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WATCH: Ukrainian Anti-Semite Starts Up With The Wrong Chassid

A Ukrainian refugee in Antwerp began accosting Chassidim on Friday night, shouting aggressive anti-Semitic comments at them.

One chassid, who is a Shomrim volunteer, decided to take action and tackled the man to the ground, holding him down with the help of other chassidim until the police arrived.

A video of the incident was taken by a non-Jew in a nearby apartment, who – judging by the laughter heard in the video – was quite amused by the turn of the events.

The refugee was arrested by the police. According to a B’Chadrei Chareidim report, the refugee is not the only Ukrainian anti-Semitic refugee accosting Jews in Antwerp in recent weeks.

One Shomrim volunteer told B’Chadrei: “We caught several of them stealing bikes, breaking into apartments, and threatening Jews on the streets. So we decided to put an end to it. We’re coordinating with the police and reporting every incident. We hope they arrest every Ukrainian who thinks he arrived at a jungle.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

17 Responses

  1. Putin was right. Antisemitism is rampant in Ukraine. Today just as hundreds of years ago when the Ukrainians committed Tach V’Tat.

  2. And never forget Ukrainian collaboration with the Nazis to kill Jews in Ukraine. Today’s Ukrainians honor those Ukrainian Nazis as heroes.

  3. And THAT’S why I’m not shedding too many tears for Ukraine.
    The ONLY thing that should concern us, is that sociopath Putin won’t stop there!

  4. The tiger doesn’t change its spots! The same anti-semites as during, before and after the holocaust.
    I dread to think how this will develop with the influx of 10s of thousands Ukrainian refugees to our countries – just a reminder we are in Golus.

  5. reply to UJM

    not only ukrainenes but Good old (Roosvelt) americans ….

    have mercy for these basdtars yms (zelensky)
    hang them all (sorry)

  6. To those few comments that were bashing the Ukrainians:
    1. There are thousands of Jewish people living in Ukraine.
    2. Thousands and thousands of Ukrainians were helping the Jewish people.
    3. When a person gets killed, we are not allowed to be happy. At Krias Yam Suf we were not allowed to say Shirah.
    4. When such sick comments go viral, it will backfire and it can cause more death more death and more death.
    When I say more death, I mean even right here in America.
    Recently on the news, there are Ukrainians in Antwerp causing many issues and problems to the Yidden there.
    Please comment with common sense.

  7. To steinj: Were you apologizing for your spelling?

    To DavidtheKanoli: Tigers have spots?

    But seriously, folks, yeshivas should consider teaching self-defense, with the time they don’t waist on math and English.

  8. steinj: Roosevelt was a rasha and is getting his due in gehenom for failing to save the Yidden he could have. But you can’t compare that to the Ukrainian Nazis who actually killed Yidden with their own hands. Or the Ukrainians who committed Tach V’Tat 300 years ago that we still mourn today.

  9. I think these ppl in the house dared the green shirt to start up….
    makes the most sense/…

  10. As an Antwerpian I can understand the background of this video. The guys filming are using Arab and Flemish words, probably Moroccans. They are happy about the fact that the Jewish guy takes down this rabid Ukrainian neonazi. He says “Yeah! these Jews are taking care of this guy!” And they laugh

    It’s good to see the Arabs are also fed up with the Ukrainian refugee violence. These Ukrainians are simply running away because their country is being de-nezified right now

  11. Avraham, what you write is directly against the Torah.

    What do you mean, we were not allowed to say shira? On the contrary, we did say shira, and Hashem was delighted about it, and put our shira in the Torah so that we should learn from that example. Why do you think we repeat that shira every single day, if it was somehow against Hashem’s will? Do you think we are flaunting our disobedience, rachmono litzlan?!

    The gemara could not be more explicit: When resha’im are killed, Hashem does not rejoice, BUT HE WANTS OTHERS TO REJOICE. הוא אינו שש אבל אחרים משיש. He told the ANGELS not to sing, because they are merely extensions of Him, and reflect His mood, and He was not happy. But we are higher than angels, and Hashem explicitly told us to sing when Resha’im are destroyed. באבוד רשעים רינה. To deny that is kefira.

  12. Avraham, Being מרחם on רשעים is frowned upon by חז”ל. In addition the Yidden absolutely did sing שירה על הים, it was to the מלאכים that ד said …מעשה ידי טבעו בים

  13. We were not allowed to sing Shira right away.
    Tם Milhouse:
    Your terminology is extremely powerful. If you are married, please use softer and more gentle wording with your spouse in order to merit a happy marriage and a healthy heart.
    To Chaya13:
    I see you chose your words very carefully. May the Almighty shower on you and your entire family lots of good health lots of success and lots of happiness.
    After seeing both of your comments, I did do a lot of research on this subject.
    No. 1: I purposely wrote my comment in a certain way, due to the fact that we are in Galus and the non-Jews have access to our comments and I don’t want them to get angry.
    2. Both of you were right according to certain Midrashim. I actually found a Rashi, the last Rashi in Parshas Shelach, it says that we have 8 strings in each one of the 4 Tzizis, due to the fact that Klal Yisroel waited 8 days until they finally said Shira.
    One Midrash wrote very clearly that while the Egyptians were in the middle of drowning, Hashem did not want to hear Shira from anyone (angels & human beings). After they all drowned completely, that becomes a different story.
    Thank you for getting me to do more research.
    Let us never forget, that the generation of Achav, they went into battle and everyone returned safely home.
    They all got along with each other, in that merit Hashem took care of all of Klal Yisroel. For many many years no one got hurt.

  14. @avraham
    While there may be an opinion along the lines of what you are quoting, the majority certainly is not that way. There is also a difference in the singing of Shira and the simcha of a sonei yisroel being destroyed.

    There is a concept of “b’avod reshaim rina”. Go see the medrash of Mordechai Hatzadik and his conversion with Haman on the matter.

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