MAILBAG: Has He Gone Too Far?


I was stunned yesterday upon seeing a video of Dr. Zev Zelenko commenting on the Covid-19 vaccines.

First, I must say that I think Dr. Zelenko did some very good things in the early days and months of the pandemic. Specifically, at a time when vaccines to protect against Covid-19 didn’t exist, he introduced a vitamin regimen that now has a mountain of evidence – albeit anecdotal – showing that it can indeed help a patient infected with the virus recover.

But over time, Dr. Z. kept going more fringe, coming out against the vaccines, which I found peculiar, but hey, we can disagree without making a kerfuffle.

But this latest video that I saw of the doctor talking about the Covid-19 vaccines really has me wondering what’s going on. (Editor’s Note: The video in question can be viewed at the end of this letter)

In the clip, Dr. Zelenko made a shocking statement: “Anyone who’s been vaccinated is no longer a human being, they’re some other species.”

I’m sorry, what? No longer a human being because they took a vaccine?

Hashem created all humans b’tzelem elokim and nothing can change that – not surgeries, not even horrific aveiros, and most certainly not vaccines.

As a former supporters of Dr. Zelenko (and someone who still thinks he did good things), I have to take this stand: we cannot allow such thoughts to even cross our mind. It is not only a chilul hashem, but is most likely outright kefirah.

Yosef Ziskind – New York

NOTE: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of YWN.



  1. Would the Rosh Yeshiva Rav Gershon Edelstein shlit”a allow such a post?
    It’s doesn’t seem to be a public Worldwide accessible You tube video.

    What happened with Lashon Hara?

  2. I think what he means is the vaccine is able to take over cells in the body and have them create spike proteins instead of doing their job. Muscle cells, heart cells, lung cells, etc.

  3. The fact that within 30 seconds of listening to this guy people couldn’t figure out that there was a mental issue here, is worrying.
    It’s also funny how you wrote “he introduced a vitamin regimen that now has a mountain of evidence” then go on to say it’s anecdotal.
    The guy was always a nut, just because you couldn’t figure it out early on is on you, not him.

  4. Short clips are a lie and a big disservice to your readership. Please post the full video so we can see it in context and decide for ourselves.

  5. he did not say this comment as a curse he said it as a fact according to his research,
    and the same way you saw that he is real doctor which he really wants to help online others you may believe that he didnt not stam ozie made that comment

  6. Dr Z is 100% correct. I actually took the vaccine about 9 months ago, ever since I took it, I started having weird encounters with aliens. I was even abducted for a while by one, I managed to escape somehow but I am at risk of being over powered again. Please Dr Z, is there any turning back or am I doomed forever?

  7. First, he did not develop anything. Just copied the ideas of a French doc, and no there actually is no data whatsoever that indicates that his “protocol” is effective at all for covid.

    He is NOT an expert in this area of science and has no business making these nonsense proclamations.

  8. without seeing the entire video, I already know what he is talking about.
    I would assume, using very little brainpower, that he is talking about the fact that the vaccine changes a person’s dna, like he mentioned in the past.
    you wrote an entire mailbag without doing research?

  9. The c19 shot has such an overwhelming volume of evidence against its safety – and efficacy, and this has been the case from way back, that anyone who actually allowed themselves to take it – absolving all liability for damages as well, is non-thinking. This is probably what Dr. Z means by ‘no longer human. It is similar to the case of someone not mentally competent – that one is also judged this way if he throws away money.

  10. To all those saying bad things about Dr. Zelenko, you simply don’t agree with him and have an axe to grind. This clip is totally out of context. If you followed all the dying at the beginning of the pandemic, he helped save thousand in Kiryas Yoel. He fought with the establishment and only a very few of his patients died. If normal protocol would have been followed you would have had thousands dead in that small town.
    People like myself all over the country used his suggestions when we got covid-19 and got better without going to the hospital. Be FAIR !!!!!!
    If you are interested in truth and not just hype, look at a recently discovered site . Read some of the articles and go to their original source. Investigate the facts and then make up your mind on the vaccines; based on the research and not hype or propaganda of EITHER side.

  11. I woke up on Mars. Trying to find out where I was I looked around and saw an Alien approach me. I was so scared but there was nothing I could do. He bent down next to me and asked, “Did you put on Tefillin today?”

  12. It is curious how many people entertain multiple alternative theories at the same time. This is not intuitive. For example, I am for lab theory, but I don’t think vaccine changes DNA. But what about people who believe, at the same time that:
    vaccines are bad; masks are dangerous; medicines that are not shown as effective are effective; medicines that are shown to be effective are not effective; vaccines have long-term unknown problems; viruses do not have long-term unknown problems, etc.

