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RECKLESS: Frum Lobbyist Seeks to Build Relationship with Notoriously Anti-Semitic Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib

In a brain melting reckless move that smacks of self-promotion and delusion, a prominent frum Democratic lobbyist publicly blared his attempt to build a relationship with Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, whose virulently anti-Semitic histories have shocked Jews worldwide.

Lobbyist Ezra Friedlander wrote on Twitter that he was invited as a plus one to the Muslim Congressional staffer Iftar dinner. The Iftar is the meal Muslims eat after sunset during the month of Ramadan.

Friedlander said he “utilized the opportunity to lay the foundation for future communication with Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.”

Justifying the move, Friedlander wrote that, “as easier as it would be to not engage in conversation, I believe to my core that not communicating is even more risky.”

What is risky is thinking that making overtures to anti-Semites is beneficial to Jews in the US and around the world. Keep in mind that Omar equated Israel with the Taliban, and when asked if she realizes why her Jewish colleagues in Congress perceive such language as anti-Semitic, she said that they are not “partners in justice” and that she had “no regrets” about her comments.

Omar has a long history of other anti-Semitic and anti-Israel remarks, and has come under fire numerous times for her shameless and brazen anti-Semitism. Oh, and she also called the 9/11 attacks an incident in which “some people did something.”

Rashida Tlaib is no better. Just weeks ago, Tlaib republished a video she claimed showed IDF soldiers assaulting Palestinian teenagers. When the truth of the video clip emerged – the soldiers were breaking up a fight between Palestinian teens – Tlaib refused to apologize or even remove her Twitter post.

Like Omar, Tlaib calls Israel and “apartheid” state. And here’s what she had to say about the Holocaust.

“There’s always kind of a calming feeling I tell folks when I think of the Holocaust, and the tragedy of the Holocaust, and the fact that it was my ancestors – Palestinians – who lost their land and some lost their lives, their livelihood, their human dignity, their existence in many ways, have been wiped out, and some people’s passports,” Tlaib said in a 2019 interview.

Does Friedlander really think that fraternizing with such miscreants would lead to anything positive? Perhaps he does, but that wouldn’t be surprising from someone who defended Rep. Jerry Nadler’s support for the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, despite his being “keenly aware of the existential threat a nuclear Iran poses to Israel and the world.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. While I generally try not to cause unnecessary machlokes despite YWN’s pro-Zionist bias, the YWN moderator really blew his load in this article and I am left with no choice but to respond.

    Ezra Friedlander is doing exactly what yidden in golus should be doing: making peace with the nations in which yidden live regardless of the views of their political representatives. This is exactly what Reb Yochanan Ben Zakai did during the Roman conquest, and is what Jews are exhorted to do by the שלוש שבועות, and was the cause celebre of the Satmar Rav זצוקללה”ה.

    So to the moderator’s question “Does Friedlander really think that fraternizing with such miscreants would lead to anything positive?”, the answer is a resounding YES!!

    And just to prove it, Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro שליט”א relates a true story of how a Muslim woman in Canada had plans to become a suicide bomber and kill Jews ח”ו, but when she saw the Neturei Karta and realized that not all Jews are Zionists ב”ה, she recanted.

    So the only “reckless” ones here are the sinners who are being מתגרה באומות and who are so poisoned by Zionist heresy that they think they are doing a mitzvah by pouncing on Ezra Friedlander and provoking the gentiles ר”ל. At least I can declare: Baruch Hashem that I am a follower of Neturei Karta!!

  2. Why in the world is this reckless? These people, agree with them or not, have positions of power. Not only are they here now there are many who hold their positions and beliefs who are getting elected across the country. Yes 100% we need askanim to reach out to these politicians to at least find some common ground, and to support us in other areas where we do agree. I would think that if we keep calling them jew haters and anti semites (which they are) they won’t support us when we need their vote.

  3. Totally not shocked, I have seen many of this kind of garbage from many of our so called Askanim. Not to mention by name but if a big Rebbe is allowed to denounce whoever opposed voting for Hochul just for the fact that he got a promise to have $100 million debt erased who undoubtedly everyone knows that Hochul isn’t someone who loves Judaism but pretends to denounce antisemitism why shouldn’t Ezra be able to to the same? Did YWN denounce that Rebbe?! The Moral of the story, if our Rebbes are unfortunately behaving in not a Torahdig way how do we expect others to behave?!?

