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Lev Tahor Spotted Fundraising in Crown Heights

Uriel Goldman, a prominent member of the Lev Tahor cult, has been spotted knocking on doors in Brooklyn to fundraise for the organization.

Goldman, who is a member of the so-called Lev Tahor “hanhala” and who serves as their spokesman, was recognized by a woman in Crown Heights, who phoned Crown Heights Shomrim to warn them of Goldman’s presence.

Goldman has reportedly been residing in Boro Park for the last few months as he attempts to raise money for the group as many of its leaders sit in prison for their inhumane crimes, including kidnapping and child abuse.

According to multiple people who Goldman asked for donations, he claims that the group doesn’t have money for even the basic necessities – despite the group having recently had the funds to buy dozens of plane tickets in an attempt to get the group to Iran.

Do not give “tzedakah” or any form of assistance to Uriel Goldman.



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14 Responses

  1. His photo should be posted with this warning in every shul, just as America’s Most Wanted are displayed in every post office.

  2. Do you have a current photo of him?

    How does he dress when he goes around? Is he going around with a helper?

    I might have seen him this morning in a shul in a different part of NYC. Could it be he is going around without a hat? I thought it was strange that these two chasideshe looking guys came into a shul collecting with no hats. Looked a little like the guy pictured in this article.

  3. Are the yidden of Crown Heights that stupid that they would even consider giving a dime to this pervert? With all the press coverage, even the least well-informed yid would recognize the name and photo and perhaps splash some vile liquid in his face before slamming the door on him.

  4. Driver whos taking to collect to any crazy person of lev tahor in our jewish communities should be Banned !!!
    be aware from all kind Fundraisers around NY shulom mendelovicz , shmuel zionce , ruven teller and many more all of them moving in BP, monroe , flatbush , lakewood , monsey etc

  5. Driver whos taking to collect to any crazy person of them in our jewish communities should be Banned !!!
    all of them moving in BP, monroe , flatbush , lakewood , monsey etc

  6. Yiddish:
    What you are writing is ridiculous…
    Do your research and come back…
    I understand you are a chassid of Rav Shaul Shlit”a (I respect him greatly myself), but understand that any kehilla where a hired employee rebels against their Rav, Rosh Yeshiva etc. (especially when the leader gave the leadership away to the employees father) can’t be tolerated.

  7. The second person in the video number 2 is a poor convert through lev tahor currently his mother is looking for him his real name is Yashua Miranda his family’s lives in Chicago be aware all of them wearing stranger clothes to not be detected…

  8. Ish Hashalom
    Not discussing that issue at all

    The issue is why when lev tahor kidnappers kids everyone goes ballistic and when gur does it everyone is silent ?

    Is kidnapping evil or is it only when people wearing weird clothes do it ?

  9. Excuse my ignorance, what did Uriel Goldman do that is so terrible? I am a journalist, and would like to interview him, how can I contact him?

  10. Anybody that supports them should be banned from there community!!!
    This guys should all be in jail they are horrible people they ruin peoples lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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