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KILLING BUSINESS: Dozens of Chase Bank NYC Branches Shuttered Due to Staffing Shortages

Banking giant Chase has closed down more than three dozen of its branches across New York City as it grapples with severe staffing shortages.

While many Chase employees have been sickened by the Omicron variant of Covid-19, not everyone thinks that’s why the branches were shuttered, with at least one blaming “prohibitive” city and state mandates that require in-person employees to be vaccinated.

“It doesn’t give business an opportunity to open the front door,” NYC Councilman Joe Borelli of Staten Island told the NY Post.

“If we want to re-populate our offices in New York, this mandate is a prohibition on many of those people coming back,” he said.

A Chase spokesman said that “a small portion” of the company’s locations in New York City would close due to the vaccine mandate and that several branches in the NYC Metro area were experiencing staffing shortages.

Chase Vice President of Regional Communications Briana Curran added: “If they are closed in NYC, it is due to the vaccine mandate.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. There are more Chase branches than Starbucks in most parts of the city so you are never more than a few blocks away, even if one is temporarily closed.

  2. the citibank branch on avenue j was also closed yesterday and the branches open have 1 teller and 1 customer service rep so you are forced to wait in a line in a mask in a crowded place for 30 minutes at times.

  3. Lakewoodbt: Most of us haven’t been inside a bank for years…even before Covid. You can do virtually all your banking online and get cash from an ATM anywhere. Unless you have some “special needs” don’t waste your time, unless you derive some perverse pleasure standing in crowded bank lobbies with a dozen of your BFFs. Perhaps in Lakewood, you can form a “bank chevrusah” and exchange divrei torah while waiting or even form a minyan for mincha but thats generally not a reason to bank in person.

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