  4. Yossi Name Edited – The biggest מתגרה באומות in the world are Satmar. What a joke your entire comment is. The entire Kiryas Yoel is one big fat מתגרה באומות.

    And Ezra is a self-hating Jew.

  5. to yossie the neturei karta guy

    you as well as your esteemed rav shapiro
    are welcome to move to any muslim country you desire
    your shita is oudated
    and there is no moreh haraoh in the world today that backs the actions of todays neturei karta
    you guys are rodfim and rotzchim
    and your rav shapiro is out of his mind

  6. @YOSSIES – “rav” shapiro? Check the skeletons in his closet. Vehamayvin yavin. Those who know, know.

  7. Much of Ezra Friedlander’s PR business in the past has been in making Democratic officials/candidates and their party look good to Orthodox Jews. This is only a new example. Back in the day, white-owned businesses accused of racism would be solicited to pay off Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to stop the accusations. Jesse and Al did their thing, and voila! no problem. So Friedlander wants to perform this service for a couple of our antisemitic enemies, to purify them in our eyes. Great business model!

  8. Ezra Freidlander will do what is good for Ezra Freidlander. He always panders to the worst most immoral democrats just to make a buck for himself. When these “askunim” tell you something be smart and do the opposite. Shame on you Ezra

  9. Sara Rifka: what are your credentials for being called “Frum”. Are Republicans Frum? My Torah doesn’t mention Democrats or Republicans.
    YWN: please re-label this post as Opinion, rather than News.

  10. Ferd – would you care to elaborate on why you believe that the holy Satmar chasidim are being מתגרה with anyone besides the Zionist apikorsim?

    YOSSIES – “your shita is oudated”. Funny isn’t it how that’s exactly what the Maskilim and the freie yidden said about yiddishkeit??

    The rest of your tidbits of kefira and motzi shem ra are not worthy of a response.

  11. Everyone here should be less confrontational. Freidlander is a consultant by profession. He is paid to make connections with politicians. he is not harming us by what he is doing as far as I understand. It is newsworthy, but I don’t think we have a right or knowledge to judge him.

  12. Leiby

    Well I’m not sure I agree completely with her statement, if you claim to be ftum aka shomer torah umitzvos, then you cannot belong to a group where just about everything they stand for is a complete 180 against what the Torah says.

    Be intellectually honest with yourself if you can, and go through the Democrat Party platform. You will see that just about everything major where they are okay with it, clearly is a לא תעשה in the Torah.

  13. These ladies both work for the congress? Good! I have two questions for them: what did you do about the so called “vaccines” mandates, since they are claiming to be “true justice seekers”? A answer will be greatly appreciated especially from the one with the nylon scarf!

  14. You never know when a relationship with an anti-semites will be important. Because they’re in America people forget they’re still in golus. Things change in an instant. Ezra is doing the smart thing.

  15. The world is fed up with this clowns show! May 11th is coming soon. I hope all those in “power” will have answers for all this mess we have endured.

  16. For people who don’t get why it’s reckless:
    First it’s “After all they have power and we can get a few benefits for the community (while I get paid as a Jewish consultant…)”.

    Within a very short time it becomes “Although we disagree on many things they did work with our community and we must have הכרת הטוב” (and especially the טוב I personally got and will continue to get…) “and they proved to be willing to work with our community”… etc.

    Another few “Jewish photo-ops” and headlines, and they’re branded “very left, but friends of he Jewish Community”. They easily use that to further their leftist agenda on every turn – and Ezra will be richly rewarded for that…

    This is just the bare framework. Fill in the blanks with all kinds of scenarios that you can imagine.

  17. @WYN what a horrible hit piece against Ezra Friedlander (moitzei Shem ra). I don’t understand why or how you would publish such a piece as “news” rather than someone’s individual opinion with an axe to grind. Ezra is not an “askin.” He builds bridges with important people in power (as part his business), regardless of their political affiliation. Jewish interests should not be dependent on one particular party. We need every single vote, whether democrat or republican.

