Flatbush Hatzolah Wins Major Baseball Game Against NYPD [VIDEO & PHOTOS]


This past Tuesday, the annual Flatbush Hatzolah vs NYPD baseball game was held in Brooklyn at Maimonides Park.

The game went into extra innings. At the end, Hatzolah won the NYPD 12-11 in the 13th inning.

Flatbush Hatzolah has been playing weekly summer baseball games against various NYC agencies – such as NYPD and FDNY to foster a spirit of camaraderie and friendship. These ball games have successfully enhanced the unique relationship between the various agencies and Hatzoloh, and gives all a chance to “get out of the work uniform” and further enhance the important partnerships and understanding that the community can really count on. While always competitive, the games have been enjoyed by all.

Among the community leaders and dignitaries who attended the game were NYPD Commanding Officer of Community Affairs Inspector Richie Taylor, NYPD Lt Ira Jablonsky, Councilman Kalman Yeger, Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein, Hatzolah CEO Rabbi Yehiel Kalish, NYPD Clergy Liaison David Heskiel and Rabbi Mendy Mirocznik, VP of the Rabbinical Alliance of America.



  1. This is what I call a healthy environment for our young and impressionable yeshiva boys. Devoid of all the pritzus that these settings usually offer, just scenes of camaderie and achdus and showing respect from within to two of the most important agencies in Brooklyn and beyond… this is what I call a kiddush H-shem !

  2. This is a wonderful way to make connections between Jewish orgs & govt employees.
    One question I have. I’m from a city with a large Jewish community & a large Frum community.
    I see all the time the sports leagues here. Whether ultimate frisbee or little league baseball the teams are made of (mostly Charedi) Orthodox, Conservative & Reform Jewish boys. The teams of 5 boys (not by accident) have either 3 Frum boys & 2 Non-Frum boys or 3 Non-Frum & 2 Frum. They spend a whole season together socializing & getting to know each other. (This is not about Kiruv) It’s about Jewish boys engaging with Jewish boys without labels or agendas. It’s so heartwarming to see pictures of Frum & Non-Frum boys with their arms around each other without labels. Too see Frum boys with Black Velvet yamikas & tsitsit hanging out with bareheaded Yidden who don’t know what tsitsit are gives me hope for our future. We talk so much about “Achdus” but it seems (especially in NY or Lakewood) that doesn’t seem to include Yidden that are not like us.