    Statistically, there is little chance that someone will do medical research in each of the issues and came up with a unpopular opinion in each of them. So, there is some underlying reason for this: distrust of government, overdosing on social media, lack of statistical, medical, and reading comprehension education, various mental problems.

  13. And when they concocted a lie on CW that’s suppose to be true. Not one accuser cane to this beis Din. Then they drove the poor guy to suicide.

  14. Dr. Z is awesome! Thanks to his courage, veracity, and commitment to the Hippocratic Oath many pple were saved. He is a kiddush Hashem to those that have a higher frequency to see his truth regardless of how he delivers it. His background experience with communist Russia perhaps was meant for this very purpose. Fearless and heart, a truly inspiring combo. Pple really need to stop fixating on the superficial to see truth.


  16. It’s better to get vaccinated from a mosquito and continue to be a human than being vaccinated by Pfizer and become a controllable robot machine. Dr. Zelenko is right.

  17. Shame on all of you! Dr. Zalenco has saved more people from death than any other Dr. during these pandemic times! His protocol is being followed by many doctors and nutritionists! It has been proven many many times over to, with the Eibishter’s help, help people prevent and recover. This protocol works not only on covid but on any virus! Does anyone out 5here have the guts to recognize that Hashem gave us tools to protect and keep our guf safe? As for the not human part, you would need to research what these mrna vacs do. They can and do alter DNA and that is playing with the design that the Ribono Shel Olam created this world with. We are not allowed to mix seeds of a plant, this is called kilayim! Do you think it’s ok to play with the DNA and design of human beings? There are lots of proof that these things are very dangerous and we have no clue what the long term effects are! But to top it all off did it help protect anyone from covid? Then what’s the purpose of this vaccine? Something to ponder!? Hey you ever take some time to think?

  18. First of all this article is obviously written by someone who is not a doctor and has no idea of what real scientists and doctors are saying.

    First of all the experimental shot is not technically a vaccine; it does have changing MRNA properties and it not a conspiracy. If you want to defend this, then research it following Fauci and the CDC and all the big tech silencing real doctors.

    Now on other hand this article is nothing but a paid slur lashon harah.

    Dr. Zelenko is one doctor trying to say humanity to fall prey of mandates of ineffective vax.

    Where is your concern for people losing their jobs due to draconian laws ?!

    Do you know that everyday vaxxed people are filling up the hospitals are not given early treatments ?!

  19. Since then, he’s compared the response of government as marking all the unvaccinated with “The mark of the beast” a Christian reference. I would give him the benefit of the doubt that he was being allegorical (with a New Testament allegory but ok) except he then said this is part of “A historical biblical narrative”. It’s only biblical if you’re Christian. I’m not claiming he’s Christian, I’m pointing out that he is an extremely unserious and clueless person, and if you believe what he claims you might just be clueless as well.

  20. When people who have never done their research bash dr zelenko , seems a bit odd. You are not the dr , and have not done your research . Do not rely on his research , just do it yourself. Just like you should do your research on any vaccine you take or give your kids . you are all capable and can see for yourself that what he is saying is 100% true. Look at what is happening to the people taking the vaccine . It’s really terrifying .

  21. He was always a quack.
    His studies was dishonest and did not show what he claimed. He got good press and most lay people wanted to believe him. This is just something that is obvious to all that he is a quack, but he was always this way .

  22. Git Meshige: Since now you’re an alien and Dr Z is human, he doesn’t speak you lingo and doesn’t understand you.
    You’ll have to wait until the vaccine wears off and then you might have a problem with your wife. You might have to marry her again Kdas Moishe V’Yisroel since, when you turned into an alien, you became un-married.
    But you’ll be able to ask that from Dr Z yourself once you return to the human species again.

  23. The “MAILBAG” section is how this site feels free to post any gibberish, L”H, garbage, etc without taking any responsibility for whatever damage ensues, by simple parroting the “views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent…”

  24. Newsflash, Yosef: he never did anything useful at any time during the pandemic. Don’t embarrass yourself by saying you were shocked.

  25. Considering when I was born, I got vaccines against Polio, Hepatitis, and so did he, I guess none of us are human beings any longer. The only real human beings left are the ones in Africa who do not have access to any of these life saving vaccines. I vote his practitioner license should be suspended immediately, and I hope that Dr. Zelenko may have read this post.

  26. To the writer, anecdotal evidence is not how we make medical decisions. His original claims were never proven in a proper study, despite many attempts.

  27. This inarticulate and dysfunctional “doctor” is not a virologist, epidemiologist, or any other certified professional with relevant expertise on covid or vaccines. He has not undertaken any “research” as he claims nor has he cited to any recognized peer reviewed research supporting his claims He has lent his name to the sale of totally unproven products and subsequently became a Trump acolyte in a bizarre effort to gain public attention for his meshugah theories and “protocols”. I’m not sure giving him any further public attention serves the interest of the Tzibur.

