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KILLING THEIR OWN: Israeli Troops Give Fuel To Shifa Hospital, But Hamas Blocks The Delivery [VIDEO]

The IDF said Sunday that its forces delivered 300 liters of urgently needed fuel for medical use at Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, but that Hamas Health Minister Yosef Abu Rish blocked hospital officials from getting it.

The IDF published footage of troops placing the fuel at a predesignated drop spot from which hospital personnel were supposed to get the fuel. It also published audio of a call in which a Shifa Hospital official is heard saying that Abu Rish is forbidding the hospital from taking the delivery.

If you thought Hamas wants to protect Palestinian children and the elderly – including critically ill individuals – think again.

A top Hamas official previously said that the tunnels they built are only for Hamas fighters and that it’s not their responsibility to protect Gaza residents. And, as evidenced by this story, they also don’t believe it’s their responsibility to help protect the lives of their own babies in the hospitals they use to devise and launch attacks against innocent Israelis.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


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