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GETTING CLOSE: Ron DeSantis Quickly Gaining Ground Against Trump in 2024 Matchups

A new national poll has found that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a rising conservative superstar, is now in a close race with former President Donald Trump for the 2024 presidential nomination.

When asked, “Who would you rather see as the Republican nominee for President in 2024?” respondents to the Yahoo News/YouGov poll were split between the two, with 45% choosing Trump and 36% taking DeSantis. The 9-point difference between the two is the closest anyone has come yet to overtaking Trump for the 2024 nomination.

In previous Yahoo News/YouGov polls taken in January and February, DeSantis trailed Trump by 23 points and 16 points, respectively, indicating that the Florida governor is gradually closing the gap between himself and the former president.

While neither Trump nor DeSantis have officially announced their intent to run for president in 2024, a fiery head-to-head matchup is expected between the two for the Republican nomination.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. If it gets any closer, watch Trump announce his candidacy BEFORE the midterm elections in November. He cannot stand the status quo where he is getting trashed daily by the January 6th Committee and having DeSantis, Pence et. al running around getting a lot of positive press coverage as the MAGA candidate w/o all the Trumpian garbage

  2. maybe desantis can take trump as running mate for VP. then trump can go to riots without being cleared by such high standard security and getting into fights with secret service and fake news will leave him alone. he’ll also have more time to tweet his genious ideas on truth social and also advise desantis on everything all behind the scenes. what does the oilam think?

  3. I do not believe Trump will run in 2024.

    With each passing day, people like DeSantis are building their resumes, while all Donald has to offer is a past grievance.

    With time, his power will continue to be eroded, while DeSantis continues to demonstrate conservative (or at least conservative-friendly) leadership in real time.

    By the time primary season begins, Trump will not feel confident enough in winning the nomination for his ego to allow him to take the chance of losing.

  4. Let’s see, they both have more or less the same values but one went to Yale and then afterwards to Harvard. Same one served in the marines and had a .350 batting average for his college baseball team. The other one can’t spell and had the middos of a mamzer from a divorced family. How is this close?

  5. The major difference is that a Trump-led ticket has a serious probability of 2025 seeing a Democratic president and Democratic control of both houses of Congress, whereas a Trump-endorsed ticket would probably lead to Republican president with Republican control of Congress. In one scenario, Trump ends up being prosecuted in a kangaroo court (note: this is not to disparage marsupials, it’s a saying for a court that ignores due process) for having launched a non-existent “coup” in 2021, and in the other he is a respected senior statesman and kingmaker

  6. Akuperma, Who is a respected senior stateman? I honestly can’t think of anyone that fits that description who is currently involved in politics from either party.

  7. Trump’s virtue for the anti-Trumpers of all parties is that he is an incompetent nitwit and cannot implement what he says he wants to do. As far as I know, DeSantis has the ability to do what he says he wants to do.

  8. “The other one can’t spell and had the middos of a mamzer from a divorced family….”

    Strange. I know you are a big Trump fan but you don’t have anything negative to say about him?? You left out so many of his midos, I don’t know where to start….racist, misogynistic, bully, narcissistic, etc. etc.

  9. Gadolhadora: its funny you use the term “fan.” The Jewish Democrats I know are true “fans” of the party – meaning they will support the Democrat no matter how awful that Democrat may be – and they will hate the Republican no matter how good that Republican may be. Fans to the true sense of the word and therefore beyond reason.

    As for me, yes, I have and continue to view Trump’s presidency favorably but that does not mean I am blind to his middos. I voted based on who I thought may have been best for the country and the Jews (not necessarily in that order). The passage of time has validated my concerns on the former and the jury is still out on the latter.

    As for specifics, I do not believe Trump is a racist as there is no evidence to support that. He is clearly a narcissist (like Bill Clinton was) and Trump may be xenophobic but a racist? I don’t see it.

    My dream ticket? DeSantis/Haley. But of course if Trump is nominated and is running against Biden, I will support Trump, warts and all.

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