MIDWINTER BUMMER: Freezing Weather Comes to Miami During Winter Break


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Thousands of people who are heading to Florida this weekend for the midwinter break are about to get a unwelcome surprise: freezing weather.

While the Sunshine State is well known for its warm winter weather, an Arctic chill will settle over the state this weekend, bringing temperatures as low as 38 degrees in Miami. The last time temperatures fell below 40 degrees in Miami was back in late December of 2010.

The National Weather Service said the rare cold weather will begin in earnest on Friday night, when a strong cold front will move down the Florida peninsula.

Temperatures on Shabbos won’t make it out of the 50s over most of the Miami area. Then, the real cold will hit. On motzei shabbos into Sunday, when temperatures will be near freezing.

Another cold night is expected on Sunday night into Monday morning, with near-freezing temperatures and frost possible across a wide swath of the now-ironically named Sunshine State.

Maybe everyone should have just stayed home.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. What “midwinter” break?? The kids just went back to school after their Chanukah and goiyeshe holiday winter breaks, some extended by Covid concerns. Do yidden go to school and work anymore or is work/school now considered the “new bein hazmanim between vacations??