VIDEO: National Rabbinic Leadership Visit to Rubashkin Meat Plant


agri1.jpg(VIDEO LINK BELOW) As YWN reported yesterday (HERE), a group of more than twenty Orthodox Rabbinical leaders visited the Agriprocessors plant in Postville, Iowa this past Thursday. (A complete report was posted yesterday at the above link). A video of the visit filmed by the 5 Towns Jewish Times can now be seen on YWN – and includes many interesting interviews with employees of Rubashkin.

VIDEO LINK: Click HERE to watch exclusive footage take by the 5 Towns Jewish Times and submitted to YWN.

YWN has consistently been the first to bring our readers the latest developments in this story, and are happy to be the first in bringing you this video.

(YWN Desk – NYC)


  1. Wow! This is a must see for all who have been following the saga of AgriProcessors/Rubashkin. Words can’t describe the inaccuracies of the secular press, as is clearly depicted in this video clip. Thank You Five Towns Jewish Times and Thank You Yeshiva World.

  2. They might be doing an excellent job covering up for all their misdeeds. They are very impressive with their “guided tours”. There are “shoitim” and others that have told of various things that they do when no one is around. These people can not come out publicly and tell their stories because they are afraid of the consequences. We can only hope they will be more careful in the future because they know that there are many looking down their back. Don’t be fooled. They are not doing it provide the kosher needs of the public. It is a multi billion dollar business.

  3. Why is it, that you have the Goyishe Mayor saying that all negative rumors are presumably false (innocent until proven guilty), yet you have many ‘yeshivish’ posters on this blog which are mercilessly attacking the Rubashkins? Seems like being yeshivish doesn’t mean that they practice what they are taught in halacha, and they accept merely an investigation by goyim, as conclusive evidence of negative business practices. In the month of av, we all ought to reevaluate our commitment to Torah and Halacha, and reread the holy words of the Chafetz Chaim.