 or email [email protected].

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. These materials won’t convert a fly. Today missionaries are a joke. They can’t even keep their own Christian youth as they are becoming atheists in mass.

  2. I don’t really understand the point of these efforts by the missionaries or these articles by the frum press. Is there a single, sane, Orthodox Jew – let alone a Yiddish speaking one- that can be tricked into believing in Jesus?

  3. To Rats
    Right, our kids will never fall for this non-sense. But they will experience a phenomenon, where normal people have old Seforim, and believe in things that really never happened.
    This will twist their young minds and start questioning, eg., was there ever such a thing as Bais Midrash Shem V’eiver where people were sitting and learning, and so on.
    Hope that answers your question.

  4. Back in the late ’70s I misspent a year in grad school at Stony Brook. The world headquarters of the Jews for You-know-who was on Stony Brook Road back then. We learned not to argue with them when they set up a table outside, as our pictures soon appeared in fund-raising appeals for the folks back in Oklahoma.

    When they had an officially sanctioned meeting in a room at the Student Union, a couple of us felt we had to see what was going on. First thing they asked us was our names. “I’m Navi Sheker.” “Yashka ben Miriam haMamzer.” “Oh–you two must be Israelis!” We soon realized that we could account for everyone there. It was a poker game with all shills and no suckers.

    If one tenth the energy spent countering missionaries were spent on chinuch, it would have a thousand times the effect.

  5. @Rats Rats DemocRATs
    Sadly I wish it were true! The fact is that today the missionaries are very successful especially in Israel. Rav Tovia Singer who has spent decades fighting missionaries moved to Israel to spearhead the anti- missionary response but he alone has acknowledged true extent of the problem. Here in The USA although its not common for the missionaries to succeed with the Chareidi community there were indeed such cases recently.
    I would not underestimate their capabilities. The best approach is to stay away from them, and especially keep your children away from them. We sadly have plenty of children who feel alienated and are especially vulnerable.
    What you claim “They can’t even keep their own Christian youth as they are becoming atheists in mass” might be true but that does not change the situation, there are still plenty of christian children staying in the fold, and they are still quite successful in their missionary work.

  6. As a general rule, any book or “sefer” mailed to your home unsolicited is most like missionary material. Don’t be fooled by the cover, packaging, return address, etc.

  7. To those who fear that how can our kids accept the real truth of Torah.
    When missionaries approach a Jew just ask them which group of the hundreds of versions of Christians they belong to. If it’s Protestant than just tell them that the Catholics who are 1.1 billion claim that the Protestants are not real Christians and they are going to hell. The Protestants born again clan believe the Catholics are fake and are going to hell. And so you have the Mormons,seventh day Adventist,the Amish,Lutherans,etc etc all believing they are the real ones. They all look up to our Torah but we don’t of course look to their so called NT. They look to our holy land Eretz yisroel but we don’t look at the Vatican as anything. They look up to our hebrew prophets but we discard their so called saints. There is so much more. Missionaries in America are a big joke. They raise funds from rich Christians under the guise of converting Jews. They built a center for three million dollars a number of years ago on Coney Island ave in Brooklyn. No one walks in there. They put up a big mezuzah. They use it as a fake fundraising gimmick telling Christians in far away states that they have a center in orthodox Jewish Brooklyn. Years ago the missionaries were a threat to reform jewish kids. Today the youth are all drawn to atheism. It’s a new era. As far as our emunah in the Torah there is tons of evidence. The other day some secular Jew asked me how can I prove the flood of Noach. I said simple. The Torah states there was hot water shooting up from below the ocean surface. No one knew about this boiling hot water till 1977. Whoever orchestrated the flood knew the secret 4100 years ago about this shooting hot water despite no submarines around even two hundred years ago. Discoveries through technology keeps proving the Divine Torah on every level. We are here. Our Torah is here. Our Land is here. Despite it all we are the chosen nation and will continue till mossiach comes.

  8. Rats Rats,
    What a brilliant argument that because there are different sects it’s not true. First, that happens in every religion. Second, as for Judaism, since Orthodox thinks Reform is wrong and Reform thinks Orthodox is wrong does that put Judaism in the same category as xtianity?

  9. “The comment by Bouncing_Yak is outright Kefirah. Are these comments moderated at all?’

    You are either terribly naive or simply don’t understand the point. Our children are taught many Torah stories from their early years in yeshiva that superficially seem to defy physical laws or scientific teachings. Beginning with berias h’olam through the mabul to keriyas yam suf (though I’m not sure about Eliyahu flying El Al during the sedorim), children are taught to believe in what goyim call the “supernatural”. The poster is simply saying that at an impressionable age, kids taught to believe in the supernatural might also believe bubba meisas about the goyishe moishiach.

  10. wow rats looks like you know very little about science if you think that science keeps proving the divine torah. The example of the mabul is the worst one to give because everything in archeology proves the opposite. No where does it say in the Torah that there were hot springs under the ocean! In fact there is nothing in the Torah anywhere that tells us of any facts that were not known at that time! Nothing in the Talmud either that was ahead of its time. So don’t be so smug.