WATCH YOUR BACK: Infamous “Knockout Game” is Making a Comeback in NYC


The infamous “knockout game,” in which mentally twisted people would approach random strangers and slug them in the face or back of the head is making a comeback, experts are warning.

Following four recent such unprovoked attacks on New Yorkers, public safety officials are worried the insidious incidents are becoming popular again in New York City nearly a decade after a spate of sucker-punch attacks in 2013.

“Knock-out games are back. The attack on New Yorkers is very real. We have to keep our heads on a swivel,” retired NYPD Detective and Criminal Justice professor Michael Alcazar told the NY Post.

“It’s not only the mentally ill who are committing these assaults. There are individuals who are angry, bored and brazen, who know they are not going to be prosecuted,” he said.

Current law enforcement officials say that the reformed bail laws are certainly playing a role in the rising number of sickening attacks.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a game or not. It’s just the way the streets are now. Perps think they can get away with anything, and most of the time they’re right. We arrest them and they get right back out,” a veteran Brooklyn cop said.

Former NYC Police Commissioner Bill Bratton also pointed an accusing finger at the current criminal law climate.

“If the person is mentally ill, they go in for observation and they let them out, and if they are not mentally ill, they let them out even more quickly,” Bratton said. “There’s no consistency of punishment or consistency of treatment for the people who engage in this activity.

“What I worry about is the copycat issue. People see it, see that nothing happens to the people who are doing it, and may be tempted to do it.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. No need to be concerned. We have a black affermative action Mayor, Eric Adams. We have an affermative action black female police commissioner, the no show, Keechant Sewell. If you’re nervous, you’re a racist.

  2. Rav Avigdor Miller z”l was 100% correct. The Emancipation Proclamation was a monumental mistake. It would’ve taken another fifty years or more of slavery to teach these bushmen how to act in Western society. Instead, today they are a malignant plague on society. Fatherless homes, drugs, no fear of the law. Imagine our major cities without Afrikans. Walking the streets would be so safe, with no need to keep your head on a swivel. Why should white people be forced to live like this?

  3. @arizona
    The Emancipation Proclamation was no mistake. You must mean the “civil rights” movement which took place 100 years later.

  4. Arizona,
    Did you ever consider it’s the other way around & they are like they are due to the brutality of Slavery?
    How would you turn out if instead of being able to step up like a man you’re treated like a child? Instead of having the freedom to choose your own path in life you’re told when, where, what to be (sometimes even told who to have kids with)?
    Did you ever consider the “Fatherless Culture” comes from Father’s and Sons being sold away from each other never to see each other again? Did you ever consider the children grew up without fathers because the father was the Slave owner but they refused to admit it?
    Can you say with certainty if you were an American slave that you wouldn’t numb your misery with Drugs &/or Alcohol?
    How would you cope knowing it’s illegal for you or your kids to be taught to read so you could progress in life?
    With all due Kavod to R’ Miller it seems he was either unaware of the reality of Slavery or didn’t understand the consequences of living as a Black Slave in America.

  5. I must object to the comment by “arizona”. Besides being inappropriate and not belonging here, it is way off the mark. There is no shortage of white criminals, or criminals of other races. As Rav Yaakov Kamenetsky zt”l pointed out, Hitler, ימח שמו וזכרו, was not a black man. Nor was Khmelnytsky, Stalin, Titus, Nevuchadnezzar, Amalek, Haman, and so many others down the line through the generations.

  6. @Arizona – you’re undercutting it.
    ארור כנען, עבד עבדים יהי’ לאחיו. Kena’an was cursed to always be a slave. That means that no matter what, the slave mentality will be there. Emancipation or not – the decedents of Kena’an and Kush will always remain slaves (in their minds). And as חז”ל teach us: עבדא בהפקירא ניחא לי’ה – a slave will always seek to throw off the yoke and run wild. That means that even in times when מוראה של מלכות is strong, and criminals are brought to justice, the slave mentality will still cause them to break the law and see if they can get away with it. When the rule of law has been tossed out and איש הישר בעניו יעשה – they will rise with even more impunity and chaos will ensue.

    The long reign of the US as the major empire of the world is swiftly drawing to a close. All great empires endured until they abandoned morality and law and order. Then their downfall was swift.

  7. Because evil US hegemony is again forcing Israel to submission to Iran ayatollahs’ nuclear weapons knock out deal and US Jews are b’ sheket.

  8. That’s right, all critics of my post. You tell yourself that the poor, misbegotten Neanderthal who’s cracking your head open on the sidewalks of NYC is a victim of slavery. It matters not that slavery ended more than a century before your Jew hating assailant was even born. But you’ve got to be politically correct and uber liberal. Keep thinking those warm and fuzzy thoughts while your body fluids are running into a NYC gutter.