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MAILBAG: A Well Deserved Taste of Their Own Medicine

It’s both startling and humorous to see the scenes unfolding in Israel on Wednesday, as police officers beat violent, out-of-control protesters in Tel Aviv and other cities. It’s startling because of the sad state of discord, but it’s humorous seeing these evil Leftist reshaim who despite anything and everything religious, getting a big ol’ taste of their own medicine.

For decades on end, politicians in the Israeli government said nothing when police brutally beat charedim at hafganos. When thousands (not an underestimate) of charedim suffered broken bones and other severe injuries at the hands of Israeli police officers, it was nothing but crickets from the Left.

To the contrary, they cheered the police on and referred to us as maggots, roaches, leeches – and those were the nice comments.

While I don’t condone any violence from anyone, I just can’t help but smile. Now the liberals are getting a crash course in what it means to protest. It means that the same blood-stained batons used to beat charedim and the same water cannons that targeted innocent frum mothers and children are now turned on them.

When it was charedim, they shrugged it off, insisting that it was coming to them. Now they notice that batons hurt, that galloping horses can terribly injure people, and that the police are not necessarily their friends. It’s a wonderful lesson that took them too long to learn.

Don’t forget: These are the same people who fight to have trains and buses running on Shabbos and to have chametz in hospitals on Pesach. They’re the same miscreants who fight every dollar going to yeshivas and mosdos and who defile our holy city of Yerushalayim with toeiva parades. They’re the people who thought they knew better, were better, and deserved better. And now they’re being treated the same as those they hate. How beautifully ironic.

And as for the American government, which is demanding that Israel not beat those protesters: Where were you when elderly charedim were dragged across the street by their payos? Where were you when officers choked and beat them? Where were you when police attempts to break up hafganos couldn’t be distinguished from an antisemitic pogrom?

You were silent then. Now, stay silent. You hold no moral high ground that allows you to speak up now.

Yosef Reznick – Jerusalem

NOTE: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of YWN.


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

15 Responses

  1. NO we are better than that. It’s not beautiful and we shouldn’t be smiling. ‏בנפול אויבך אל תשמח You should feel sad for them that they don’t know better and even if they do it’s nothing to be happy about. The ideas and views you expressed just mean you are the same as them just with a different ideology.

  2. בנפול איבך על תשמח.
    They are still our brothers and sisters. Sometimes you dont like what your siblings do, but at the end of the day they are still family !!!

  3. Harav Gershon Edelstein Shlita keeps saying at his weekly shmussen, we must daven for those estranged brothers to do Teshuvoh והחזירינו בתשובה שלימה לפניך is in plural to include those who don’t know yet any better.

  4. Nice article. As someone that was arrested in Israel for simply watching a Hafganah I can tell you that the Israeli police are even more evil than what you see in the streets

  5. This viewpoint is especially not befitting the month of Adar, Purim and Megilas Esther.
    It befits the Month of Av and Megilas Eichah.

  6. Do you have any evidence that these people shrugged off reports of police brutality towards Charedim, insisting it was coming to them?

  7. But maybe it would be better if the Israeli police didn’t beat anybody up. Equal opportunity police brutality is a “bug”, not a “feature”.

  8. I’m very concerned that these pork eating transgenders are causing a chillul Hashem by blocking the streets. They are also causing aiva. What are the people observing this going to think? Terrible. Oh wait……………

  9. Ask yourself – did you bring good into the world with this article or just exercise your anger and sow further division?

  10. To all you בנפול איבך על תשמח shouters

    You really dont get the point here. The OP’s point is not that he is happy that they are getting physically hurt etc
    His point is that he is happy that their hypocrisy is finally being revealed. And he is 1000% correct. I was just as thrilled to watch them get water cannoned and smacked around by the police horses, not because Im happy that they are getting hurt, but because they finally live showed to all of Israel that wild protests, shutting down highways, getting water cannoned is not a charedi misguided form of behavior

  11. Really bad middos from this letter writer. It’s embarrassing. I understand that it may be difficult for you to have the correct perspective when you live there and experience the police brutality. But you don’t need to show it off

  12. While I am not going to involve myself in most of the debate going on here in the peanut gallery, I would like top point out that moving forward they might be partners in a coalition to reform the way police handle Hafganot.

    That being said, there does need to be some method to handle out of hand protests, and I am not aware of any method that does not involve inflicting pain on the protesters.
    It doesn’t matter what you are protesting, or if it is a levaya for Moshe Rabbeinu if ambulances cannot get through, you are potentially guilty of lo saamod.

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