  18. Whats it our bussiness what he does? Isnt this article STRAIGHT LASHON HORA spread by YWN? Why is this on a jewish website? I really don’t get this? To shame another Yid in front of hundreds and thousands of people? If its to help, reach out and contact him!!!! I am shocked and very disturbed about this article. How can you dou this to another Yid???????????????????????????????????????????????/

  19. I think Ezra Freidlander is doing the right thing. He was invited. That itself shows that they are not as antisemitic as people think. Or at least they want to convey that image. So what is there to lose by trying to form some sort of relationship? What harm is done? It doesn’t hurt to try as the saying goes. This is much ado about nothing. If this will cause them to be less anti- Israel in the future it has paid off, if not what did it cost to have tried?
    We need to step back a little and use common sense, an all too rare commodity these days!

  20. Satmar and Skvere (where I just came from for Shachris) are very clearly being מתגרה באומות as they use their block vote to elect pro-crime governors and officials.

    It’s clear as day they’ll side with enemies of society since it’s all about their pockets, and they couldn’t care less about the well being of the nation that welcomed them in. (הכרת הטוב etc. etc.)

    That said, I am מלמד זכות that they’re so מופקע from American society that they don’t know what’s going on and they realize how illegitimate the Democrat Party has become.

  21. Slightly different (and slightly more cynical) angle:
    Ezra will now be her “token Hasidic friend” which will be her talking point anytime in the future she is accused of anti-semitism.

  22. To Yossi – Yes yidden did this throughout Golus.

    You are just proving my point that people like you just don’t realize how American democratic society is built differently, and it’s not anymore the royal and noble ruling the surfs. Unlike in Europe, in America your rulers reflect on you and your values.

    [Somehow they know how the American system to complain about “Anti-Semitism” any time society wants to shed a light on how they use their block-vote. I don’t think in the European גלות they use to do that…]

  23. I’m not Satmar nor democrat, but who gives the heter to write an article against another Frum Yid….
    Loshon Horah berabim…
    This is becoming the new norm and it must be stopped, if we want moshiach to come (no…I am not Chabad either, rather I live in Lakewood and a product of the Yeshivos)

  24. Yossi (the NK troll): Your comparison of a “Chareidi’ Democrat activist with Reb Yochanan Ben Zakaiis is pure Satmarist stupidity and self-deception.

    Millions of decent Americans hate and despise the Islamist agents in the US Congress (Tlaib and Omar). These Islamists are enemies of both America and Israel.

    When decent Americans see an allegedly Chareidi Jew in bed with the Democrat Party and pandering to Islamic enemies of America, there is hardly a bigger desecration of God’s name and provocation of America possible.

  25. To chulent hooker I will ask this: what is lashon hara and what is an opinion or an info published online? Don’t we have the right to express a concern, an agreement or a feeling of anger? You are making a fool of yourself by stating such thing. I believe anyone has the right to say something about this, wether it goes your way or another. It’s called freedom of speech.

  26. isnt Friedlander on the payroll of NADLER, SCHUMER AND LANDER all Jewish people who are supporting Iran nuke deal and openly support BDS.

  27. On a general level I 100% support meeting with any politician who is asking to meet with us. Even if they are known to be antisemites and openly hostile.

    This case is different however. They aren’t asking to meet with Friedlander as a representative of the frum community. He doesn’t even claim to be one. He is a paid lobbyist who they are asking to meet with because it is good for their PR purposes and good for them to advance their nefarious goals.

  28. Yossi – You should know that the viewpoint of the original Neturei Karta is widely appreciated, to declare to the world that the current Zionists are not who we are, and that we are just forced to deal with them as part of גלות.

    But unfortunately, I haven’t seen any pure Neturei Karta. They all go way over the line to blame Jews and justify terrorist murderers! You can disagree with Zionists but you don’t have the right to call them רוצחים when they are clearly defending themselves from גויים as Yidden always did! – Think of it as a big “שומרים” protecting a big Jewish getto! or at least realize that there could be such a צד, but Neturei Karta ALWAYS sides with Terrorists and tell them what they’re doing is okay! – You don’t see a problem with that? Did your Zeide in Europe do that?

