OUT OF CONTROL: Armed Group Steals USPS Cart From Mailman In Flatbush in Broad Daylight [SEE SHOCKING VIDEO]


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A group of criminals carried out a brazen armed robbery of USPS mail in the heart of the Flatbush Jewish community on Thursday, threatening a mailman with a firearm in the process.

The incident occurred at approximate 2:30PM on E. 24th Street between Avenue S and T, and began with two suspects approaching and then grabbing a mail cart on a sidewalk, fending off the mailman’s attempts to stop them, with one of them brandishing a firearm.

A third suspect was in a rented van, to which the first two suspects brought the mail cart and then fled.

Crime has been out of control in New York City for a long time, but this robbery is brazen, with the thieves feeling comfortable enough to strong-arm a federal employee on a public street in broad daylight.

Flatbush Shomrim and the NYPD are now investigating and searching for the audacious criminals.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Thank you to our “first” female Governor elect Hochul. Thank you to our first African American female attorney general Letitia James. We know that by going after former President Trump’s personal tax returns dating back to 1978, you are keeping us all safe. We sleep comfortably at night knowing that you’re monitoring middle class white domestic terrorist males.

  2. When the USPS still belonged to the US government, stealing US mail was a major federal crime and the FBI would have had to get involved.

    I think that it may have lost that status in the reorganization of the early 70’s.

  3. This is what happens when evil dmocRATS steal elections with broken machines at polling stations in Republican neighborhoods.
    President Donald Trump שליט”א isn’t the issue. Stupid idiots voting for latitia james & hochul ימח שמם וזכרונם are the problem, and yes, there are consequences to baseless hatred against the wonderful Republicans.

  4. Hochul’s building quarantine detention camps, while criminals are “going postal” .

    You gotta to be pretty dumb to commit a federal crime using a 19.95 U-Haul truck with a Geo-sat tracker.

  5. > zurich

    An internet search gives information from law web sites stating things like:

    > But is mail theft considered a federal crime? In short, yes. The United States Postal Service is a federal agency.

    > You cannot steal from a mail carrier or delivery person,