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State Approves Helen Hayes Hospital to Open Clinic in New Square

refua.jpgThe Journal News reports: The NY State Department of Health has approved a plan for Helen Hayes Hospital to open an outpatient rehabilitation clinic in the Refuah Health Center, according to state documents.

The new clinic will cost $119,726, according to the state.

Helen Hayes, a state-run rehabilitation center in West Haverstraw, will offer physical and occupational therapy to patients who need those services at the New Square clinic.

The new clinic is scheduled to open sometime after the first of the year, she said.

It will be staffed by physical therapists and occupational therapists from Helen Hayes. The center will probably hire new workers to fill the positions.

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  1. with the first orthodox cops coming from rockland it wouldnt surprise me that some religious women will become registered therapists at this center ,also.i think its a good move.

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