United Ocean County/Jackson Fundraiser Attracts Top Republicans, Raises $150,000+


A splendiferous fundraiser in support of United Ocean County, a political PAC promoting Republican unity, was held at Glatt Ambiance on Wednesday night, with Jackson Mayor Mike Reina and the Jackson Township Council being honored for their efforts to promote and advance Republican unity in the county.

The fundraiser, which raised more than $150,000, attracted dozens of top state GOP officials, including the Ocean County Commissioners, future Commissioner Frank Sadeghi, Ocean County Sheriff Michael Mastronardy, Toms River Mayor Mo Hill, Assemblyman John Catalano (who is running for mayor of Brick), Assemblyman Greg McGuckin, Old Bridge mayor and future state senator Owen Henry, Point Pleasant Beach councilmembers, Lavalette elected officials, political strategist Eric Arpert, and many others, including numerous local askanim.

Following a ceremony at which Mike Reina was given a plaque “for his years of dedicated and effective service to all of Jackson and Ocean County,” the Jackson mayor addressed the crowd, saying that the honor was not about him, but about everyone in the room who were so diligently working to advance unity.

The mayor also ripped into Gov. Phil Murphy and President Joe Biden, saying how their policies and agendas are making life more difficult for all.

“United instead of divided we’re going to win,” Reina said. “It’s an uphill battle; you see with the guy in charge – I don’t even think he knows he’s in charge – in the White House, now the borders are wide open.”

“Governor Murphy [spent] $500,000 for a room but he can’t figure out how to fix the school funding formula,” he continued. “If it’s not for us Republicans and those stepping up – Mayor [Owen] Henry [of Old Bridge] and everyone else running for Senate and Assembly… these people in this room make it happen for all of us.”

“So tonight’s not about me; it’s about all of us. Communicating, getting along, and finding out what has to happen, so we can make it happen together and grow as one,” he concluded.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. And remember, always blindly trust your local Askan when assessing candidates. It’s worked really well in the last generation in Brooklyn.