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MORE VIDEOS: NY State Assemblyman, NYC Employees, Random People All Rip Down Zeldin Signs In Desperation

YWN has already published numerous videos of impersonating NYC employees ripping down Lee Zeldin for Governor signs all over Jewish communities in NYC. But now YWN has footage of NYC employees as well as a New York State Assemblyman doing the same.

If this isn’t a sign of utter desperation, we don’t know what is.

The first video below is New York State Assemblyman Peter Abbate, Jr, who was caught red-handed tearing down Lee Zeldin signs in Bensonhurst Brooklyn. The Assemblyman made special mention of the “disgrace in Boro Park at how many signs there are over there.”

The next video is a New York City Sanitation employee driving down Avenue N near Nostrand Avenue, stopping his car, and yanking a sign from in front of a private home.

The final video is on Avenue M in Midwood, Brooklyn, where a man walks down the street and rips a Zeldin sign off private property. What’s interesting in this video is the man can be seen looking at a paper in his hand before tearing the sign down. It would seem that he was armed with a list of addresses of locations / addresses where signs are hanging.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. rip them down…..Zeldin isn’t my pick ……when a Jew and a Mormon marry they don’t get kuddos of joy…..shame and embarrassment….Zeldin….you can’t do anything that would count.

  2. Sorry Sara Rifka, but just bc you and I don’t approve of his lifestyle, it doesn’t legitimize stifling people’s free speech.

  3. You are so correct, Hocal is the best is may even convert if it helps. Freedom is going to be valued. Looking forward to her vehicle free streets with free public transportation. More freebies in the making.

    We are going to be switching to electric power in order to save the climate. In ten years the goal is to ban natural gas in New York and use electric power if available. California has power blackouts. New York is going to invest in solar and windmills. Yaya, aren’t we all looking forward to this. No more climate change. We won’t need to move to Florida. Great Vote we need to hear the voices of all undocumented citizens.

  4. To Sara Rifka,

    So you’d rather have a governor who promotes every depraved immoral and criminal behavior, and who puts our physical and spiritual well-being at risk?

  5. Why is this even a report? It happens every election. I don’t think anyone makes a decision on who to vote for just because they see a sign.

  6. Even if, for the sake of argument, the signs are posted illegally, what I don’t understand is why there are no complaints that (apparently) these people are “taking the law into their own hands”, and committing “vigilantism”. If these have a complaint, don’t they have tp report it to the authorities and let them handle it? And seeing as (apparently) these people are not authorized to take down the signs, then what do they do with these signs after taking them – did they return them to their owner?

  7. I believe the tearing down political signs is a crime punishable by serious jail time.
    However, in that particular lawless state there’s nobody to enforce that.

  8. abbate is the unions man, he chairs the labor committee and prevents anything that might make government more productive the union labor folks aka Dept. of sanitation are all afraid what will be with Zeldin.

  9. Were the signs on public property (likely illegal) – or on private property and if on private property such as a front lawn why would they be illegal?

  10. rt: because we know Democrats are very into preventing the breaking of the law, after all its not like they invaded the country and walked across an international border.

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