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WATCH: Zelensky In Hebrew: “Chanukah Sameach: Ukraine’s Few Will Also Win Over The Many”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Monday issued a Chanukah greeting to Ukrainian Jews and Jews around the world.

“I bless the Jewish community in Ukraine and all the Jews in the world with a happy Chanukah,” Zelensky said.

“A few were victorious over many, the light won over the darkness – so it will be this time.”

“Chag Chanukah Sameach,” he said in Hebrew. “Glory to Ukraine!”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

14 Responses

  1. Ukraines antisemites should get wiped off the face of the earth with that shoteh zelensky, I hope Russia gives them what they deserve.

  2. Ukraine few are a bunch of evil wicked scum. They will soon be no few left and they will get what they deserve for being evil to their Jewish neighbors

  3. You are all being idiot. Today Ukraine people is not the Ukraine of WW-II. Ukraine is welcome Jews from over the world for many years and don’t say only for the little money in uman but in many cities. maybe this is reason God now helping them to fight the larger enemy just like Hanukah story.

  4. in this war we are not to support Russia, you idiots

    they have deployed extremely antisemitic islamic Chechen mercenaries to fight on their side

    and they are allied with Iran

  5. Zelensky is a lowlife Intermarried dog. His kids are goyim. His wife is a goy. He is thee quintessential Yevoni. This dictator bum is the opposite of Chanukah.

  6. In regards to the few victorious over the many….that’s hard to say when you literally have the entire western world supporting you.

    I don’t want anything G-d forbid to happen to Z but he is being baited into to the stupidest situation I have seen in my lifetime. It would be courageous if he gave up at this point.

  7. it is time for Ukraine to negotiate with Russia, the US cannot continue giving billions to this corrupt country (remember Burisma?), ukraine votes with Iran against Israel all the time.

  8. Only things is:
    Ukraine is NOT the minority here!
    They are being backed by the entire world. Russia is the isolated one, if anything

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