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WATCH: 351 Days Without Moishe: A Purim Message From Gitty Kleinerman

Gitty Kleinerman, the mother of Moishe Kleinerman, published a moving message on Sunday, the 351st day since Moishe’s disappearance.

“Dear Am Yisrael. It’s already been 351 days since the disappearance of our Moishe,” she said. “Davka now on Erev Purim, the most kodesh day of the year, we have the power to attract yeshuos from above – individually and for the klal.”

“How? By giving mishloach manos this year davka to someone we’ve been less in touch with, and by doing this we’ll be zocheh to make our mishloach manos ‘איש לרעהו’ – the person will become a friend through our mishloach manos.”

“And in the zechus of this achdus, we’ll be zocheh to the yeshuos of the klal and the individual,” Kleinerman concluded.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. What a beautiful initiative!
    This reminds me a bit of the yearly initiative of Mishemes HaSholom – the shmiras halashon/bein adam l’chaveiro organization. They dub it מסלוח מנות – the “misspelling” is deliberate – to send shalach manos as a peace-making gesture to someone you’re on the shorts with.
    Both are really nice gestures!

  2. My Rabbeim in yeshiva would tell us that this is really how how the mitzva is meant to be done. The objective is to increase ahava and reyus. They told us to try and reach out to the guy who has trouble making friends and use mishloach manos as an opportunity to increase ahavs yisrael.

    May they be be able to celebrate all holidays together with Moishe very soon.

  3. We let our kids give X amount of Mishloach Manos – PLUS whatever they give to a nebbach who they feels needs it, and / or won’t be getting many. These are not included in their quotas.

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