  29. MDshweks – IOW what you are saying is that because we live in the USA we don’t have to follow the Shalosh Shevuos?? That’s ABSOLUTE KEFIRA!!

  30. YWN I ask the same question who gives the heter to write an article against another Frum Yid??

    I don’t see anything wrong with this meeting, he might have done the right thing. I don’t see any results by fighting around with her, she’s enough support across the country…

    This is a horrible article. Not everyone who does something you don’t agree with is reckless.

  31. Did Friedlander participate in recent Washington Easter events too? Easter egg roll perhaps?

    Ramadan is almost over, it is followed by a big Muslim festival. Maybe he will make an interfaith farbrengen at the Liska shtiebel in Boro Park lekuvid the great Islamic holiday of Eid al-Fitr later this week, and invite his Islamic friends to his father’s tish. He can have his buddy Brad Lander there too.

    I didn’t know Liska Chasidus was so ecumenical.

  32. “Does Friedlander think…”?

    He thinks he should at least try!!

    Does YWN have any good ideas of how to fight antisemitism?

    You have a platform, why not share them.

    You don’t do any good by blasting this fellow!

  33. Ezra Friedlander is Self Promoting CONsulting firm who put out his hoofs and says look I am kosher.
    Acting as a bridge but in reality self interest.
    Ask your self one question. Why would a group of Antisemitis braking a Muslim fast invite Ezra Friedlander?
    They are bunch of BLINDLY JEW HATING GROUP who are reshaping politics and policies of Biden?

  34. >>>This is exactly what Reb Yochanan Ben Zakai did during the Roman conquest…

    No comparison. Rav Yochanan Ben Zakai realized the Beis Hamkdush and Yeruslayim would be destroyed anyway. He therefore went to Vespasian to try to get the best terms possible. He never helped the Romans or other anti-Semites with their PR efforts without any clear benefit to Klal Yisroel. It’s none other than Bar Kamtza who was known to have been the guy to do so.

    >>>And just to prove it, Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro שליט”א relates a true story…

    I can also make up such a story in the oppisite direction. Who was this woman? Why was it the Neturay Karta who made her realize that not all Jews are Zionists and not some secular anti-frum Jewish organization like J Street of IfNotNow that made her realize that not all Jews are Zionists. Those groups are far bigger and more vocal and more likely for an anti Israel activist living in Canada to come across.

  35. People may not realize this, but Rashida Talib, lhan Omar, can most certainly be brought around to being more supportive of the Jewish state. Being pro Israel does not mean supporting all of Israel’s policies and being under the illusion that it can do no wrong. While I fundamentally disagree with Talib and Omar, I understand the importance of left wing Israel support. This is important because the majority of young people, and especially young Jewish people, are progressives. They are not evil people, they have a different perception of the world. There are many many flaws in Judith Butler’s seminal book Parting Ways, but to not understand her arguments and to counter with shallow defenses makes Israel seem to be intellectually defenseless. I think that Talib and Omar have been influenced by Butler, as well as by important Islamic progressives like Yasir Qadi and Omar Suleiman. They need to hear a highly intelligent, nuanced, counter view to those thinkers. If all they hear is “anti semetism” it is greatly exacerbating the problem.

  36. RECKLESS?!
    Are you people crazy?
    Isnt this exactly what are our forefathers did?
    Did anyone see the holy Rav Zonenfeld meet woth the Mufti? While I wont compare the people, this is the Jewish way. Not to spite them. To show them that we’re not Zionist pawns and we’re American citizens who appreciate democracy and don’t shun out anti Zionist people.
    What a crazy world amd I am NOT NK. Just a plain Jew with open eyes to the world.

  37. Was it “reckless” of Binyamin Ze’ev Herzl ZT”L to ask the antisemitic Kaiser and Sultan for then Palestine as a homeland for the Jewish people. Or for Chaim Weizman to collaborate with Faisal after World War I to facilitate a Jewish homeland?

  38. Ezra is not a lobbyist for Orthodox Jews but rather for big business. He should take off his beard and peyos so us Orthodox Jews shouldn’t be embarrassed by him.