  28. This is pure kefirah. Trump took the vaccine. To say Trump is less than human is blasphemous. (Perhaps he is more than human) All believers in Trump must speak up and express outrage at such horrible comments about the annointed one.

  29. What’s the point of putting another Yid down? Is he harming anyone with his beliefs? He’s a cancer patient that went through a lot of pain in his life. Please leave him alone.

  30. As ydeichesed wrote, it’s surprising that it isn’t obvious to all that he meant DNA. However that works, it’s still tzelem Elokim, of course.

  31. What he means is that people triple shot are already contaminated with nano particles, graphene oxide, hydrogel, and other electro-magnetic components which will eventually have them hooked up to the central internet cloud via 5G. People will be totally monitored & controlled in every aspect of their lives, publicly and privately. Every word a person says, everywhere a person goes, everything a person does, every cough, body temperature, womens cycles etc. will be monitored. People will become robot-like and enslaved to the “Elite”. That is the end goal of the globalists New World Order, The Great Reset, The 4th Industrial Revolution, Agenda 2030 all well spelled out by the World Economic Forum which takes place annually in Davos, Switzerland. Check out their website.
    Dr. Zelenko is a Tzaddik Nistar. His protocols work almost 100% and he has saved thousands upon thousands of people around the world. Everything he predicted has been happening. He has been risking his life, livelihood, and health to get the word out to the world that this is all a war against Hashem & humanity and the only thing man should fear is G-d and not those evil demonic globalists and those who promote their agendas and spread fear via mainstream media etc.

  32. YWN, YOU have gone too far. You have become a propaganda machine for mainstream naaratives and media and big propagandists for promoting this dangerous deadly vaccine. Wonder how much $$$ your website gets paid off. You have been malshinim against our Achainu Bnei Yisroel many times over especially since the beginning of this PLANdemic by posting many negative newsfeeds. Many umos haolam read this website as well and use it at fodder against our people. You have been creating plenty Chillul Hashem. Where and who is YOUR daas Torah?

    Moderators Response: Pfizer just wired YWN $33 million, and the check from Moderna cleared a few days ago for $21.5 Million. J&J refused to pay, so we never pushed that vaccine.

  33. YWN – Please be aware that articles on this nature once again against certain individuals constitutes a severe transgression of Lashon Hara B’Farhesia which is a big sin.

    The Chofetz Chaim mentions many times in Hilchos Lashon Hara that the only way one may publicize something negative about another person is:

    1. One must be absolutely certain that the information is accurate. Either one had to have witnessed the incident himself, or he investigated the report and found it to be accurate. If one has second-hand negative information which he wishes to relate for a constructive purpose, he must make it clear that his words are based on hearsay.

    2. One must think the matter through and be sure that a wrong has actually been committed. Sometimes, what one may think is a misdeed may in fact be permitted by halachah. One must be certain that his information and his interpretation of the information are correct before the information can be related.

    3. One must first approach the wrongdoer and attempt to persuade him to rectify his behavior. For example: A storekeeper was seen cheating a customer. The first step would be to speak to the storekeeper and try to persuade him to return the money. Only after this fails should one consider informing the customer that he was cheated.

    4. One is not permitted to exaggerate in any way. This can be especially difficult in a situation where one is relating information regarding an emotional issue.

    5. One’s intention must be solely to help the person who is being victimized. If one harbors any ill will toward the subject of the report, then he is not permitted to relate it for a constructive reason. (Of course, one should make every effort to rid oneself of such ill will.) For example, for a storekeeper to tell a potential customer about his competitor’s wrongdoing would have the likely effect of drawing this customer into his own store. In that case, the discussion would be forbidden. In a case where one has constructive negative information to relate but feels that he has a personal interest in the matter, it would be advisable for him to consult a rav (rabbi).

    6. If one can effect the same result without speaking loshon hora, then he must use that option. If one wants to warn a friend not to shop in a certain store because of the proprietor’s dishonesty, and there is a way to convince him to shop elsewhere without speaking badly of the proprietor, then that option must be used.

    7. One is not allowed to convey the information if this will result in the subject suffering a greater loss than the halachah allows.

    It is time that YWN takes notice of this severe transgression of Lashon Hara, as well as other articles portraying members of Klal Yisroel on a negative light where these seven conditions have not been met prior. Perhaps a daily learning seder in Sefer Chofetz Chaim would be helpful for you staff and avoid unnecessary harm to kosher Yidden.

  34. What is the reason Yeshiva world took this short snippet and cut out all surrounding context???
    Something in there threatening your narrative?
    I don’t know what he is saying, my geuss would be he us talking about these shots (they are not vaccines, definition of vaccine has been changed since these shots came out) alter human DNA.
    He does not talk about anyone being not tzelem elokim. Don’t know why would this author decide to accuse him of that.

