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Mike Pompeo: I’m Not Afraid of Running Against Trump in 2024 [SEE THE VIDEO]

Mike Pompeo made clear during a Fox News interview that he is not concerned about running against Donald Trump in the 2024 primaries, as the former secretary of state lays the groundwork for a presidential run.

Pompeo was on Neil Cavuto’s program to discuss Trump and Biden’s documents scandals and debt hike talks when the host asked, “In the meantime, you’re running for president, aren’t you?”

“Good, Neil. Yeah. Nice try. Yeah, I like that. I like that little passive-aggressive. Perfect. We’re doing all the things that one would do to get to get ready. But we’re, we’re still trying to figure our way through it. We don’t have anything to announce today,” replied a smiling Pompeo.

Would it be impacted at all by Donald Trump?” Cavuto asked. “I mean, he is running. He’s the only announced candidate. You know, you worked with him. And obviously he has said of Ron DeSantis, of course, if he runs it, it’s to paraphrase, it would be a little disloyal. He’s done a lot for them. Do you feel that way?”

“Oh, goodness no,” replied Pompeo. “Well, I was incredibly loyal to America and to the work that President Trump wanted done. The American people will decide who the next Republican nominee is, and anybody who throws their hat in the ring has the responsibility to go out, compete, make their case, make the arguments to the people of Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. And let the American people sort through who they think got to lead this country forward.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

6 Responses

  1. He should be very afraid. It is highly unlikely that Trump would win as the nominee (unless the Democrats self-destruct), but anyone who defeats Trump in the primaries/convention is highly unlikely to win the election since Trump’s base won’t support him a candidate who defeated Trump. The Republican path to victory requires not only convincing Trump to withdraw before the primaries, but to choose an electable candidate (one able to appeal to a broad base of American voters) while convincing Trump that said candidate is “his” choice so that his base will join with the rest of the party in winning the general election (which is the only one that matters).

  2. Akuperma’s cogent political analysis is correct. Now, if only there was some way of convincing Biden to also seek a well-deserved retirement in Florida. The Republicans have some decent alternatives whereas the Democratic bench is a bit thin with lots of talented young leaders but few have much name recognition.

  3. Gadolinium hador I read your comments all over this website (is it your job?) and wonder why you let every liberal live rent-free in your head. Please find your self esteem

  4. Pompeo, Pence, Cruz, & DeSantis would make great Republican candidates. Stay away from Liberal Rino’s like Haley & Christie.

  5. Trump won more votes than any Republican. He won more Hispanic and black votes. If he sticks to his accomplishments he will win again. Actions of 4 years in office speak louder than words! We just have to be at Dems at cheating in elections!

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