  39. Yossi Name Edited-

    What’s Kfira? In the Gemara, it says that an apikores is someone who is mevazeh Talmedei Chachamim. Hundreds of Gedolim from Rav Chaim Ozer to the Chazon Ish to The Ohr Sameach to the Gerrer Rebbe and much more did not agree at all about the Shalosh Shevuos problem. Just look at the letter from the Chazon Ish to Rav Elchanan Wasserman! In 1937, the Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah of the Agudah voted to accept the British offer to partision Palestine and make a Jewish state. Rav Ahron and Rav Elchanan disagreed but they were OUTVOTED. How can you say that all these Gedolim are kofrim?!

  40. To WrongJew – you have just spoken motzi shem ra against the entire community of Satmar chassidim רחמנא ליצלן. In addition to doing teshuva, you must approach EACH AND EVERY SATMAR CHOSSID and beg them for mechila!!

  41. It’s reckless to blame YWN for saying it’s reckless if this guy is indeed on the payroll of NADLER, SCHUMER AND LANDER, who are supporting Iran nuke deal and openly supporting BDS. Iran is hurting many countries and this has to stop.

  42. The answer is that according to the rules of Loshon Hora as laid out in the Sefer Chofetz Chaim, you do not have the right to “to express a concern, an agreement or a feeling of anger”. The only way it would be muttar is if it fulfills the rules of toeles, which in this case I highly doubt. The concept of freedom of speech in the U.S. Constitution’s definition, is not a Jewish concept, .

  43. This filthy treasonous rats middle name is KAPO.
    This rat has not met a Jew hater he didn’t try to lick his boots, as long as it will get his name in the papers.
    Kapo Friedlander is the spokesperson and PR guy for that filthy treasonous DemonRat Nadler yemach shemo.
    This fat swine,supported Obama’s murderous Iran deal,and Kapo Friedlander went all around Jewish neighborhoods and tried to explain why it’s a good thing and to vote for that swine

  44. In answer to the guy calling himself “ ISH HASHALOM.
    You should change your name to “ ISH HASHKER”
    You are some hypocrite, if you don’t want to read LOSHON HORAH,
    why are you on YESHIVA WORLD, or better yet why are scrolling the internet, you very well know , that the web is 99.99% lashan harah

  45. Thankfully, many of your readers feel as I do – that communication on behalf of our People is of the utmost importance. Mr. Friedlander is the kind of person who would ask for guidance from poskim. I’m wondering which poskim YWN consulted before printing their “news.”

  46. Could not read all this had to write something to my friends here
    Is Israel and the army that it made the reason we give birth to family?

  47. This article is a chillul H-shem!!!!
    total loshon horah (because its not lto’eles!).
    YWN should learn what golus is all about!

  48. For the record, I’m not a big YWN fan and disagree with them plenty of times. However…
    Did anyone here EVER open a Chofetz Chaim?
    When someone does something in public he may and SHOULD be called out for it.
    I’ve heard tens of interviews with this Ezra guy. He barely (if EVER) mentions consulting Daas Torah on his moves.
    He’s NOT an Askan and commendably says so himself. He’s simply another businessman and this particular piece of business stinks to high heavens.

  49. This is called Shtadlanus. Shame on YWN for their reckless piece. Which Rav signed off on this article? Was it passed through the Rabbinical advisory board? this is a real question.

  50. @mobico “This is called Shtadlanus. Shame on YWN for their reckless piece. Which Rav signed off on this article? Was it passed through the Rabbinical advisory board? this is a real question.”


  51. To all the ignoramus uneducated tools: THIS IS NOT LASHON HARA. Not even by a stretch. Clearly, you haven’t seen Ezras tweets or his posts on WhatsApp proudly telling the world about this and pleading for it to be widely disseminated.

    Stop with the “lashon hara”. Enough.

  52. About time someone called this guy out. Radha merusha gloated PUBLICLY ON YWN IN AN OP-ED about the Iran deal. Wanna know why? He got PAID by Nadler the self Hating Jew. About time. Thank you YWN.

  53. Ezra Friedlander, keep up your good work, i believe we the frum jews need to sit down with all antisemitic hatters of the left and the right, and make an open debate, and ask them openly to explain there side. i can promise you all you will hear from the left will be israel, israel, and from the right it will be jewish controlled media, something that all of american frum jews have nothing with it.

