AI BANNED: Skver Assurs Use Of Artificial Intelligence Tools Like ChatGPT


In what is believed to be a first-of-its-kind ban, more than a dozen rabbanim and dayanim from the Skver chasidus have signed a strongly worded letter assuring the use of AI chatbots.

The letter, first released on Thursday, mentions OpenAI, the company behind artificial intelligence marvel ChatGPT, but makes it clear that it is not speaking of only that developer’s products.

“The severity of the danger is not yet clear and obvious to everyone,” the letter states, noting that it poses, in the eyes of the rabbanim, a critical danger to frum yidden.

AI chatbots provide completely unfiltered access to apikorsus, lewd and perverse content, and all the issurim of “lo sasuru acharei levavchem,’ the kol koreh says.

The use of AI chatbots is thus in the same category as the “issur hachamur” of using unfiltered internet, regardless of how the chatbot is used.

“Therefore,” the letter says, “the use of AI is stricly prohibited in every way and form, even on a phone.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Interesting but probably irrelevant for those already using the internet since AI software will soon be embedded in virtually all the most commonly used internet apps including search engines, online banking, Amazon purchases, travel reservations etc.

  2. He may be intelligent, but ask yourself why would an intelligent person endorse Gov Hochul?

    Maybe Chatgpt told him to endorse Hochul and now he sees the real danger or AI.

  3. I don’t take my פסק from someone who went against entire mainstream דעת תורה forum, and told us to vote for hochul in defiance of all leading Rabbonim, i.e. with no scruples for damage to Jewish education in NYS

  4. Whoever mis-informed the rabbonim about AI have no idea how it works. If you aren’t allowed to use the internet you won’t be able to use it.
    Also, the usefulness of AI is greatly exaggerated. No computer program is smarter than the people who design and write it. Read every article written by someone who actually used it and you’ll find the wonders in the beginning of the article, but when you read the reporter’s own personal attempts at using it, you’ll read about how unreliable it really is.
    Tried using it myself a few times and almost always the information retrieved was error prone and very unreliable. On a financial question, had I relied on it, I would have lost large sums.

  5. What should be banned:
    – Rabbinic oligarchs who promote anti-Torah, pro-anarchy Democrat politicians
    – Rabbinic oligarchs who keep masses of Jews in poverty by prohibiting any professional education
    – Rabbinic oligarchs who keep masses of Jews dependent on Democrat entitlement programs

  6. SilentMoises: The AI has been incorporated in the most subtle ways, little by little in pretty much everything, and that’s a great danger. People who are not aware of this are being mislead and this affect the way decisions are being taken. It became one of the worst weapon against humanity: our data is being collected without our consent and used against us, we became hostages of those who are using those informations (very often innacurate) in order to force us to do things their way, based on their ideology, which seems to a dangerous one. This must stop. We are not supposed to be slaves to this whole machinery, it was meant to improve our lives not make us miserables.

  7. Apparently, this ban is even for people who already have smartphones and (some) internet (Google, etc.)

    As an avid GPT user, I can say that it is MUCH SAFER than Google etc. It completely blocks anything that can be a drop inappropriate, and in general has very impressive morals even by Jewish standards.

    This ban seems to have been made as a means of extra caution without extensive research.

    I hope this will only be for the good of our fellow Yidden, and should not chas v’shalom lead anyone to stray ה’ ישמור.

  8. It’s a good start to mention the danger of AI, now all corporations must be requested to erase our data. For those who don’t know how harmful it is, a bill suggesting AI using nuclear weapons on those considered as an existing threat..was on the table.. Nothing but organized crime.

  9. What should be banned is, rabbinic wanna be dictators who ban the almost 2000 Jews living in New Square from praying anyplace else besides the dictators own Shull, and if anyone dares to defy that edict, he sends his goons to burn his house down.

    What also should be banned, are rabbinic wanna be dictators, who gave out edicts (FATWAH’S) that no other rabbi dare buy a home within a two mile radius from New Square.

  10. Dear Moderator,

    I’m shocked and appalled that you allow comments from chugibugi past moderation. Whether you agree or not with the Skverrer Rebbe, allowing comments that refer to him as “rabbinic wanna be dictator” and “no intelligence” is absolute Bizuy Talmidei Chachomim and Motzi Shem Ra and this shouldn’t be tolerated on any Jewish website and certainly not on a site that proclaims itself to be YESHIVA world news

  11. I see the Eirav rav are out in full force
    Letzanei Hador gonna letz all night… Ashrei ha’ish that wasnt sullied by these above commenters opinions.

    I too have a lot of differences with skver, but all you dumb*** keep mocking the wise. Dont think anyone up There will defend you when you face BD shel ma’alah.

    You can disagree with someone, you can follow your Ravs shita, but open your mouth against those who are holy and you’ve got yourself a real problem.

    May Hashem help you to see the truth in a painless way, through teshuvah B’ahava!

  12. As a side.
    I would love to have an honest conversation about skvers policies. There is, in my opinion, a lot of chochma in their approach. And I’m saying that as someone who has been inconvienenced to walk 15 minutes to get a minyan because of skvers policy of no other minyanim in the vicinity.

    And just to be clear
    I am not a part of that. I am brooklyn raised, and live in lakewood. I havent a chassidish minhag in my system. But if you cant set aside your ta’avas olam hazeh in the face of Greatness, even if you disagree with it, you are a nobody.

  13. “Bless this…”

    SarahRifkah. AI is doing quite well without your bracha. AI stocks have gained nearly 40% in 2022 and some have nearly doubled. I suspect your endorsement of AI is a contrarian indicator and perhaps its time to sell.

  14. Wow, the chutzpah of some people is astounding! How are people not afraid to write such words about a Rebbe that has thousands and likely tens of thousands of Chassidim?! Are they that confident they little mentchies know and understand better than Gedolim (even those that are not THEIR Rebbe or Rosh Yeshiva)?? One not afraid to speak like this about one Gadol is typically unafraid to say the same about any Gadol. Scary and shameful.

  15. Current list of places that banned ChatGPT:
    North Korea

    Italy reinstated once the privacy/incognito option was added.

  16. I respect gedolei Yisroel! But how in the world will this be enforced? Internet and smartphones and/or 4G phones can be filtered not to allow apps or access to websites.

    Are they really going to ban any text messaging if push comes to shove and text will have kesher to AI? How will they enforce it?

    Now, how in the world will they enforce (eventually, in x amount of years!), phone usage to dial into AI?

    There’s also a component with rules and gedorim that have the additional component of being fearful of having others privy to their “non following” the gedorim! Whit text and phones, this component is not there at all. I can understand that in diver, and Lubavitch at yore, are/would jump in fire rather than not listen to their Rebbes’. If anyone tries to emulate skver on this, in my humble opinion, I see failure to enforce, thereby not being able to rein.

    Of course a Kol Koreh is ok but what happens after that?

    Wonder why people on YWN are not commenting to this!