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SICKENING: Manhattan Crossing Guard Spews Antisemitic Hate at Children and Parents

An Upper West Side crossing guard has been removed from her job at West 79th Street and Amsterdam Avenue after spewing antisemitic slurs at children and their parents.

Erica Gerson, a resident of the neighborhood, told the NY Post that the crossing guard hurled “Jew hatred” despite being “completely unprovoked.”

Gerson said the crossing spoke about “those Jewish kids” and attacked the “[expletive]” food at a nearby Jewish restaurant, and went on to tell Gerson that “now we know why there’s no peace in the Middle East.”

She said the crossing guard told another woman, “Push your Jewish kids into the street and get hit by a bus.”

The crossing guard was removed after parents filed a harassment complaint with the NYPD’s 20th Precinct and the NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force is now investigating the incidents.

“Anyone who has taken an oath to serve in the NYPD is expected to act as a role model for our children and families,” an NYPD spokesman said. “The NYPD does not tolerate discrimination in any form, particularly if it is rooted in hate speech or a bias against individuals. While the matter in question has remained under active internal investigation since the moment the Department was made aware of the allegations, the crossing guard in question was moved from that post pending the outcome of the investigation.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. In the good old days (circa late 60s to mid 70s) we the JDL took matters into our own hands, this crossing guard would have gotten a beating he or she would remember for life.
    The same thing was in Williamsburg, if some low life commited a crime, they didnt bother calling the Police , they just beat him to a inch of his life and called either the EMS or Sanitation dept. to haul away the garbage.
    Unfortunately here in NYC under this criminaly insane DemonRat administration, even armed robbery is not considered a felony anymore, unfortunately the only way we will be able to protect ourselves and our community is by vigilantism.
    By the way , the handwriting on the wall for us Jews is” pack your bags and go home to your God given land”

  2. Hey there Chugibugi; please do not advise use of physical reaction lest the unhinged let loose a rampage against our people. Just look at the Shimon Hatzaddik/Sheik Jarra footage. It’s becoming more and more frequent in America’s cities. Brooklyn & Baltimore for example!

  3. @Chugibugi – Totally agree that the JDL knew the right way to take care of things. However I don’t see how it’s ok to beat someone up because of their speech. As far as we know, this creep hasn’t physically harmed anyone.

  4. We don’t need these JDL fantasies. Violence begets violence. You are free to start your own religion and commit violence in the name of that, but leave us out of this.

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