  54. also frum jews in the past did always go to meetings with the bad antisemitic hatters, especially with elected officials, to try to came them down. it cant hurt it maybe may help.

  55. It is good to friends with everybody. Only Ha-Shem knows who will be running the USA (and the world) in 50 years, so it is good we seek out people we can work from all sides of the political spectrum. In general, the Muslims are much more like us (meaning frum Jews) than the Christians (whose core religious belief is clearly Avodah Zara) or the secular Jews (who tend to be hypocritical libertines, and are generally behind almost any anti-Semitic legislation that gets acted on). The Muslims at least recognize that there is a Creator, and only one, not to mention the Muslims at least don’t go around half naked in public. In general, Jews in Muslim countries had a status similar to African Americans under “Jim Crow”, whereas in the Christian countries, the status ended up being very similar to to that of African Americans in the “Middle Passage” or the American Indians (who have been largely wiped out).

  56. >>>This is called Shtadlanus…

    Well as one very famous Rosh Yeshiva put it. “It used to be that askonim were people who worked with frequently hostile politicians on behalf of the frum community. Today skonim are people who work with the frum community on behalf of frequently hostile politicians…”

    Even according to Friedlander how did he even TRY to influence these politicians on behalf of klal yisroel? Or he is just building a connection with them for their propaganda and his career purposes?

  57. I posted few wks ago on a similar topic where i was bashing YWN for being actively involved in “gossip”, chilul hashem & posibble a cuase of the long a bitter gulos we are in.
    Here is another ex of an article which is bascially doing nothing good, but just creating a platfrom were a Yid will be bashed. (Article is about 1 individual, but once it starts it unfourtanatley adds more people)
    Very sad that YWN still exists

  58. Chugi,

    I’m here to open the eyes to people that are forgetting the basics, just as the Chofetz Chaim wrote numerous letters reminding yiden the basics (not that I have even a shaychus to the gadlus of the heilige Chofetz Chaim) I still believe that Klal Yisroel is better than this, and hopefully moshiach can come speedily in our days.

  59. I wonder what YWN would have wrote when the Chofetz Chaim met with the anti-Semitic Polish president after the anti-Semitic Polish government had passed an anti-Semitic edict that would have the effect of prohibiting independent Jewish education.

  60. mr neturei karta
    answer the question
    mane a current Rav or Moreh Horaah not a REBBE
    who TODAY not pre 48
    backs and supports the neturei karta shita
    i dont want to hear about shlosha shvouas
    today after the state is here name me one!!!
    you cant

  61. Of course, only deranged NK sympathizers would quite a degenerate predator like Yaakov Shapiro to build an argument against Israel……

  62. @jackk – “I wonder what YWN would have wrote when the Chofetz Chaim met with the anti-Semitic Polish president after the anti-Semitic Polish government had passed an anti-Semitic edict that would have the effect of prohibiting independent Jewish education.”

    Can’t make this up.

    You just compared a malach elokim tzvakos, the holy Chofetz Chaim, to a total zero, a paid lobbyist, who represents the most vile anti-Jewish and anti-Torah agendas. Literally THE WORST agendas of liberalism. Simply shocking to even make that comparison.

    What a bizayon to the Chofezt Chaim to even put this piece of trash into the same sentence.


    Signed, an einikle of the Chofezt Chaim (who actually knows the halachos of Shmiras halashon)

  63. >>>I wonder what YWN would have wrote when the Chofetz Chaim met with the anti-Semitic Polish president after the anti-Semitic Polish government had passed an anti-Semitic edict that would have the effect of prohibiting independent Jewish education.

    Uh…There is a big difference between meeting with an anti-Semite in a specific effort to get them to annul an anti-Semitic law and meeting with an antisemite for no specific constructive purpose other than helping them with their propaganda and helping yourself with your career.

  64. Ccek,

    You put many words and comparisons into my post that I never said nor did I mean.

    To clarify to you, my point was against YWN writing an opinion article in this fashion. If they disagreed with the CC they would have written the same thing.

