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Cellphone, Wi-Fi Service Expanding Across NYC Subway System

New York City’s sprawling subway system will be fully wired for cellphone and Wi-Fi service within about 10 years under a plan approved by transit officials this week.

Riders will be able to use their phones throughout the 418 miles of subway tunnels under the plan approved by Metropolitan Transportation Authority board members Wednesday.

The $600 million project will be built by Transit Wireless, the telecommunications company that already provides cellphone service in the city’s 281 underground subway stations.

Subway riders can now use their phones to text, call or access the internet at underground stations but usually lose service once the train starts moving. Transit Wireless plans to expand service to trains in the tunnels and also to the system’s 191 aboveground stations and to 21 Staten Island Railway stations.

“Bringing cell connectivity to the tunnels between stations and Wi-Fi to above-ground stations is a major step forward in enhancing transit riders’ experience,” MTA Chair and CEO Janno Lieber said in a statement.


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  1. Paris Metro & Hong Kong Metro have already had cell phone connection in tunnel for several years.
    Meanwhile London Underground still now doesn’t even have cell phone connection on platform.

  2. Stating that ‘the subway system will be fully wired for cellphone and WiFi service’ is a theatrical misnomer. Rather, it is that the subway system is unfortunately having wireless equipment added to it that irradiates everything around it – similar to a microwave oven!

    EMF signals from base level 5G are 10 times as powerful as 4G (LTE), and can penetrate everything short of lead. This includes human blood cells and bone, which become depleted of moisture and even oxygen. This leaves many cells to malfunction, die off, and regenerate with deformities.

    The rule of thumb offered by those who feel (perhaps ‘recognize’ is a better term) that EMF radiation is not safe, is that it takes the average adult person two days to rid itself of cell waste created by every minute that a cellphone is used directly against the head (or without a holster near other parts of the body).

    Many municipalities and educational departments in France, other parts of Europe, and actually many other various places as well, are tearing out WiFi infrastructure and replacing it with fiber-optic, which is a wired solution.

    There is also a lawsuit demanding the government provide ‘wired’ access in public places under the Disability Act rather than WiFi or other wireless. There is research that shows about one-third of the US population currently has EMF sensitivities.

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