  35. REALLY?
    Have we stooped SO LOW?

    Pure LOSHON HORAH and perhaps MOTZEI SHEM RA
    I’m truly shocked at some of the people here including TYW.

    How is Loshon Horaah in public not as bad as abuse that everyone gets all heated about????
    Embarrassing a person is public is probably the same level as rape. (I wonder if you had the choice of being embarrassed in public forever or being abused in private what would you chose??? (Not easy to answer, yet we shame people with no problem.)

  36. dr z was a sincere & idealistic BT with the russian akshonus , satmar grabbed him & used him to do anything & everything they needed . when the dr needed them they did for him as well.
    when the whole corona started & the world was in turmoil he took a stand which helped many but in order to promote his plan , satmar got bad publicity so THEY THREW HIM UNDER THE BUS . then he unfortunately got very ill ( lerefua shleima) & had to close his practice
    then he went off the deep end but al todin es chavercho to have so many hardships back to back so the letter is right lets recognize his good past

  37. YWN Moderator: Thank you for your honesty.
    I am making my third attempt for you to post the following link because it proves that Dr. Zelenko is 100% correct:

  38. I am not commenting on the article. I am commenting on the user “Ydeichesed”. Please note that this user is not affiliated with YEDEI CHESED Inc. and his/her views DO NOT represent the opinion of the agency or anyone associated with Yedei Chesed. Additionally, he is respectfully asked to change the name as it appears in public or otherwise and refrain from using the name YEDEI CHESED or information without a written consent.

  39. kollelman wrote: “I think what he means is the vaccine is able to take over cells in the body and have them create spike proteins instead of doing their job. Muscle cells, heart cells, lung cells, etc.”

    Do you understand that this is what every virus we get sick with does? Every virus, including Covid, takes over a person’s cells. The virus enters the host’s cells and causes that cell produce more viruses, which then go and infect more cells and produce more viruses, which then infect more cells and…… The Covid vaccine only causes cells to produce pieces of the Covid virus, so the immune system can learn to recognize and destroy the actual virus which has those distinguishing pieces.

  40. Yosef Ziskind,
    Dr. Dr. Zelenko did Great things, not just ‘good.’
    The evidence for Hydroxychlorine with Zinc is NOT anecdotal. There are very many peer reviewed studies. Sounds like Yosef Ziskind was ‘bought’ by Bigpharma.
    Dr. Zelenko didn’t use ‘Vitamins.’ Mr. Ziskind is an arrogant person…Chillul HaShem.
    The evidence for Hydroxychlorine with Zinc is NOT anecdotal. There are very many peer reviewed studies.
    Obviously Mr. Ziskind loves to write, but Not think.
    Ugh, what a ‘Rasha’ you are…Kelipot
    I used to admire Yeshiva World News…now…

  41. These comments are hysterical and entertaining, but none as much as OpaOmi, a real chasid of Zelen-Q. In 2014 I would be certain it’s parody, but today we know that people mamosh claim to believe it.

    To the chochom who says they are taking his words out of context, I ask WHICH CONTEXT? There’s another clip of ZelenQ saying that “any parent who lets their child get vaccinated, in my opinion should be executed.”

  42. Boruch Hoffinger is correct.

    For anyone speaking against Dr. Zelenko- THIS IS PURELY LASHAN HARA AND MOTZEI SHEM RA.
    Many people’s lives were saved by his protocol, and the AP defaming him, is NOT making their narrative the truth. They claim he’s spreading misinformation, when these so called scientists, politicians, and media are spreading the real misinformation. And we are seeing the actual truth emerging day by day.
    The real guilty ones spreading lies like Fauci, Walensky, and their ilk will meet their downfall. Don’t get carried away with their lies. The truth will emerge.

  43. You guys are funny. Anyhow people todays days get hung up on the words that come out from a person’s mouth rather then understanding the context.

  44. TYW dropped speaking about the rasha Walder like a hot potato because some people were saying it’s loshen hora to speak about him and embarrass him and here they speak about a frum doctor that has not only not hurt anyone, but he has saved countless lives! But since he has a different opinion, perhaps some people may call it a weird opinion of covid-19 shots, it’s not problem for him to be he’s torn apart; there’s no issue of loshon hora and the great sin embarrassing people in public?! So an abuser we are supposed to hush up about but someone who has a unique way of looking at people who took the poison shots is a person who deserves to be spoken ill about… Ok, TYW I get your priorities.

  45. Okay, maybe I’m not so pro-vaccines, but this is outrageous! Just because you get a vaccine does NOT mean that you are a different person, let alone a different species! Everyone is a human, no matter what they do.

  46. To Yosef Ziskind,
    I really appreciate all your writings, but this is totally unacceptable, you need to know your limits.
    with hope you will learn the better way.