    I don’t know Ezra or have any connections with him. You obviously have very strong opinions against him.

    If you really are an einikle, and I know many of them, (after the words you use and not judging lkaf zechus and spending time on the internet, I am doubtful) should YWN be writing such opinion articles ?

  65. I don’t understand why developing a relationship with anyone is inherently problematic. It’s not like it can make things worse (and no, he isn’t the only Jew who they would have been able to point to as “friends” so it’s not like he’s enabling them to get away with antisemitism under cover of having Jewish supporters- there is no lack of liberal Jewish knee-jerk support for those two congresswomen)

  66. The Satmarist ideology is a mountain of falsified Torah and falsified historical claims.
    Satmar/NK extremists are continually indoctrinated with these false ideologies.

    The truth is that:
    – There’s no mention in the Rambam’s Mishneh Torah of any halacha of the “three oaths”.
    – Nothing in the “three oaths” or elsewhere in the Talmud or Jewish law codes prohibits a Jewish state before Moshiach has arrived.
    – Satmar invented out of thin air a “halacha” that Jews are prohibited from building a state before Moshiach.
    – The US Congress in the 1920’s recognized the Palestine Mandate to create a Jewish state.
    – A majority of the United Nations General Assembly in 1947 voted to allow a Jewish state in the Land of Israel.
    – After the disaster in Europe, a majority of the Hareidi gadolim accepted the need for a Jewish homeland in Eretz Yisrael.
    – President Trump placed the US Embassy in Jerusalem thus recognizing the Jewish claim to Jerusalem and the Land of Israel.
    – Satmar/NK extremists are rebelling against the nations and are guilty of violating the “three oaths” by not recognizing the Jewish right to a homeland in Eretz Yisrael.

  67. the Neturei Karta are a bunch of רשעים and must be harshly denounced for their open & brazen alliance with שונאי ישראל like the Arabs

  68. that quote from Tlaib is just utterly sloppy “journalism”. What she *actually* said is that she finds it calming that at least what the Palestinians went through with the founding in the state was to give the Jews a home after the horrors of the holocaust. You literally cut off her statement before the relevant part. I’m trying to figure out if this was a malicious omission, or just irresponsible, and I’m not sure which is worse

  69. Can someone please list the frum community’s gains due to Ezra’s Friedlander’s political relationships and activity, besides getting his pockets stuffed?

  70. it is not our place and we don’t know the position and we truly are not there… is disgusting but for me it is equally disgusting to know I am in a place dining with all my jewish friends and family in a kosher restaurant and gentiles walk in looking like they are free for all to touch and manipulate with skin flying all over the place…sorry…..maybe he has a voice and will tell the story…..this Frum man is doing what he must….

  71. Newgal:

    Please get your facts correct.

    The Arab “Balestinians” did not give the Jews anything because they never owned the Land of Israel.

    The Arab “Balestinians” are Islamic jihadist invaders in the Land of Israel.

    In the Torah, God clearly gave the Land of Israel to the Jews, and He never gave it to another nation later.

    (The Arabs claiming to be “Palestinians” are the greatest charlatans in history. There is no letter “P” in Arabic.)

  72. @RightJew that’s entirely irrelevant to my point…. to spell it out more clearly: Tlaib was quoted as saying that the holocaust was calming. What she actually said was calming was the fact that the Jews got a homeland after the tragedy of the holocuast.

    If someone said “When I think of WWII, I find it calming, when I think of all the trauma and injuries that my grandfather endured, I find it calming that it was to liberate Jews from the holocuast”, Would you freak out that the sentence has both the word calming and WWII? Would you think it was accurate to cut that statement off before the last clause?

  73. Yossi Name Edited did well to remain anonymous. I won’t address all his drivel. No need to , after his first line “the YWN moderator really blew his load…” If this is Neturei Karta standard toilet language, then it’s quite telling as to their level of humanity.

  74. Hakadosh Baruch Hu runs the world. Stop pontificating politics back and forth,it doesn’t matter. Hashem setup the political world exactly how it’s supposed to be, better to Daven and not concern ourselves with politics, who knows, Ezra Friedlanders actions may have a positive effect for Yidden,we don’t know…

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