Yeshiva University Has Record Fundraising Year


YU.jpgSetting a university record for total cash received—$104 million—Yeshiva University just closed the books on one of the strongest fundraising years in its history. The university received 30 new gifts of $1 million and above, the largest such number in its history, a trend powered in part by last year’s $100 million gift from former YU board chairman (now chairman emeritus) Ronald P. Stanton. Overall, more than 10,700 gave to the university, their gifts adding up to $146.8 million in total philanthropic funds.

The success of 2007-08 compounds that of the previous year: over two years, Yeshiva University has raised more than $300 million in new pledges and cash. Reflecting their increasing support for the university, the percentage of alumni giving in university-wide cash gifts this year has almost doubled from 2006-07.

“This is in many ways an even stronger year than the previous one,” President Richard M. Joel said. “Mr. Stanton’s gift clearly has helped to motivate other supporters, with the extraordinary results that you see. We are grateful to all our supporters. Their gifts—no matter what the size—enable YU to bring on board the brightest minds and graduate the most committed community members. We often speak of YU as enabling and ennobling our students’ greatness—and clearly, our supporters are doing just that.”

(Source: 5 Towns Jewish Times)


  1. # 3 Because it is worth it. They also have to fund two sets of education – other schools pay only one but charge the same or higher tuition. And, yes, the r’y get full salaries and benefits – no games.Students get first class learning as a result (and by the way are tested on their learning)

  2. Makes you think! YU turns out Yidden who can earn a decent living, and here they are b”H having amazing results in fundraising.

    Our Yeshivas are in the main, turning out Yidden who have few tools for success in the working world, and they are suffering in fundraising.

  3. #3 You do not know all there expenses so who are you to decide how much they should charge for tuition? Besides most people who get in to Yeshiva Univesity get a scholarship.

  4. Having read the above comments, I now understand the anti chareidi bias on YWN. The Munkatcher zt”l had already stated in two letters to R’Shrage Faivel in 1934-5 “we have already seen the ra-banim that have gone forth from RIETS” and “regarding that which you bring as a proof (concerning limudei choil) from yeshivas rabbainu Yitzchok Elchanon, I pity the poor sage whose name is called upon it.”
    -Letters published in Igros Shapirin

  5. #8- such a letter was written about a very different institution. They barely had a graduating class at that point since the college started in 1928; it was before Rabbi Belkin zt’l and Rav Soloveitchik zt’l (who gave smicha), before Stern College, Einstein , Cardozo etc.