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WATCH: Longtime Trump Lawyer Says Former President Would Sell Classified Info for “A Can of Tuna”

Former President Donald Trump’s longtime lawyer and hatchet man Michael Cohen said he’s sure that his former boss is getting closer to being indicted and that he would likely sell classified information if that happens.

“Donald will be indicted. Whether or not he ends up going to prison is whole other story. There could be, based upon the fact that he’s a former president of the United States — it may not be a prison environment that he can ultimately get sentenced to, but rather a very strict home confinement scenario,” Cohen said on MSNBC.

“Let’s not forget that for four years, despite the fact that he’s really a very dumb person and does not have a great recollection or memory, nevertheless for four years he still classified briefings, national security classified briefings. And if you think Donald wouldn’t sell any of that information, maybe he’s already done so, but if you think he would not sell it for a can of tuna or a package of stamps, you would be inaccurate. So I think for national security’s sake, I think they would put him in a very strict home confinement scenario.”

Despite Cohen’s stated belief that Trump will be indicted, President Joe Biden’s own classified documents scandal – and its possible connection to his son Hunter’s business dealings – make it almost certain that the former president will not be charged.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Because the great Michael Cohen has spoken, we’re all supposed to pay attention? Who is he, a has-been E F Hutton? No, he’s just a has-been. Why is this even news?

  2. This piece of fecal matter doesn’t realize that he has absolutely zero credibility in the eyes of the American people. It’s comments like these that keep fuelling Trump’s base.

  3. I’m not sure what Michael C. traded while in prison to get a can of tuna, but Trump gave us 4 years of peace & (low inflation) prosperity with the cassified info he was privy to. I say this even as I disdain Trump’s personal egotistic character.

  4. What is the value of having a female face in this otherwise meaningless article?
    Maybe rather include Rebetzins in the great articles about their husband’s droshos.

    There is a great story about one of the baalei Musar trying to give a drosha after Shabbos maariv and makes it somewhat long. His wife whispers into his ear: “they have wives”. He then dismisses the class in the middle of the sentence. Everyone is impressed by the Rav submissiveness, but also note that HIS wife is sitting there through the class.

  5. Seriously? The completely discredited Michael Cohen is your source?! Are you the last people in the world who take Michael Cohen seriously? Whom will you quote next? Avenatti?! Schiff?! Santos?!

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